Slow Down! NO - Speed Up!

How To Handle The Strangest Gemini Season In Years!

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Happy Gemini time! It's the brainiest, most lively time of the year.


But this year is different. And no matter what your zodiac sign, YOU are affected by this strange Gemini season.

Gemini Time 2022: Slow Down - NO, Speed Up!

In 2022, Gemini season is complicated because Mercury - the planet that oversees Gemini - is retrograde. More than that, it's retrograde IN GEMINI for part of that time. So this is one strange retrograde.

(To see where you have Gemini, get your birth chart on our free birth chart page now.)

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The planet that helps us do Gemini (learn, be smart, travel, and communicate nonstop) has taken a vacation from helping us succeed in all those areas. Things feel slow or even broken.

Yet we're also dealing with happenings that feel sudden. The usual Mercury retrograde glitches are magnified - plus we're still dealing with (reeling from?) the latest eclipses. How did you do with the new Moon solar eclipse April 30? And the full Moon total lunar eclipse in intense Scorpio on May 15 and 16?

How Do We Do Gemini This Year? When Mercury's Retrograde?

So how in the world do we slow down to please Mercury retrograde while speeding up to do Gemini and handle all the sudden changes coming our way?

It's a tall order, so I've written a new article for you with this Gemini month's astrology plus ideas for how to slow down AND speed up at the same time.

Mercury Retrograde In Gemini: Ultra Powerful!

The secret is remembering just how powerful little Mercury can be. Especially in its own sign. Even when retrograde.

Get all the details now in my new article:

Mercury Retrograde In Gemini: Ultra Powerful!

We've got this!

Happy Gemini time and have a GREAT Mercury retrograde!

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