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Career Reading

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Career Counseling With Astrologer Anne

You can get the career you've dreamed of - with some career counseling help from astrology.

Astrology is one of the oldest, most reliable tools for figuring out your best fit in terms of a career, from the right industry to the correct job.

If you already know your best employment path and have landed in the right industry, astrology career counseling can help ensure you're happy at your company and in the type of work you do.

How A Career Reading Works

A career reading uses your personal astrology to pinpoint your strengths. It also identifies potential challenges based on the particulars of your birth chart.

Anne uses your birth chart as well as various other astrological charts and techniques to understand your unique style, personality traits, and areas of emphasis - all of which point to careers, industries, and jobs that could suit you well.

During your reading, Anne will walk through your strong points. She'll also point out potentials and hidden or less developed talents you can leverage to create greater success. In addition, she'll discuss challenges indicated by your astrology and how those typically manifest on the job.

Throughout the reading, Anne will address current concerns you're facing or questions you have. She'll help you put those into perspective in light of current planetary cycles and the major influences affecting you both in the near term and over longer periods.

How To Prepare For Your Career Reading

Prepare for your career reading by thinking through your current work situation, from the organization your work for to the people you work with to the type of work you do.

It can be helpful to list what's working and what could use improvement. See your reading as a type of work project - one that's totally about you and your job satisfaction. Write down key points and the most urgent questions and concerns you want to discuss with Anne.

During Your Career Reading

Have your notes and questions available when you have your reading.

You and Anne will discuss them in relation to your astrology, and together you'll work toward understanding deeper issues and root causes of recurring patterns or challenges.

Your reading is recorded digitally, and you will receive download instructions after the reading.

It's helpful to have pen and paper at hand to jot down ideas and notes about anything that strikes you as especially important or insightful. We recommend you hand write these insights and comments, especially if you're sensitive to electronics and other such stimulation.

After the session, take time to reflect and make notes. Record ideas for your next steps, based on what you learned during your reading.


Anne's work has earned kudos from her clients.

See our testimonials page to learn how she's helped clients during their readings.

How To Sign Up For A Career Reading

Career readings last about 90 minutes and are priced at $450.

To set up a career reading with Anne, you need to:

  1. Complete the form below. Make sure to answer all required questions.
  2. Provide payment as soon as you send us your form. Appointments are booked only when you have sent in both your reading application and your payment.

After we receive your application and your payment, we'll get in touch with you about scheduling your career reading. Once your session is on Anne's calendar, you'll get confirmation by email.

Request A Career Reading

NOTE: Payment for your career reading is required at the time you request a session - before we book your appointment. Your investment is $450 for an approximately 90 minute session. You may send your payment via PayPal, using the PayPal button below:

Payment For Your Career Reading

Payment for your career reading is required at the time you request a session. Your investment is $450 for a session lasting about 90 minutes.

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