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Business Compatibility - Cosmo Compatibility Report

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Business compatibility in key work relationships is critical to your career success. The Cosmo Compatibility Report can help you understand your business compatibility with your most important connections, including both strengths and possible challenges.

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When You Need A Cosmo Compatibility Report

The Cosmo Compatibility Report can help you prepare for a new business relationship or improve an existing one. It's especially helpful if you:

  • Manage a team
  • Need to make a new hire
  • Work in a partnership with one or more people
  • Want to go into business with a friend or colleague
  • Need to hire a key advisor such as an agent, attorney, or accountant

This report also can offer help if you're operating in a competitive or legal situation and need to size up the other party and how you can work effectively in relation to this person.

Birth Information Needed

To take advantage of what the Cosmo Compatibility Report offers you'll need birth information for both people (each person's exact date and place of birth).

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Birth Time Not Needed - But Helpful

Although you don't need the times of birth, if you can obtain this information, the report will provide a bit more information you'll find useful.

To get your birth time, see the suggestions in How Can I Find Out My Birth Time?

What You'll Receive In The Cosmo Compatibility Report

The Cosmo Compatibility Report interprets two people’s charts. It's a concise report that tells how the planets in two individuals' birth charts are related geometrically. These planetary relationships indicate how the two people tend to interact, including how they can influence and transform each other.

Within the Cosmo Compatibility Report, you'll receive details about both people’s birth charts, information about potential relationship challenges, and details about relationship strengths and potentials you can leverage for business success. With this report, you'll know the energies and goals you have in common, which can form the basis for a successful working relationship.

Here are more details on what this report provides:

  • A detailed comparison of both people’s Sun signs, indicating how they combine and how to make them work together.
  • A detailed comparison of both people’s Moon signs, showing their similarities and differences. The Moon section also tells how to make the most of what each Moon sign offers to build a more harmonious relationship that meets each person's needs while achieving mutual goals.
  • A summary of birth data for both people, which forms the basis for this report’s analysis, presented in one handy chart.
  • How the two individuals' planets are related, based on the astrological aspects (or geometrical relationships) between them.
  • A list of all planets and their positions at the exact moment both individuals were born. You can refer to this list as needed, throughout your careers. It's especially helpful for tracking the planets as they change positions over the days, months, and years to see how the current planets’ positions affect birth chart planets - and career prospects.
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How The Cosmo Compatibility Report Can Help You - And Your Business

The Cosmo Compatibility Report gives you the edge in business relationships. By knowing your basic compatibility with a colleague, partner, employee, or any other key player in your career, you'll know how to work effectively together.

You'll also handle stressful times better because you'll understand the other party's typical stress responses - and know how to manage them to ease challenges while getting the work done.

If you own or manage a business, the Cosmo Compatibility Report is even more vital. Get a report for every key relationship so you're prepared to leverage your best talent - and keep it, even during challenging times.

Along the way, you'll gain even more understanding of your own strengths (and challenges), and you'll become better at all your professional relationships. Those skills will translate to your personal life, too, making the Cosmo Compatability Report an outstanding investment.

See A Sample Report Now

You can see a sample of this report now. Visit our online astrology report and chart service and see the Compatibility Reports section; see the Cosmo Compatibility Report and click the pink “View Sample” button to see a sample report.

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Enjoy Greater Harmony In Business Relationships

An astrology report can put you on the road to enjoying greater harmony in business relationships. When you understand your personal astrology and how it fits with another person's chart, you'll grow both personally and professionally.

Over time, you'll find that every area of your life will benefit.

Invest in a Cosmo Compatibility Report for you and your business today! You'll reap dividends for years to come!

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