Houses In Astrology Podcast

Find Out The 12 Houses Of Astrology And What They Mean

Find out the houses of astrology meaning, see how to nurture them (by "following the Sun!"), and learn why that will help nurture YOU in this podcast from my latest guest appearance with host Elias Patras.

Did you know the 12 houses in astrology are one of the major keys to using astrology?

Houses Astro Podcast

It was a blast talking about the houses - astro wisdom everyone needs to make the most of astrology - when I returned to host Elias Patras's show on Facebook Live recently. Thank you to everyone who joined us!

Now, you can get the insider's look at the signs in houses with the podcast from this special "nurturing" event.

Podcast Special Features

Before focusing on the houses in astrology, Elias and I talked about the current astrology, which has been intense:

Podcast Focus - Astrology Houses Meaning

After the "current astrology" overview, we jumped into the main podcast focus: astrology houses meaning.

To start, I showed how to draw a super simple circle chart to create your personal guide to the 12 houses. I also explained how to use the chart to follow along with the Sun every month and work through all the different signs in houses so you can do your annual "homework" in every sign, during every year of your life.

We also talked about the "rising sign" (also called the "ascendant") in astrology and what that means. You can find out how to locate it in this podcast, and you can get it calculated for you exactly if you know your exact birth time. (See our chart services page to get a birth chart or any of our reports - if you get a report, it will tell you more about your rising sign and what it means.)

Next, we talked about why you have two charts: one for your Sun sign and another calculated for your exact date, time, and place of birth. Both are useful and provide important information.

For the rest of the podcast, we focused on the houses of astrology and the meaning of the 12 houses. For all of the different houses, we discussed what's most important about the house, when and how to work with its themes and energies, and how it can help you keep life in balance as you evolve upward on your life's journey.

Moon Meditation

Elias closed the event with a special Moon meditation in honor of the full Moon and eclipse that happened earlier in the day.

I encourage you to check out the meditation, and you can use it any time you want to harmonize with a full Moon (or a lunar eclipse).

Hear The Podcast

This astro houses podcast is chock full of powerful tips and details about the houses of astrology and how to use them to your advantage.

Check it out now:

Enjoy the podcast from my latest guest appearance with host Elias Patras now.

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