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Astrologer Anne is a popular speaker and guest on radio. Hear her in action in these podcasts featuring astrology, horoscopes, and calls from listeners.

Santa's On The Way - In May!

Mercury may be retrograde half the month, but glad tidings are coming. It could feel like Christmas and "peace on Earth" (at last!). Good news, game changing dates are up in the May horoscope podcast.

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April Moon Madness

April packs a big lunar punch. It's all about "love and money," truth AND consequences. This month really is "now or never" - and you can hear why in this 4-minute April astro podcast.

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Planets On The Move - March Astrology Podcast

Why March could predict how life will change here on planet Earth through 2043. Find out how one planet moving into a new sign could affect everything from electricity to air travel - hear this short, lively podcast for details.

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Genius, Heartfelt Love - February Astrology

It's February, and that brings our annual "Am I a genius or what?" opportunity. Get details, key dates, plus how to apply your new smarts to improving your love life, spirituality, and heart wisdom in this Aquarius-Pisces podcast.

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2023 Year Ahead Forecast

Will this be your year? The stars say it's a Year Of Action - and big opportunity! Find out what 2023 holds for you, why you need kick into gear at the end of January, what great things are coming later in 2023.

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Sparkle, Then Reflect - December Astrology Podcast

When December rolls around each year, you may feel super generous, optimistic, and ready to party and "go big." All that is thanks to Sagittarius, and the party winds down when we change signs on Winter Solstice. Find out more in this podcast.

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Why Passion's In Slow Motion: November Stars

November's stars bring a strange paradox of passion and power - plus major slowdowns. Find out why it feels like the brakes are on, why people from your past may surface, in this fun and lively podcast from Anne's latest visit to the Anna & Raven Show.

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Astrologer Anne Visits Chef Plum's Plum Luv Foods Podcast

Did you know: celebrity Chef Plum and his chef pals LOVE astrology! See why, as they welcome Astrologer Anne to their weekly Plum Luv Foods podcast. It's a "cosmically comical" good time - hear it now!

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Every Day Is A Good Day Podcast

Human beings are great at making life complicated (and hard!). But astrology shows us that every day can be a good day! Find out why in this upbeat, high energy podcast.

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What's The Spookiest Month: October Stars

Did you know: October is the calendar's spookiest month. Find out why and see why we actually WANT what's dark (and scary!) during this time of year in your October astrology podcast.

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Astrologer Anne On Anna & Raven Show: 2022 Forecast

Did you know the gravitational pull of the Moon can affect your mood? Get details on that - plus a breakdown of what the stars say will happen in 2022 - in this lively podcast from Anne's appearance on the Anna & Raven Show. (Includes specific dates things will lift and shift us into new opportunity.)

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Astrologer Anne On Daytime Chicago TV: Podcast

See Astrologer Anne's live TV appearance in this colorful, high energy podcast! Hear why 2022 starts slow, then brings big opportunity (love! money!) - plus a new path to a new destiny.

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Horoscope 2022 - Podcast

Get your personal overview of all the major astrology happenings in 2022 in this podcast horoscope. Essential viewing for the new year! (Includes full transcript!)

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Leo Horoscope Podcast

Did you know every zodiac sign needs to know about Leo? (Especially whenever the Sun moves through this fiery, fixed sign.) Find out why and get the latest astrology and horoscopes for ALL signs in this podcast.

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Great Aquarian Leap Podcast

Make your Great Aquarian Leap! Your destiny and the new Age Of Aquarius are here NOW. See why and get the back story on the new age's astrology, and history in this lively, fun podcast. Includes a special guided meditation to help you make the leap!

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