Follow The Sun Astrology Book

Follow The Sun: A Simple Way To Use Astrology For Living in Harmony offers a timeless, annual guide to using astrology for living in harmony with yourself, others, and nature. Starting with Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, Follow the Sun:

  • reviews each astrological sign,
  • shares simple yet powerful ideas for making the most of that sign’s energies and opportunities, and
  • shows how a public figure born under that Sun sign expressed its energies.
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How To Use Follow The Sun For Your Best Life

Follow The Sun astrology book

As the Sun enters a new sign each month, simply review the chapter of the Follow The Sun astrology book that covers that sign. During the month, reflect on how well you’re living up to the sign’s noblest qualities and any adjustments you might need to make. See how the public figure presented in that chapter approached life’s challenges and how your life could benefit from such an example.

You also can review your own Sun sign periodically to gain insights and inspiration. Reading about the Sun signs of others in your life can give you valuable guidance to help you interact with them peacefully and constructively.

Every chapter of Follow the Sun offers suggestions for balancing your life on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes. Besides giving you simple yet powerful tools to work more effectively with the energy of a particular Sun sign, these suggestions will help you align yourself with the seasons and nature’s cycles so you can bring yourself into balance.

Over time, as you follow the Sun’s journey through the zodiac each year, you will feel your life take on a more cyclical rhythm that will support your health and happiness on all levels.

Follow The Sun is available from the publisher at a special price - buy your copy now:

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Follow The Sun also is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Book Details

  • Perfect bound softcover
  • Full color, oversize art book
  • 8.5 by 11 inches
  • 112 pages
  • Different color theme in each chapter to harmonize with each astrological sign: just looking through the book will automatically harmonize you with the zodiac signs
  • Enhanced with 13 original paintings, 13 photos (including vintage black and white images), and colorful astrological charts and tables
  • Full color wrap cover featuring the original oil painting, Glorious Sunrise
  • List price: $39.95
  • Special publisher’s price: $36.95

Praise For Follow The Sun

"This is the book to read even if you don’t know anything about astrology. Be inspired, delighted, informed, and made curious!"
—Beate C. Minkovski, Executive Director, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago

"Anne Nordhaus-Bike conveys the essence of astrological belief by taking it one step further into the practicum of everyday life. Her analyses lay pathways for optimal living under one’s astrological sign and a unique interpretation of universal and spiritual truths demonstrated in the behaviors of well-known personalities."
—Lori Grove, Author, Chicago’s Maxwell Street

"The author makes astrology simple to understand, and even includes historical and popular figures to demonstrate the attributes of each sign of the zodiac. The artwork and photos are great, too. Not only worth a read, but worth referring back to as well."
—Goodreads review

"Great book, easy to read."
—Amazon review

"I loved this book. The beautiful photographs throughout enhanced my reading experience. I enjoyed reading about famous people that were born under my sign. The suggestions for living in harmony with yourself and the world made me re-evaluate my thinking. I would highly recommend this book."
—Amazon review

Where To Buy Follow The Sun

Follow the Sun is available from the publisher at a special discounted price of $36.95.

It also is available at:

Or you may order the book through your local bookstore.

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Get The Follow The Sun Astrology Book And Start Living In Harmony

The Follow The Sun astrology book gives you practical astrology in a colorful, inspiring book. Every page is printed in full color, and the book includes original watercolor art for every zodiac sign.

That unique combination of beauty and practicality makes it easy for you to enjoy living harmony. Just looking at the chapter for the sign the Sun currently occupies will help bring you into alignment, thanks to the different chapter colors. And reviewing the chapter's astrology will support your desire to be your best self and live the current Sun sign's best energies.

Follow The Sun is available from the publisher at a special price - buy your copy now:

Buy Follow The Sun

Follow The Sun also is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Let Follow The Sun touch your heart and speak to your soul. Relax, enjoy the astrology and the colors and textures, and you’ll find yourself "living in harmony," easily, naturally, and beautifully.

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