Libra Horoscope 2021

A Cosmic Love Letter To Libra

Libra Horoscope 2021 - medium blue starry sky for Libra and A Cosmic Love Letter

Libra, Libra, Libra!

Happy (happy, happy!) 2021!

Yes, HAPPY. It's time, Libra. More than time. You've worked hard and worked through so much, and now it's time to put down that heavy yoke and step out from under the raincloud.

I hope that, as December 2020 neared its end, you began to feel your life lighten up. Planets are on the move, energies are shifting, and instead of having so much pressing on you, in 2021 you'll have more cosmic forces working with - and FOR - you.

Isn't that lovely?

Perhaps the most difficult experience last year was having your special planet, Venus (the goddess-named heavenly body who watches over all Librans), go retrograde once again. Except for macho Mars, Venus goes retrograde the least. So when she's backtracking though the sky, we all feel the loss of her love, beauty, and sociable nature.

Venus's retrograde happened in the likeminded air sign Gemini, which oversees your ninth house of all things international and expansive. (Travel, higher education, foreign people and places, philosophy, faith - you get the picture.) All these slowed down, maybe even stopped in their tracks, denying you the pleasures you typically enjoy from them.

This area also corresponds to promotion and exposure you provide or receive through major media such as international publishing, broadcast communications, or anything else on a massive national or global scale. So if you needed to attract attention to your work or for a cause, it was hard to get anyone to pay much attention. Yet meanwhile you had to keep on trying because - with the retrograde - you had Venus here not for her usual three week visit but for four months from April 3 through August 7.

Things are better now, and Venus will stay in forward motion for you until the end of December 2021. Hooray!

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Another happy change: Jupiter and Saturn left Capricorn in late 2020 after bringing you many trials. In your solar chart, Capricorn is your fourth house of home and family. You've had "evolve willingly or I'll make it happen!" Pluto in Capricorn since 2008, starting your highly karmic time of testing. The stern taskmaster, Saturn, joined Pluto in 2018, and then Jupiter piled on when he showed up at the end of 2019.

Anything Capricorn sits in a tough angle with your Libra Sun sign, and with three of our solar system's heavy hitters ganging up on your sign for so long, life may have felt heavy indeed. You had to contend with something involving family or your living situation, and you may have lost one (or more) loved ones. Eclipses in this area stirred things up more and forced other changes that have redefined "home" and "family" for you and all your relatives. Through it all, you had to exhibit leadership and maturity and take on many, many tasks all at once and for a long time. You may have felt drained, and I hope you made a point to take good care of yourself so you could handle it all.

Adding to this situation, Mars went retrograde in his home sign, Aries, last year. That's the sign governing your seventh house of marriage and business partnerships, and anything located there has potential for conflict with happenings in your fourth house (where you had all that Capricorn mayhem!). With Mars retrograde, this planet spent not his usual two months but rather six months in Aries. You and your beloved might not have seen eye to eye at times, or you may have felt on call 24/7 to broker peace among family members. Others were calling the shots, and you had to go along to get along.

Whatever it was that you had to do, you did it. Congratulations! And well done, Libra.

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Wondrousness is in the works for you now! Of all the zodiac signs, yours is the one cosmically blessed in everything creative. With all your artistic sensibility and talent, you'll finally have your chance to take your unique gifts public.

Here's why. Remember Jupiter and Saturn and how hard they made you work? Well, this pair moved on in late December 2020 and fused their (considerable!) energies in Aquarius, forming the grand conjunction that's signaling the start of the new Age Of Aquarius.

It's so exciting, Libra, because Aquarius is the sign energizing your fifth house of creativity. It's a place of talents and childlike delight, and these are now your cosmic mandate for the rest of this lifetime.

The Age Of Aquarius is super altruistic (you love that - you're naturally benevolent toward others and their best interests!). Each zodiac sign has a special role in creating the new age, and yours is to do something to benefit others by using your creative talents - and having fun and laughing like a little child while you do it. Really, Libra, it's THAT cool!

The other cool thing: when you help others, you'll naturally help your bottom line. Everything Aquarian always points to this sign's ruling planet, Uranus - which just happens to be in Taurus, shaking up your eighth house of shared money: funds that come to you outside a regular paycheck (such as commissions, bonuses, inheritance).

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Those paintings you have stashed in the basement? The tech invention or app you've developed? The wildly modern home design or book manuscript? Get them out and get ready to roll! Hobbies and talents can become your new sideline - and possibly your livelihood - as long as you devote your work to the highest good and carry the spirit of helping others in all you do.

Mark these dates in your calendar and use them to set your new projects soaring:

  • January 19 - the Sun enters Aquarius, shining a light on your talents. Focus on your creative work and record every brainstorm you receive (you may get a lot of them!).
  • January 30 - February 21 - Mercury goes retrograde in…you guessed it, Aquarius. Reconnect with creative pals from the past and polish your projects. (Get all Mercury retrograde dates on your calendar now - each one's in an air sign in 2021, including Libra!)
  • February 11 - new Moon in Aquarius. Make a fresh start in a new medium or project!
  • July 23 and August 22 - not the usual one, but TWO full Moons in Aquarius! Watch for turning points in your work and tap friends for help.
  • October 6 - your annual new Moon in Libra. Take action to manifest a hope, dream, or wish your soul longs to achieve.

Libra, I'm excited to see how you work your magic with the Aquarius energies to create something fabulous for us all! Who else but you could take this on and do it with style and grace?

Thank you for the beauty and harmony you're going to contribute. Who and what you are will inspire hope, and you'll touch more lives than you'll ever know.

Love and blessings to you in 2021!

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