Horoscopes 2021 Podcast

Astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike at WGN Radio studio in Chicago with host Phil Manicki
Astrologer Anne with WGN Radio host Phil Manicki for special New Year's Day 2021 horoscopes show. (Photo courtesy Ben Anderson)

What a great time we had on New Year's Day 2021!

WGN Radio host Phil Manicki and producer Ben Anderson gave me the warmest welcome a guest could have. Together, we rang in 2021 with a special 2021 horoscopes show, all about the great opportunities coming for everyone in this hopeful (highly different from 2020!) year.

So many wonderful listeners were with us to cheer on the new year and share their personal stories along with exciting hopes, dreams, and wishes for 2021.

Now, you can jumpstart YOUR new year by enjoying the Horoscopes 2021 Podcast from the show.

Horoscopes Cover Every BIG Topic

We were able to talk with so many listeners, which means the horoscopes in this special podcast cover every BIG topic you care about most.

Love and relationships, money and career, plus children and family. Also, finances, retirement, relocation, real estate, and wellness. In addition: how to leave a mark on the world, no matter what your age.

So exciting! And an honor to share in listeners' lives and most heartfelt concerns.

Easy Ways To Use Astrology: Make YOUR Life Match Your Dreams!

During the show, Phil asked me so many good questions about astrology. Especially easy ways to use astrology to make your life match your dreams.

We talked about the top 8 things you need to start your journey into using astrology to make your life better. (HINT: you'll find all 8 steps on my home page!)

Hear The 2021 Horoscopes Podcast Now

You can enjoy the entire program now.

Also, bookmark this page so you can listen to it at any time during 2021 - or any time you just want an emotional lift or energy recharging. This is an upbeat, high energy show, filled with the most positive opportunities 2021 has to offer.

WGN has posted the podcast on its website at https://wgnradio.com/pinch-hitters/astrologer-anne-gives-listener-readings-for-2021/

Enjoy The Podcast

A brand new year deserves all the joy we can pour into it. And that's JUST what you'll get in this fun, high energy podcast.

Enjoy the podcast!

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2 comments on “Horoscopes 2021 Podcast”

  1. What a lot of fun to listen to real callers asking about the New Year! Very enlightening!

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