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Learn Astrology:

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Hand picked tools and resources, curated
by Astrologer Anne
to help you learn astrology to create a better life.
Learn astrology to get the life you want!

Astrology Basics

your Sun sign

When it comes to astrology, it all starts with your Sun sign. 
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Birth chart

Your birth chart is the key to understanding your life.
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Astrology Essentials


Decode your birth chart with one (or more!) reports.
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Sun sign book

Discover the truth about your sign (and other people's!). 
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Astrology Building Blocks

zodiac signs

Find out about your zodiac sign. Then explore the other 11 signs!
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Houses are the "places" in your birth chart where the action happens.
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Learn Astrology

Learn astrology Basics in 24 minutes

Start your quest to learn astrology here! Super simple (and FUN!) "intro to astrology" podcast.
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Free Astrology Course

Get a complete introduction to astrology in less than an hour in this richly detailed astrology course.
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Learn astrology in 20 steps

Get your step by step guide: "astrology made simple" with just 20 slides, 20 steps!
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moRe Resources, TIPS, AND TOOLS

Get even more resources to guide your journey as you learn astrology. 
Learn Astrology

Current Astrology

current planets

Knowing where the planets are right now helps you adjust for current energies.
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balsamic moon

Monthly balsamic time: your chance to rest. Cherish time for reflection.
Balsamic Moons

Grand conjunction

Biggest astrology of our lifetimes - get details!
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Uranus in Taurus is shaking up the status quo, worldwide.
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Is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury retrograde dates

When Mercury's retrograde, life can go haywire.
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mercury retrograde podcast

Hear how to thrive during Mercury retrograde.
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Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde dates through 2050

Venus retrograde affects love, money. Plan ahead to prosper! 
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venus retrograde podcast

Hear how to "handle with care" during Venus retrograde.
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Horoscopes, Forecast

uranus in taurus

See how Uranus in Taurus will change your life
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It's the Age Of Aquarius! See how YOU fit in! 
All Aquarius Articles

Guided Meditations

Guided meditations

Astrology guided meditations help you stay centered.
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best times to meditate

Astrology helps you know the best times to meditate.
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love relationships

A love report compares two charts to show the major ways you connect in a love relationship.
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business compatibility

A compatibility report is highly recommended for key business relationships.
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Career And Business

Vocational report

A vocational report helps you find your purpose - so you can find the right career and  job.
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business astrology

Designed for executives and business owners who want to be more successful.
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career reading

A must have for career success and work/life planning.
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sun sign book

Required reading if you manage people or own a business.
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Astrology reading

Get the life you want by understanding yourself, your stars, your purpose.
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akashic records reading

Get answers to urgent questions, make decisions from a higher level.
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combined reading

Soul connection and soul guidance to zero in on the real you - in depth.
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career reading

A must have for career success, work/life planning - especially during a career transition.
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More Astrology Resources


Anne is a popular guest on radio - hear why in her podcasts.
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Astrology videos help you tap astrology, tune in to your spirituality.
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"What's my sign?" Find out - and get answers to other top astrology questions.

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See all astrology posts and articles on the site for an in-depth tour of astrology.
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