Astrology Forecast Podcast - 2021 IS Better

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Although the first part of January may not have felt like it, 2021 truly is a "better" year than 2020, especially as of the third week of January. Find out why and get the full forecast for the entire year in this Vibe Selection podcast.

The astrology 2021 forecast: better days are not only coming, they're here.

You can find out why - and when you'll start to really feel this "better" vibration - in the podcast from my latest visit with Vibe Selection Podcast host Kyra Mahoney.

Look On The Bright Side In 2021

2021 has so much positive potential. The key to tapping into that is learning to look on the bright side. See these articles and podcasts to lift your spirits and get in the "good times" groove so YOU can be part of the more joyful era we're entering now.
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Why Early January Felt So Tough

Kyra recorded her conversation with me in mid-January, before the U.S. presidential inauguration. At that point, conditions (especially in the U.S.) may have felt highly challenging, and the month up to then felt so tough.

We began our conversation by focusing on the astrology in play the first half of the month and why actions on January 6 played out as they did.

As dark as life may have felt, both in the U.S. and around the world, better conditions already were taking shape.

Why "Better" Is Already Here

We looked at why better conditions already are here.

The podcast includes my astro analysis of positive conditions in the second half of January, especially after the Sun's move into Aquarius. It also covers astrology for the top four governmental leaders in the U.S., showing how they're equipped to help the nation overcome current major (and multiple) challenges.

Kyra asked me about many topics needing resolution, from the virus and vaccines to economic issues and the financial crisis.

The astrology indicates that, even though there's work to do, our experiences of the past year have provided clarity about what's needed for resolution as well as determination to move into a new era.

Outlook And Opportunities For 2021

The rest of the podcast focuses on the outlook for 2021.

We covered the year in detail, season by season, to provide details on all the many opportunities available from 2021 astrology.

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2 comments on “Astrology Forecast Podcast - 2021 IS Better”

  1. Thanks Anne,

    It is always very illuminating to hear your insights now that I am beginning to understand astrology more. It is so uncanny that the planets and everything around us leave us so many clues. It is like our teachings say: signs are always around winking at us.

    1. Thank you, Macrina! So wonderful how astrology has made its way into your thinking and become part of your perspective. Yes, all the clues! I love that: "signs are always around winking at us." Thanks for visiting and for making time to comment - I so appreciate it!

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