New Moon Schedule 2022

Photos of Moon in dark night sky showing eight different Moon phases - new Moon phase 2022 dates and times

Welcome to your new Moon schedule for 2022.

Here you'll find the key dates and times you need to get your calendar in order and plan ahead for beginning anything new during the year.

These are your prime times for initiations through the year.

New Moon Schedule 2022

Here are the new Moon dates, with the exact time each one begins, for 2022. Notice that dates shown in bold face type indicate new Moons that arrive with solar eclipses. For every new Moon, you can click the zodiac sign in that row to find out more about that sign and how you can use it to your best advantage.

NOTE: Dates and times are based on the U.S. central time zone.

CapricornJanuary 212:33 p.m.
AquariusJanuary 3111:47 p.m.
PiscesMarch 211:36 a.m.
AriesApril 11:26 a.m.
TaurusApril 30 (partial solar eclipse)3:29 p.m.
GeminiMay 306:31 a.m.
CancerJune 289:53 p.m.
LeoJuly 2812:55 p.m.
VirgoAugust 273:17 a.m.
LibraSeptember 254:54 p.m.
ScorpioOctober 25 (partial solar eclipse)5:49 a.m.
SagittariusNovember 234:57 p.m.
CapricornDecember 234:17 a.m.

How You Can Use New Moons

Every new Moon is a chance to initiate projects, relationships, and just about anything else you want to start.

Remember that the new Moon is strongest when it starts, and its power lessens with each passing day over the next couple of weeks until the full Moon.

If you want to use new Moons most effectively, time your "fresh starts" as close to the new Moon as possible within the first several days after each new Moon happens. Use the times as well as the dates listed in the chart above to fine tune your timing.

Also, pay attention to the sign of the new Moon and focus on activities, people, and areas of life linked with the zodiac sign. With a Capricorn new Moon, for instance, look to your career, practical matters of all kinds, and powerful people associated with large enterprises.

A Word About Solar Eclipses

A couple of times a year, we have a new Moon that arrives with an eclipse.

In all cases, these special new Moons bring solar eclipses. At these times, the Sun, Moon, and Earth line up exactly such that the Moon temporarily blocks the light from (or eclipses) the Sun.

These times can bring turning points, when a new opportunity enters your life. They can be quite powerful, depending on other factors in your birth chart and whether the Moon's zodiac sign at the time plays a key role in your astrology.

In 2022, we'll experience two partial solar eclipses: April 30 in Taurus and October 25 in Scorpio. If you are a Taurus or Scorpio (or a Leo or Aquarius), you could see significant shifts this year that could propel you into the future. Watch what happens around these dates and seize opportunities that come your way.

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Where Is YOUR Moon?

What's your zodiac sign? The new Moon that occurs in that same sign is a special moment each year to begin just about anything of particular importance or interest to you.

Make note of your special new Moon and make the most of it this year!

Also, do you know where your Moon is in your birth chart? If not, you can find out by getting your free birth chart. Once you have your chart, simply look for the little crescent Moon symbol and look next to that for the zodiac sign symbol and little numbers displayed with your Moon. Those will tell you not only which sign your Moon occupies but which degree in that sign.

For charts translating the zodiac sign and planet symbols, see the Free Birth Chart page now. Scroll down to the Find Your Zodiac Sign section for the charts and more helpful instructions.

Another way you can find out your Moon sign in your birth chart: whenever you buy any of our Reports, you'll find a list of all the planets and key points in your birth chart that includes the sign each one occupies. Often, these signs are abbreviated to the first three letters of the sign. So, for example, if your Moon is listed as "Tau," you will know your Moon is in Taurus.

Use the new Moon for your birth chart's Moon sign each year to increase emotional awareness and get clarity on what you most need to feel safe, cared for, and happy in life.

More Moon Phases

In addition to the new Moon phase, you can benefit from knowing about some if the Moon's other phases.

Find out about some other important Moon phases - click the links below to see all my articles about the full Moon and balsamic Moon phases:

Full Moon

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