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Starlight Solutions Forecast Report

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The Starlight Solutions Forecast Report helps you prepare for what’s ahead with news about upcoming astrology that will affect you personally.

It gives you a detailed forecast of the planetary energies that are on the way for you. It's based on how current planet positions relate to the planetary positions in your birth chart.

You don’t need your exact time of birth to get the Starlight Solutions Forecast Report, but if you have the time you’ll get a bit more data. To get your birth time, see the suggestions in How Can I Find Out My Birth Time?

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What You'll Find In The Starlight Solutions Report

For an incredibly useful tool that can help you plan for what's to come, select the Starlight Solutions Forecast Report. It gives you a practical way to prepare for—and make the most of—future astrology energies and influences.

Here's what this report provides:

  • A list of the natal and transiting planet selections used in calculating your report.
  • A detailed list, in date order, of all the major planetary influences in play during the time period covered by your report. Every entry gives you the date range the influence is in effect, the "peak date" (which tells you when it's strongest and most intense), and a full description of how it's likely to affect you and your life.
  • A handy summary of future potentials for related sets of influences, both challenging and beneficial.
  • A concise, targeted list of remedies to help you overcome challenging future potentials and suggestions to make the most of beneficial potentials.
  • A chart showing planet locations at the time you were born. You'll refer to this list again and again, as you track the planets each day, month, and year - and see how the current planets' positions affect your birth chart planets and influence your life here and now.
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How The Starlight Solutions Report Can Help You

The Starlight Solutions Forecast Report gives you a simple yet powerful tool for planning ahead in your life.

It presents future astrology influences as a list of dates. Each date is followed by a date range in parentheses and a technical reference such as "plu trine ura." Below each date, you'll find a paragraph summarizing the particular influence's anticipated effect in your life, followed by sections on "positive potentials," "negative potentials," and "remedies and suggestions."

You'll find this report helps you better prepare for the future and brings out the best in your personal life and relationships. For your career, it can help you avoid pitfalls, time activities more strategically, and better shape your work life to support your success.

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How The Report Organizes Information

The Starlight Solutions Report organizes information as a detailed list, in date order, starting with the astrology influences that are coming up soonest.

Each listing starts with date information. For example, here's what one date listing header might look like:

Mar 25, 2015 (Jan 1, 2015 to May 23, 2015) Ura Sqr Plu

What The Dates Mean

If the date range for an interpretation is given as "Mar 25, 2015 (Jan 1, 2015 to May 23, 2015)," then this astrology influence starts in January, reaches greatest intensity around March 25, and ends in late May.

The first date listed is the time when the influence has reached maximum strength; this date is the "peak date." The dates in parentheses tell you the influence's beginning and ending dates: the given astrology influence gradually increases in strength until it reaches the peak date, after which it gradually fades until reaching its ending date.

How Long Influences Last

An influence may last for as little as a week to as long as half a year or so.

It's wise to look ahead in your Starlight Solutions Report for long-term influences; otherwise, you may not realize an influence or energy is in effect until you already have lived through several months of it. You may want to underline the dates for long-lasting influences with a colored pen or marker so you can spot them easily when you refer to your report during the months it covers.

Note that the same interpretation may turn up more than once during the period of your report, and this is to be expected. Sometimes, the beginning and ending dates of the two (or more) influences in your report list are the same; the only difference between them may be the peak date. This means that a given influence has two peak dates instead of one. It's even possible to have three or more peak dates for the same astrological influence. To prevent redundancy, you may see a notice that an astrological influence occurred earlier, with a recommendation to refer to the previous occurrence for its interpretation.

What The Abbreviations Mean

If you're wondering what the unusual abbreviations after the dates mean, they are technical summaries astrologers use to refer to important factors such as planetary relationships.

The first and third parts refer to planets ("plu" stands for "Pluto" and "ura" stands for "Uranus," for example). The middle term tells how they're related mathematically, by geometrical angle around the zodiac's circle ("sqr" means "square," for example).

In some cases, you might see something like "Merc 1st H.," which stands for "Mercury in the first house."

Available In Two Versions

Choose from two versions of this report, depending on the time period you're interested in and how much detail you want:

  • Three months, giving you highly detailed information about astrology influences affecting your life in the near future.
  • One year, giving you highlights for a full 12 months that can help you look at your life more strategically and plan ahead over a longer period of time.
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Birth Time Not Needed - But Helpful If You Have It

You can benefit from this report even if you don't know what time you were born. But if you do have your birth time, it will provide a bit more information for you.

If you don't already have your birth time, see the suggestions in How Can I Find Out My Birth Time?

See A Sample Report Now

You can see a sample of this report now. Visit our online astrology report and chart service and see the Forecast section; see the Starlight Solutions Forecast Report and click the pink "View Sample" button to see a sample report.

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Astrology Reports For Living In Harmony

A Starlight Solutions report - any astrology report - can help you enjoy "living in harmony" because it helps you plan ahead while knowing yourself better.

A report is a terrific way to understand who you are and what your purpose is in this lifetime.

That knowledge is precious, a gift allowing you to be your best self. Get a report now and live up to all that your soul yearns to express!

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Let the Starlight Solutions Forecast Report help you dig deeper into your personal astrology. As you refer to it over the months ahead, you’ll find yourself "living in harmony," easily, naturally, and beautifully.

Make Astrology Work For You

An astrology report is the fastest, easiest way into your personal astrology. 
It's the key to getting the life you want! 
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