How Can I Find Out My Birth Time?

Astrology FAQ - How can I find out my birth time

For the most complete results with astrology, you need your exact date, time, and place of birth. If you do not know your birth time, here are some suggestions for obtaining it:

  1. Check your birth certificate.
  2. If you do not have a copy of your birth certificate, you can order one from the state in which you were born, if you were born in the U.S., or from the appropriate government agency for your country if born elsewhere. Laws and recordkeeping for births vary widely, so you will need to research the correct procedure for your place of birth when seeking your birth certificate.
  3. If your birth certificate does not include the time of birth, that information still may be available in a more detailed birth certificate. When you place your order for your birth certificate, be sure to state that you want a copy that includes the TIME of birth.
  4. If you cannot obtain a birth certificate with time of birth, speak to your parents and other family members about when you were born. Even if they do not recall an exact time, take careful note of all information they provide in order to narrow the possible time frame for your time of birth.
  5. Check your baby book, birth announcement, baptism record, and other family documents.
  6. Get in touch with the hospital in which you were born. Often, hospital personnel record birth times; ask the staff how to obtain that information.

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Astrology Can Help You Greatly, Even Without Birth Time

If you follow these steps and still are unable to obtain your birth time, you still can benefit greatly from astrology. It can give you a wealth of information about yourself to help you understand who you are and why you’re here. It also can help you understand other people much better so you can enjoy happy relationships.

The Simplified Birth Chart: When You Do Not Know Your Birth Time

In this case, you still would use the birth chart calculator on our website, but you will create a simplified birth chart. Please note that, with this type of chart, any astrological interpretation must be more general, and some astrological analysis tools and methods will not be available.

See the FAQs in this section about this type of chart:

Get Birth Chart—Even If You Don't Have Your Birth Time

Even if you aren't able to locate your exact birth time, you can still get a personalized astrology chart.

Your chart is the blueprint for your life, and will give you wonderful details about yourself.

Go to our free birth chart page to get your chart now. When you enter your birth data, be sure to check the box that says "Check here if birth time is a guess or estimate rather than from birth certificate or birth record."

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