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Perspective from the stars from Anne Nordhaus-Bike, the award winning "Astrologer Anne."

I write about current astrology, everyday life, and how to bring the wisdom of the stars into daily living. Come here to get my unique point of view and for all my important news - including advance notice about media appearances.

Astrology Live - WGN-TV Dec. 29

Plenty of changes and opportunities are coming in 2022. Get the year's preview when Astrologer Anne heads to WGN TV to talk astrology with the hosts of Daytime Chicago.

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Horoscopes July-August 2021-Live Readings

July and August are bringing us lighter vibes that promise much more fun! Get details, and call or text the show for live readings, when Astrologer Anne returns to WGN Radio July 30!

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Join Me July 16: Great Aquarian Leap Online Event

See how to make YOUR leap into the new Age Of Aquarius. Join me for a free online astrology zoom event July 16, hosted by Asheville Friends Of Astrology.

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Nurturing Your 12 Houses: Live Astrology May 26

Did you know astrology is one of your best tools for nurturing yourself? Taking care of your 12 houses in your birth chart gives you an insider's hack for nurturing health, creating wellness. Learn how at my next Facebook Live event.

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Horoscope Signs Gifts Launched

Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list with wall art, lifestyle gifts, apparel, and more featuring Astrologer Anne's colorful zodiac sign symbols paintings. Decorate your walls with canvas prints, framed pictures, and more - plus star sign home decor, lifestyle products, and astrology apparel.

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Learn Astrology: Step By Step Guide

You can learn astrology, step by step. Check out this "astrology made simple" guide, with 20 steps in 20 slides that cover all the major concepts you need to know. Beautiful images and simple text make learning fast and fun.

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Renewal Through Astrology: March 3 Event

Did you know the Aries equinox every March starts a new astrological and spiritual year? Jumpstart YOUR year with a special Facebook Live event: Renewal Through Astrology. Full details, links for this free event, in this post.

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Our Aquarian Destiny

For decades, we've been building up to the new Age Of Aquarius, and in 2021 life changes forever as we finally arrive. Board the rocket ship to YOUR Age Of Aquarius destiny: the time is now! See why February 2021 is changing our lives forever from seeds planted in February 1962.

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Full Moon In Leo 2021

Full Moons can bring high drama, but when they're in Leo the drama quotient can go way over the top. It doesn't have to be that way: Leo full Moons can open our hearts and give us emotional breakthroughs. Find out more and see how to use Leo to your best advantage.

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Chance For Free Astrology Reading

The hosts of Undebatable podcast invited me to join them when they record LIVE Jan. 19, 2021, for an interactive show with listeners. The hosts will select people from the listener list to get readings from me - sign up online to get on the list.

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Horoscope 2021 - Year Ahead Forecast

We made it! The dark (DARK!) tunnel we moved through in 2020 is over. Step into the light of the Age Of Aquarius with your 2021 horoscope: complete year ahead forecast. Aquarius helps us remember our dearest, most idealistic hopes and dreams - and gives us whatever genius we need to make them come true. Let's make it so!

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Horoscope 2021 - Live Readings New Year's Day

If you want to know how to KEEP those New Year's resolutions, join me on New Year's Day for astro readings, predictions for 2021 - streaming LIVE so you can listen from anywhere! Get details, links for listening in this post.

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Why Was 2020 A 'Bad' Year?

Was 2020 "the worst year ever"? It certainly felt dark, sad. But was it really a "bad" year? Astrology gives perspective: "bad" year had some "good," and all we experienced got us ready for the new era: the Age Of Aquarius.

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Age of Aquarius Song - Astrology

The Age Of Aquarius song is a preview of the best of the new age. Get complete lyrics, history - plus the inside story of the astrology behind the song and the Fifth Dimension vocalists who made it a mega hit.

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Fruitcake Recipe - And Astrology Of Fruitcake

In praise of fruitcake: here is my family's traditional fruitcake recipe. It's rich with fruit, nuts, chocolate, spices. And because I'm an astrologer, I've Included the astrology of fruitcake-why we love it when the weather turns cold and want it at holiday time.

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