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When you're in the middle of a major life change, career transition, or any other big shift, a reading can help you understand the experience and manage it so your path through it becomes smoother.

What Readings Can Do For You

Besides helping you understand yourself better, a reading can help you make sense of outer circumstances. 

Astrology and the akashic records give you unique insights and data you can't get anywhere else. With an astrology reading or an akashic records reading, you can see patterns and understand timing - from both an everyday perspective and a spiritual or cosmic one.

A reading unlocks the power of your birth chart and all your unfolding potential so you can turn turn situations to your advantage. It also pinpoints your strengths and identifies any challenging areas in your life and chart so you can leverage your best skills and personality traits to overcome any obstacle you're facing. 

Move Forward With Confidence

During any reading with Astrologer Anne, you'll gain new confidence to help you move forward.

Besides showing you new ways to look at your situation, you'll learn about tools and techniques you can apply right away to improve your situation or prepare for what's coming next.

See the readings below and choose the one that suits your needs. You're just a click away from finding new solutions and the insights you need!

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Astrology Reading

The best choice when you need a completely custom reading, tailored to your personal astrology.
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Akashic Records Reading

Perfect when you need answers to urgent questions or want to make decisions from a higher level of consciousness.
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Deluxe Combined Reading

Combines the best of the akashic records with astrology in an in-depth reading that aligns your inner and outer selves.
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Career Reading

Analyzes your personal astrology from a work and career perspective - a must have for career success and life/work planning


Anne's work has earned kudos from her clients. See our testimonials page to learn how she's helped clients during their readings
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