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Anne's work with clients - both for personal readings and astrology and for business and career astrology - earns accolades for her caring manner, thorough mastery of astrology, and compassionate guidance no matter what's happening in a client's life.

Astrology Testimonials
Career And Business Testimonials

Radio hosts and other media figures love Anne for her ability to give spot on advice, deliver incisive astrological perspective on breaking news, and take live calls from listeners to provide on the spot horoscopes.

Media Testimonials

Event organizers and meeting planners regularly praise Anne's speaking abilities and gift for delivering entertaining yet in depth astrological and spiritual talks and presentations.

Event Testimonials

Her newsletter subscribers and visitors to her website also laud her work, including the wealth of resources available on her Astrologer Anne website, including horoscopes and astrology articles and blog posts.

More Testimonials

Read on below to see how she's changed lives by helping clients and through personal appearances on radio and at events.

Astrology Readings

Thank you, Anne!

"So often through the years, I have questioned the choices I have made and the path I feel guided to follow. Each fork in the road causes me to challenge my fears and look at the defenses I use to feel safe. But like the yellow brick road, I know in my heart that this is my only road 'home'. And little did I know that my decision to surrender to my guidance over the years can also be explained through my astrological chart! Anne was able to take me back through my childhood and interpret so many of the events in my life as well as bring light and understanding to my relationships. Thank you Anne for confirming the 'pull' I continually feel to surrender to my guidance and continue with my studies in the field of energy healing. And thank you for your open heartedness and your beautiful laugh! You are truly a gift." —Carol H., Toronto, Canada

You have greatly helped me

"Thank you again for your help. You have greatly helped me. And you are natural at speaking to people. I felt open the whole time and comfortable talking with you. Not only did we cover a lot of important issues, but your approach and knowledge eased my mind and got me grounded again. I feel more balanced. The computer generated…analysis pales in comparison to your guidance. Thanks again, Peace & Love." —Matt O, Chicago, Illinois

Our talk really changed my life!

I cannot thank you enough for the truly wonderful conversation we had last week. At the risk of sounding crazily intense, I must tell you that our talk really changed my life! The professional advice was wonderful–thank you for all the great information! On a very personal level, thank you so much for the spiritual direction. I have always fancied myself a skeptic, but our talk has forced me to reconsider–and that is an incredibly hopeful, energizing feeling. Since last week, I have had the feeling that many parts of my life that didn't make sense before are connected by an invisible thread. Thank you, for more than you know." —Serena R., Chicago, Illinois

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I learned SO MUCH

"Hey Anne, I just wanted to say thank you for the talk we had last year. You gave me a lot of different threads to follow (among them, the Rosicrucians, numerology, phases of the moon) and I learned SO MUCH by exploring. On top of that, it was eye-opening to see how one really gets down to interpreting a chart. A lot happened after that meeting. Introduction to yoga. A meditation retreat. An introduction to gnosticism (probably through Rosicrucianism, now that I think about it). Probably a lot more than I'm fully aware of. So I just wanted to say thanks. In general, there's just been a gradual and undeniable improvement in my life. I guess esoterically speaking it would be thank you. Be well." —Dustin C., Los Angeles, California

I absolutely loved our chat

"Anne, you are a goddess. I needed some serious direction…I was so tired from the lack of clarity, death of loving pooch, stress of moving, and other things these past few months. Thank you SO much for taking the time and providing me with such wise and helpful guidance. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it, and my head is still spinning. Actually, it's STOPPED spinning for the first time in a long time! I hope you have a great weekend, and please know how much I absolutely loved our chat. I have already been doing the quiet-time meditation and am looking forward to what I hope will be an explosively productive era this summer." —Deborah H., Ann Arbor, Michigan

A journey through heaven and earth

"A consultation by Anne not only gives you a better perspective on your life but helps you widen your soul's imagination. She will take you on a journey through heaven and earth and everywhere in between. You gain a clear understanding of your astrological chart, and you may also be offered suggestions like music to hear, artworks to view, hobbies to embrace, and recipes to try! Anne's consultations are profound, but her heart and compassion make them very fun as well." —Jean L., Chicago, Illinois

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Career Astrology, Business Astrology

Nobody else has Anne's insight

Every organization should be looking to improve. So it’s frustrating to feel your team has reached a plateau and there is no way to improve.

My office was very well run, and the staff were good at their jobs, but I didn’t want to settle for that because the fact is that the team didn’t always communicate well. Each person is so different, so it’s not always easy to make a group function well. The solution is to understand the individuals and what motivates each person, analyze how they interact, and then determine what would make for effective interactions.

Often, though, the person managing the group is too close to longstanding relationships or so comfortable with specific management interventions that making changes becomes overwhelming. So it’s really hard to see how to head in a different, more effective direction.

Anne helped me better understand the individuals, their motivations, and their interactions. She also helped me better understand myself, especially my management style and greatest strengths as a leader. She has the ability and the insight to do this. Very few people do. I discussed these issues with others, but none had Anne’s insight.

So the team works better now and communicates better. And when issues arise, I am able to understand everyone’s intrinsic selves much better so I can determine how to effect behavioral change.

I highly recommend Anne to anyone who needs help with improving their team.

Judy Johnson, President
Judy Ann Johnson, DDS, PC
Flossmoor, Illinois

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Extremely valuable service!

Very exciting work, Anne. So happy and excited about the new and fabulous direction of your work! It will bring much-needed love and kindness into the business world! Awesome idea and extremely valuable service!

The idea of "helping people improve relationships" is so refreshing. Most people determine their career based on what someone will pay them to do. You are delightfully different and deeply rooted in the idea of true service. Since everything is always about Star Trek in some way, in "City on the Edge of Forever," Capt. Kirk said: "'Let me help.' A hundred years or so from now, I believe, a famous novelist will write a classic using that theme. He'll recommend those three words even over 'I love you.'" The logic of your career decisions is coming from that very same noble place and I wholeheartedly applaud you. Can't wait to hear more!  Jean L.

I love your work

I love your work - I love every email and open every one to see what you have to say...when I came to hear you speak about Mercury retrograde and how it affects business, I was taking notes the whole time. Jeff B.

Like magic

Reading your horoscopes is like magic. I hadn't read horoscopes in 20 years, but I read yours and felt great afterward. I'm already making some health changes - avoiding some "go to" bad foods at the end of the day. John T.

Impressed with your astrology - the business focus

I'm impressed with your astrology - the business focus. It's really focused on the positive, and it gave me pause. Reading it gave me time in my day to pause. Wendy P.

Anne’s skills are first class

If you’re open to new ways to improve decision making, company morale, and bottom line efficiency, Anne’s skills warrant a first class recommendation.

For several years, I worked for a company run by two men who didn’t just assign tasks but told employees how to do the job. As the HR person, I often heard from staff members who felt disgruntled because the owners were so autocratic. Their leadership style affected morale, job performance, and employee retention.

Years later, when I started my company, Anne’s expertise was at my fingertips, and I implemented a more collaborative environment where her input carried weight.

Thanks to Anne, I also understood the personalities of my employees, including one of the men I’d once worked for and who had since come to work for me. So I could finesse potential conflicts and figure out how to manage my employees and lead my team well.

I even got Anne’s help on an appropriate time to launch our website—and guidance on how to work through disagreements with an employee who had really fixed and flawed ideas on the launch date. In my experience, Anne’s skills, not only in her application of unique tools to daily business life but her many years of corporate experience, warrant a first class recommendation.

Anne Brandt, Founder
Spectacled Bear Publishing
Benton Harbor, Michigan

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Media And Speaking Appearances

Anne is a highly popular speaker at events and a sought-after guest on radio:


Thank you again, I haven’t had that many callers EVER at night. You’re a gem. You have legions of fans, and your followers light up the phones! —WGN Radio host Ji Suk Yi

Thanks, Anne for joining us on the program tonight! Have a great night and we would love to have you on again! —WGN Radio executive producer Jasmine Cooper

Our phone lines light up any time Anne is on! —WGN Radio host Frank Fontana

She's the one! She's the BEST! —Ashley Bihun, WGN Radio producer

The cool thing about Anne is that she takes calls from listeners and shares what's in the stars for every astrology sign. She has spent a lifetime learning about astrology, and I can tell just by her spirit that she really wants to help the listener. —WGN Radio host Ji Suk Yi

Always love having you!! Such a fun segment and topic! —Ashley Bihun, WGN Radio producer

Anne’s got a pulse on the huge energy field out there that we can’t see but we can definitely feel. — WGN Radio host Frank Fontana

I loved meeting you. Such fun energy! Can't wait till we have you on again! —Ashley Bihun, WGN Radio producer

I am not sure how you manage to do it - the way you handled the one caller with a string of bad luck – it was wise advice. Astrology isn’t just about what you want to hear, I believe in the science! — WGN Radio host Ji Suk Yi

Best show ever! —Podcast host Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

I just listened to you on WGN Radio with Ji. I normally do not sign up for anything online but you were so impressive! I will be handling my father's estate in the coming months and will refer to the Mercury Retrograde Do's and Don'ts often. Thank you for a most enjoyable evening of radio. —Susan R.

I heard you on WGN today and am very impressed. —Jeanie

I enjoyed your podcast. It’s not easy to pull that off. You are a real pro. —John S.

ANNE!!! Truly outstanding! You are an eloquent speaker and vibrant guest! Bravo! —Bob B.

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Check the podcast from today's show! Lots of compelling and deep information was put forth! Hope we help some people in need today! Great job Anne Nordhaus-Bike! — Frank Fontana

I just got a new phone and am listening to your [podcast]…I LOVE your voice in the audio format. And your laugh!!! Fills me with utter joy. You are so precious.

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Speaking Engagements:
Love, love, love, listening to you!

Thank you Anne for such a nice and well-timed message! You have no idea how much your guidance, unknown by you at the time, did help me to forge ahead despite knowing what challenges were ahead. I so believe in your work…you truly touched my life, and frankly, the lives of all of my clients. — Morgan Stanley

A huge thank you to our guest speaker, Anne Nordhaus-Bike. Your talent as a writer, multimedia artist, and astrologer was enjoyed by all this morning as we learned that astrology can be used in many positive and rewarding ways in both our personal and professional lives. May we always follow the sun through you! —Pamela Strelcheck, program director, Women in McHenry County (WIM3), 3rd Thursday Talks

Thank you Anne. As always you were wonderful. —John S., Nefertiti Lodge master

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More Testimonials

"Thank you Anne⭐️💜 Thank you for your help with understanding this is a grief process!! Thank you for your wonderful, helpful, reaffirming articles! We or I, have been out of it for 3 weeks! To top that We are essential workers too. Holding on to my candles, prayers and gratitude with my husband .. May you always be blessed." ☮️💟 —Beatriz R.

"So wonderful to listen to your message and voice. Happy Solstice! Thank you for posting these meditations." 💜 —Mindy K.

"Thank you, as always, for the wisdom you offer. There has, indeed, been much Uranus-change in my life, and giving my feelings their space and practicing presence meditations seems to be helping." —Carol M.

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" I love your site." —Lynette H.

"Best astro monthly horoscope site I've found Anne." —Dwight L.

"Love this! Thank you." —Helen L.

"Omg! This [Virgo meditation] hit me deep. And I thought it was just me who could remember my original state of purity. I just didn't know what it was or what to call it. I basically referred to it as a "White Space with no sound. Not cold or hot. Just peaceful" Wow...really helpful article. I'm utterly satisfied!! —Karbelo

"Thanks Anne, this is great! Thanks for taking the time to write such an in-depth post [Uranus In Taurus] and really appreciate you taking the time to respond with all these links and insights. Have a great week!" —Robyn C.

"Hi Anne, I've many horoscope websites and articles of Uranus In Taurus. Your site is the best! I can't stop reading all the articles." —Jose

"Thank you for your informative articles on the subject [Uranus in Taurus]. I have bookmarked your page to ensure I can find the information again at a later date. I am very interested in how Uranus will shake up my life over the next 7 years." —Rosemary H.

"Hi Anne, I can't believe how shocked I am reading this [Uranus In Taurus article]. When Uranus in Aries on 6th Nov, 2018, I was finally filling my divorce suit. And in that moment I'm also meeting someone who completely shift my world in to another dimension. Although I know we're not getting any serious, but I'm so blessed to know that this short relationship is awaken call for me to know myself better, to love myself better, and to strengthen my inner world facing the rough world of single parenthood ahead. I never knew anything about astrology before, this is truly a blessing information for me. God bless you for sharing this to us." —Laila

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"As usual, you have nailed it. Your calm and reassuring long-term perspective is much-needed balance in this upheaval that might otherwise provoke unnecessary fear, as opposed to a reasoned approach to precautions." —Carol M.

"Hi Anne, just found this thread, what a fantastic read! Thank you to yourself for making me understand about Uranus! —Stan

"Thank you, by reading this, it gives me hope and calm." —Tanya N.

"Hi Anne. Great article and insight. The last 7 years have been so trying. I didn’t realize until I read your article there was an actual explanation. I’m looking forward to a change. My husband and I have been wondering what we ever did to have all the difficulties we have faced in the past 7 years. At least we know there is a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to your very positive article. Thank you. —Amelia

Anne has an incredible amount of knowledge, energy, and charisma!!!! —Julie TC

"Thank you for sharing your insight about the balsamic moon. I can’t wait to find out how the waning moon that has just begun will affect my reflective cycles." —Carol M.

"As always, great insight for my future." —Irene M.

"Found this horoscope so different and easier to understand." —Maye

"Where in the world have you been? I have been following so many different astrologers online, and for so many years, but have never come across you. Taurus here. 2nd decan. What havoc Uranus has wreaked on most of us. I am hoping for better things to come in the next 7 years. I am retired for 2 years now, so I am hoping Uranus won't put me back to work! I subscribed to your newsfeed. Thanks for all of your hard work creating your site." —Thomas M.

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"Just came across your article and it is amazing! I am A Leo, rising sign Gemini and Libra Moon married to a wonderful Scorpio husband. I am a jewellery designer and have my own business (which went through great changes and difficulties in the last 7 years). I am looking forward to changes and in particular to ways to look after Earth. What motivates me beside looking after my family (we have three children) is to look after nature and animals .. my dream is to set up my own foundation and help those who don't have a voice. Your article really made me feel that it is all possible. Thanks so much!" —Natalie B.

"I can't explain you how well I connected with your post! I started noticing signs last year. Major one being witnessing 11:11. If we add these (1+1+1+1=4), we get 4 which is the number for Uranus as brought my notice by a known friend. I was already being signaled by the Universe for great changes taking place. Thanks Anne for the wonderful article!" —Astha P.

"Great post! Thank you for sharing and leading the way for us. We need these kinds of posts and spiritual leadership to help us through our process of evolving and becoming." —Bonnie G.

"I am going to print out your article and use it like a friendly guide these next few weeks, handing copies to each of my daughters, granddaughters and any one else involved in the preparation for the wedding. It has already helped me shake the cobwebs out of my head, hopefully it will help us all to work together more consciously. Thanks for being out there." —Nea W.

"Hello Anne, This is a superb piece of writing and creativity. I resonated with every word. I love timing. Thank you for taking such responsibility and sharing your wisdom. More of us need to take a leaf out of your book and push ourselves to be more and have the courage to be vulnerable. I will pass this beautifully written page onto like minded people. I have sat on the fence as far as Astrology is concerned but now you have helped me take a peak to one side. You have explained the opportunities and potential and given us the truth of what needs to be done. You have made the voice of my heart that much stronger. Hugs." — Steve C.

"Anne, I just really read through the shift you're making with this newsletter etc. Seems like a really good one for you, and you're providing a lot of information for all of us to check when we need reminders. Beautiful way to do it....and hopefully to provide more time for you to devote to other, probably related, pursuits. Bless you for all you are doing for the world through your efforts!" —Beverly C.

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