Virgo Time: See Details And Reap A Helpful Harvest

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Virgo time brings the time of year that's good for learning about analysis and true devotion.

The Sun leaves Leo and enters Virgo around August 23 each year.

This shift takes all of us from fire to earth, from our spirits to our bodies. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind, Virgo loves using its strong intelligence to take excellent care of the physical body and to see fine details that others miss. That makes this month a good time to look closely at your life, notice all things small, and seek clarity about what works and what no longer serves you.

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About Virgo: Analyze And Improve

When the Sun travels through Virgo each year, it brings an earthy, methodical energy that inspires us to take practical steps to improve ourselves and our lives. We move away from Leo’s fiery drama, exuberant expressiveness, and childlike innocence to the Virgin’s orderly world of good health, devotional service, and useful work.

Virgo’s desire for perfection pushes us to analyze, scrutinizing facts and physical objects in order to compare and contrast so we can detect patterns and minute flaws. If we avoid this sign’s tendency to information overload or relentless criticism and keep in mind that data is a tool in a larger, spiritual process, we can gain valuable knowledge that allows us to make smart, informed decisions. For example, this month offers a good time to streamline and organize our daily routines to support new learning as well as review our goals and current skills to determine where we may need to improve work methods or whether we need to learn new subjects or techniques.

If taken to excess, Virgo’s energy can feel picky, demanding, and perfectionistic and leave us feeling forever behind or unprepared, overwhelmed from endless (and lengthy) to do lists, or even incompetent. In frustration, we may become workaholics or turn Virgo’s critical nature outward in judging or verbally abusing others who fail to meet our impossible standards. At its best, though, Virgo’s quick mind helps us see precisely how to fix or improve everything from relationships to work processes to the world at large, and its sharp sense of humor helps ease tension and make work more fun.

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Virgo Symbolism

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, named for the ancient Roman messenger god who could travel swiftly thanks to the wings on his sandals and cap. As a result, this mutable sign tends toward restlessness and constant thinking and talking. Because Virgo is an earth sign, this mental energy tends to be expressed in practical ways via constant work or other physical activity.

Mercury carries a staff called a caduceus, a rod around which two serpents twine. This object, long a symbol of the human spine and nervous system, points to Virgo’s high nervous energy and preoccupation with health. This energy may manifest as hypochondria, health fads, or excessive strictness with diet or exercise; at its best, though, a sensitive nervous system helps support health by allowing us to feel immediately when life has gone out of balance so we can take sensible steps quickly to restore equilibrium.

Virgo’s symbol, the Virgin, does not indicate sexual inexperience but rather someone who is independent and complete unto herself or himself. As a feminine, yin, or receptive sign, Virgo tends toward introspection, with a self-contained quality that encourages us to become more serious, dependable, and competent. These qualities come just when we need them, at the end of summer and the start of a new school year; when days grow shorter in Virgo time, even people long out of school can feel the shift away from midsummer’s playtime to late summer’s need to “get on with it” and get things done.

Virgo also comes at harvest time, during the annual process of “separating the wheat from the chaff.” The Virgin’s thoughtful expression and her stalks of wheat indicate this sign’s skill at reaping a good and helpful harvest in every area of life: with sharp observation, we can discriminate between what is best for us (the wheat) and what harms us (the chaff). In doing so, we steadily purify, improve, and evolve so our talents become more useful and our efforts become of ever greater service.

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How Can I Serve If I Am Not Perfect?

During each year's Virgo time, we feel intuitive impulses to assist others and serve the higher good while helping ourselves improve and evolve toward the perfection Virgo so ardently seeks.

Each astrological sign is associated with a phrase, and for Virgo that phrase is “I analyze.” This energy may be expressed negatively by living in our heads, getting stuck in chronic worry or unproductive research, or forgetting the larger picture or purpose. At its best, though, Virgo gives us the ability to understand what is pure and noble so we can appreciate order, recognize quality, and choose the good as we work to make our lives match the highest model of perfection that our minds can conceive.

Now is the time to embrace your essential purity. You already have the gift of a discerning mind that allows you to see subtle details and determine the best among many options. You also have the ability to work patiently in humble ways to adjust yourself and your environment to more closely match the ideal you know as perfection. If you will take up the task of seeing clearly and choosing wisely, you will come to see why Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, was the only resident of Olympus who traveled freely to the heavens, the earth, and the underworld.

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