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Last Updated On : 12-Feb-2021

Predictions For 2021

Blue and tan zodiac sculpture with star sign animals and symbols in circle - 2021 horoscopes predictions for all zodiac signs

We're coming out of the long, dark tunnel of 2020 - and into brighter, lighter days in 2021!

Check out your horoscope for all the GOOD NEWS coming your way in this shiny new year.

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What's YOUR New 'Cosmic Mission'?

As of 2021, we're well into the new age - the Age Of Aquarius.

This year, we'll have plenty of special Aquarius energy to put wind in our sails so we can (finally!) move forward and make our way into sunnier times.

As part of the new age, each of us has a special "cosmic mission."

What that mission is depends on your zodiac sign (and how it relates to Aquarius, among other factors).

This year, I've written special horoscopes to help you discover your new cosmic mission in the (very!) new age.

Love Letters From The Cosmic

It's the new age, and as they used to say in the 1960s, "It's cosmic, man!"

It truly is!

That's why I've written your horoscope as a "Cosmic Love Letter."

The universe and Divine Intelligence operate as a benevolent enterprise, with our best interests at heart. Everything tends to support our well being.

So as you read your horoscope, imagine the most beautiful energies of the entire universe coming alive and inspiring you to be your best self in the new Age Of Aquarius.

Then, imagine I'm adding my love and best wishes to those energies.

Now that's some powerful affection on a universal scale! Drink it all in and run with all the goodness that comes to you this year.

I wish you a fabulous 20201! Enjoy your horoscope - and your NEW cosmic mission!

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