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At a full Moon, energies building over the past two weeks crest and bring insights and potential breakthroughs. They also can signal endings and closure for projects we've brought to completion.

This full Moon schedule for 2021 gives you the advance information you need in order to know when we're likely to experience "hot spots" during this coming year.

It includes a complete list of each full Moon in 2021, along with the date and precise time at which the Moon reaches its full phase every month.

It also shows you which zodiac sign is in play for each full Moon. All the signs in the chart below are hotlinked so you can click them to learn more and see which areas of your life (and world events) might be affected most when energy peaks at the full Moon.

How To Manage Full Moon Energies

Full Moons correspond to some of the most powerful energies we experience as humans here on planet Earth.

At a full Moon, the Moon sits exactly opposite the Sun, with Earth in the middle.

At these times, we sit between two extremes, our minds and emotions polarized, forcing us to reconcile these seeming opposites and reckon with revelations and feelings that can bring (sometimes significant) discomfort. Full Moons force us to see and feel and then make constructive decisions based on what we realize at these "aha!" moments.

Moon's Effect On Tides, Planting, Cycles

We already know the Moon plays a role in the ebb and flow of water, particularly in giving a rhythm to the tides. It also can affect agriculture, as planting at the wrong time of the year or incorrect time of the month can affect yields. In addition, lunar energies affect women and their bodies, especially regarding menstrual cycles and the ebb and flow of physical energy.

These continually shifting energies, reflected in the constant change in the Moon's phase and amount of reflected light, teach us about the larger cycles of life and the need to place ourselves in harmony with natural, planetary cycles in order to create harmony and happiness.

Full Moon Phase

At the full Moon, the monthly lunar cycle reaches its peak.

Energies building over the past two weeks, since the new Moon, crest like a massive wave. When they do, we experience them as insights and potential breakthroughs. They also can signal endings and closure for projects we've brought to completion.

Effect Is Gradual - But Relentless

The effect of the Moon's cycle from new Moon to full Moon is gradual - but relentless.

The lunar energy builds and builds, and by the time we reach the period a few days before the full Moon, most of us begin to feel some pressure (especially if the Moon is moving through sensitive areas in our birth charts or making challenging angles with other planets).

The pressure builds until the full Moon peaks, after which it decreases gradually over the next two weeks. Keep in mind that, about four to five days before the full Moon, you might begin to have insights or breakthroughs related to the upcoming full Moon. Also, people around you might feel pressure, and you may observe challenging situations as others squirm a bit in the face of pressure (especially if it's related to concerns they have avoided and which they must face now).

The days leading to the full Moon are an excellent time to practice compassion for yourself and others, avoid overextending yourself, and spending time in meditation to direct the powerful full Moon energies toward constructive ends.

Full Moon Schedule 2021

Here are the full Moon dates for 2021, with times for the exact moment the Moon is full. Dates shown in bold face type are full Moons coinciding with lunar eclipses. Click the zodiac sign for each full Moon to see an article about the sign: each star sign gives unique opportunities for breakthroughs, closure, and insights related to the areas of life it oversees whenever the Moon reaches full in that sign.

 NOTE: The dates and times here reflect timing based on U.S. central time.

CancerDecember 29, 20209:28 p.m.
LeoJanuary 28, 20211:16 p.m.
VirgoFebruary 272:17 a.m.
LibraMarch 2812:48 p.m.
ScorpioApril 269:31 p.m.
SagittariusMay 26 (total lunar eclipse)5:14 a.m.
CapricornJune 2412:40 p.m.
AquariusJuly 238:37 p.m.
August 226:02 a.m.
PiscesSeptember 205:55 p.m.
AriesOctober 208:57 a.m.
TaurusNovember 19 (partial lunar eclipse)2:57 a.m.
GeminiDecember 1810:35 p.m.
CancerJanuary 17, 20225:48 p.m.

Click the zodiac sign for each full Moon (in the left column in the table above), and you'll see an article about the sign. You can use these articles to manage the powerful full Moon energies and make the most of the star sign involved.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipses: Super Powerful Full Moons

About every five and a half months, we experience eclipses at the time of the full Moon.

Whenever an eclipse happens at a full Moon, it brings a lunar eclipse. This type of eclipse occurs when the Earth passes between the Sun and Moon, temporarily blocking the light from the Sun so that the Moon is dimmer (or even goes dark for a time, when it's a total lunar eclipse).

2021 Lunar Eclipses

During 2021, we will experience two lunar eclipses:

  • A total lunar eclipse on May 26
  • A partial lunar eclipse on November 19

With a total lunar eclipse, the Moon passes fully into Earth's shadow and seems to disappear for a time. In a partial lunar eclipse, the Moon passes only partway into Earth's shadow, so that part remains lit and visible to us while the rest goes into obscurity and shadow.

2021 Eclipse Visibility

Not every lunar eclipse is visible in every place on Earth.

When a lunar eclipse is visible in your area, especially if it's a total lunar eclipse, make a point of getting outside to experience it. Lunar eclipses are one of nature's most beautiful and powerful sights. Also, unlike viewing solar eclipses, which requires special protective eye gear, it's always safe to watch any lunar eclipse.

If skies are clear, the May 26 lunar eclipse will be visible in eastern Asia as well as Australia, the Pacific, and the Americas.

The November 19 lunar eclipse will be visible in the Americas, nothern Europe, easter Asia, Australia, and the Pacific.

Let Go With 2021 Full Moons, Lunar Eclipses

Like solar eclipses, lunar eclipses bring about needed change.

They serve as one of the natural, regular cycles we experience to help us move ahead personally as well as collectively.

In general, lunar eclipses bring matters to a head and help us let go.

Whatever you began at the new Moon two weeks before reaches some type of milestone or fruition around the full Moon (even if it's a miniscule milestone!), and that power becomes a super power when there's an eclipse involved.

You might experience a lunar eclipse as an ending or closure of some kind. A doorway may close, allowing you to move on in your life, and because the Moon is involved you might have strong feelings about this development.

Be kind to yourself at every full Moon, and especially those with eclipses. Be kind, too, to everyone around you and extend compassion to all humanity through prayer and meditation. Over time, you can align more gracefully with lunar rhythms and the periodic need to let go so you can welcome the new and lighten your load.

May 2021 be the year you achieve that grace and enjoy a life in greater harmony with natural and lunar cycles.

More Moon Phases

Along with the full Moon phase, you'll find that it's useful to understand a little bit about some of the other Moon phases.

Find out about some other important Moon phases - click the links below to see all my articles about the new Moon and balsamic Moon phases:

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