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Astrologer Anne is a popular speaker and guest on radio. Hear her in action in these podcasts featuring astrology, horoscopes, and calls from listeners.

Astrologer Anne On Daytime Chicago TV: Podcast

See Astrologer Anne's live TV appearance in this colorful, high energy podcast! Hear why 2022 starts slow, then brings big opportunity (love! money!) - plus a new path to a new destiny.

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Horoscope 2022 - Podcast

Get your personal overview of all the major astrology happenings in 2022 in this podcast horoscope. Essential viewing for the new year! (Includes full transcript!)

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Leo Horoscope Podcast

Did you know every zodiac sign needs to know about Leo? (Especially whenever the Sun moves through this fiery, fixed sign.) Find out why and get the latest astrology and horoscopes for ALL signs in this podcast.

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Great Aquarian Leap Podcast

Make your Great Aquarian Leap! Your destiny and the new Age Of Aquarius are here NOW. See why and get the back story on the new age's astrology, and history in this lively, fun podcast. Includes a special guided meditation to help you make the leap!

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Houses In Astrology Podcast

All about "houses astro"! The 12 houses of astrology are one of the building blocks of ancient wisdom, chart interpretation. Get the inside track on the houses: what are astrology houses, the 12 houses meaning in astrology, and signs in houses in this podcast. Includes "how to" for creating a simple chart - and a closing meditation!

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March Astrology Podcast

March is the key to every year: it starts with the Sun in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac - and the end of the astrological year. At the March equinox, we zoom in Aries - the start of a new year. The two signs couldn't be more different. Get details for managing the shift plus a guided meditation in this lively, fun podcast.

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Free Astrology Course

Learn astrology in 54 minutes! Check out this free online astrology course from Anne's guest appearance on Vibe Selection podcast with Kyra Mahoney. Great for beginners: learn at your own pace, from a professional astrologer, with this podcast. Filled with useful facts and lore you'll want to know!

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Learn Astrology In 24 Minutes

Here's a super simple "intro to astrology" course. In 24 minutes, learn astrology details on everything from your Sun sign to Moon and rising signs to Mercury retrograde. Check out this video podcast from my guest appearance with psychic medium and motivational speaker Elias Patras on Facebook Live. It's a fun filled, high energy experience that teaches you astrology - and leaves you smiling and uplifted!

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Mercury Retrograde Podcast

Get the skinny on Mercury retrograde from Anne's visit with radio hosts Anna & Raven! Here's your best "short and sweet" podcast on Mercury retrograde: what it is, which signs feel it most, how to handle it well.

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Super Fun Podcast (With Readings)

Need a shot of good news, good vibes? Check out my latest podcast from a visit with the raucous, irreverent crew of hosts at the Undebatable Podcast. You'll get insider details for 2021 plus targeted zodiac sign guidance you can use right now.

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Astrology Forecast Podcast - 2021 IS Better

The first weeks of January 2021 may have been tough, but the astrology shows this new year truly IS better than 2020. In fact, we're already seeing and feeling lighter times. Get details in Anne's latest podcast from her visit with Vibe Selection host Kyra Mahoney.

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Horoscopes 2021 Astro Podcast

Get the best podcast for a "short and sweet" take on the 2021 horoscope forecast. Hear Astrologer Anne as she joins radio hosts Anna & Raven with GREAT news for the new year.

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Horoscopes 2021 Podcast

My prediction for 2021: the new year will feel so different from 2020 - and bring amazing opportunities. See why, get inspired, with the best podcast for 2021 horoscopes. You'll LOVE this high energy, joyful podcast from my visit to WGN Radio with host Phil Manicki!

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Star Signs Podcast - 2021 Forecast Sneak Preview

Good news for every star sign: lighter astrology, better times are coming! Get your 2021 sneak preview in the latest Astrologer Anne podcast from her visit with Vibe Selection host Kyra Mahoney. Includes free astro mini course!

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Halloween Blue Moon Podcast

Halloween 2020's blue Moon will up the ante on this already high stakes year with its mix of a full Moon, spooky Halloween vibes, and "wild card" planet Uranus. Get all details plus tips in my latest podcast from today's appearance on the Anna & Raven Show.

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