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Astrology For All Zodiac Signs: Why Leo Affects Everyone

Astrologer Anne with WGN Radio host Phil Manicki. The podcast from their lively conversation about Leo (and how it affects ALL zodiac signs) is now up! The show includes calls with listeners of all zodiac signs - check it out for the latest astrology.

The Leo horoscope podcast from my latest visit to WGN Radio is up!

Host Phil Manicki gave me a warm welcome back, and we had a great time talking all things Leo - including why everyone, of every zodiac sign, needs to know about the Lion time of year and how Leo energies affect us.

Why Leo Affects Everyone

We began by chatting about Leo - Phil's zodiac sign!

Whenever the Sun moves through this dramatic sign, energy rises, heat (both emotional and physical) can zoom sky high, and we feel pushed to reckon with feelings. When we do that, Leo can help us reset life to be more in line with our heart's desire.

Remember that Leo energy is not important just to Leos. It affects all of us because we all have Leo somewhere in our birth charts.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the mighty center of our solar system. So it commands our attention and literally wants us to focus on the center, the "heart of the matter."

This year in particular, Leo energy is super high energy because of many other planetary factors adding pressure for every Lion - and for all the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Besides the Sun and other planets in Leo, we have Uranus in Taurus and Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius pushing all our fixed sign buttons.

Astrology For All Zodiac Signs: Calls From Listeners

For most of the show, we took calls from listeners.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in and all those who called the station! We loved hearing from you. It was an honor to share astrology while talking with everyone who came on the show live to share a bit of themselves as they asked about topics that matter most right now.

As you might imagine, we had multiple calls from Leos.

We also had calls from just about every other zodiac sign.

So do check out the podcast, as you're sure to discover astrology insights you can apply in your life right now.

Hear The Leo Horoscope Podcast Now

WGN has posted the podcast on its website at https://wgnradio.com/pinch-hitters/astrologer-anne-provides-advice-on-love-family-and-more/ 

Check it out now because August is filled with twists and turns as we head toward the new Moon in Leo August 8 and the second full Moon in Aquarius on August 22.

Also, bookmark this page to help you through this month. It's a lively, optimistic podcast that can give you a lift any time you need some good cheer.

Enjoy The Podcast

Happy Leo time! Enjoy this podcast and have a wonderful Lion inspired experience, no matter what your zodiac sign is!

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