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Perspective from the stars from Anne Nordhaus-Bike, the award winning "Astrologer Anne."

I write about current astrology, everyday life, and how to bring the wisdom of the stars into daily living. Come here to get my unique point of view and for all my important news - including advance notice about media appearances.

September Astro Podcast Now Up!

Have you hit a roadblock with wellness goals? The stars might be able to help. Find out why, plus get timing tips on when to check that bathroom scale, in this lively 4-minute podcast.

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Look Back - Twice!

August comes with double takes, double lookbacks - plus two big questions you MUST ask. Find out why, get those key questions, in my latest astrology podcast.

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July Stars: Settle In, Feast With Family

Did you know July is a good time for getting an ancestry DNA test? And a HUGE month for all things FOOD? (And family) Get the scoop in July's stars: astro podcast tells all!

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June Astro Podcast: Have Even MORE Fun!

June brings Gemini season-our annual time for FUN. This year has more reasons to kick back and kick up your heels. Find out why in the latest 4-minute podcast: listen now, then go have fun!

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Santa's Coming In May-Details In New Podcast

Mercury retrograde: this, too, shall pass. The big news: (cosmic) Santa's coming! And staying ALL YEAR (until May 2024). Get the good news in latest astro horoscope podcast now.

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April "Moon Madness" Podcast Is Up!

Aries season plus a rare second Aries new Moon - with eclipse! - means April comes packed with high energy. Find out dates, eclipse details on latest podcast from Anne's visit with Anna and Raven.

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Your Life Through 2043 - New Podcast!

Did you know you can get a preview of your life through 2043? March's astrology holds the key and gets us in gear for a new era. Get dates, details now in my latest podcast from this month's fun visit with Anna & Raven on radio.

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Why We're Smarter AND More Loving In February

Each year, February's stars carry a special magic that can make us smarter - and more loving. See why, get the special dates you must know for this month.

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Secret Wisdom Of The Moon: When To Rest

The Moon's phases can tell us when to rest. Most people don't know this secret wisdom-but now you can get the best times to stop and rest in 2023 with Anne's 2023 balsamic Moon list.

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2023 Podcast! Why THIS YEAR Can Be THE Year!

As 2023 starts it's almost action time. The year really kicks into gear in late January. Get dates, details: and get ready for YOUR "Year Of Action."

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Happy Solstice!

Let yourself relax instantly: tune in to Anne's peaceful Solstice video. Enjoy Solstice stillness, feel deep peace within from enjoying this beautiful meditation video filled with art, music.

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December Podcast Is Up!

The joyful December astro podcast is up! December's vibe: super generous, optimistic, time to party! And then: Solstice stillness. Check out the podcast for full details, dates.

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Shop Sagittarius Art And Gifts

Find the perfect gift for every Sagittarius in your life. Choose from colorful wall art or get lifestyle gifts and astrology apparel with purple and red Sagittarius Archer-centaur symbol watercolor painting. Help your favorite centaur decorate with star sign canvas prints, framed pictures, and more.

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Go Big-And Don't Stay Home!

Did you know you're an honorary Sagittarius for one month every year? Whatever your zodiac sign, when the Sun's in Sagittarius, it lights up this part of your birth chart. (All of us have this sign in our charts - and if you're a Sag, you're "extra Sag" in late November and most of December!) Find out more now in this post all about this fabulous and fiery zodiac sign.

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Intense Black & Red Scorpion Art - Mysterious, Magnetic Gifts For Every Scorpio!

Birthday gifts to please every mysterious Scorpio. Choose presents featuring colorful red and black Scorpion watercolor - wall art, phone cases, pillows, mugs, and more. Shop now!

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