Super Fun Podcast (With Readings)

Astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike with Undebatable Podcast hosts Bradford, Curtis, Raylene, and Steve for "super fun" podcast (with readings)
Press the reset button on 2021 and get into the good feeling vibes we've been waiting for! Join Astrologer Anne as she visits the Undebatable Podcast to share some super fun astrology 2021 (and do a few readings).

Ready for a 2021 reset?

Need some upbeat energy and good news?

We've got you covered: check out my latest "super fun" podcast, recorded during a recent visit with the hosts at the Undebatable Podcast.

Find Out More About 2021

2021 will be quite different from 2020. Change is in the air - and in the stars. Check out these additional podcasts for details! 
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What's Undebatable?

Self-described as "the raucously epic podcast that tackles everything from politics and hot button issues to current events, and isn’t afraid to meet the tough topics head on," the Undebatable Podcast is the brainchild of hosts (and friends) Raylene, Curtis, Steve, and Bradford.

Each episode features a special guest to offer unique insight, and I was so pleased to be invited to share my take on astrology.

What's undebatable is the super big fun we had chatting during my visit, and I'm thrilled to say you can join in the fun by hearing the podcast.

Astro History, Hot Questions, Readings

The hosts asked me about everything from the start of astrology to which sign is the BEST sign. (You'll have to tune in to see how I answered that!)

We also talked Mercury retrograde, the "13th sign" hoax, and the big strengths in "awkward" relationships.

Also, thanks to listeners who signed up in advance, we had a chance to talk to several people who had questions about their astrology and how to make the stars work for them.

Throughout, we enjoyed plenty of laughs, stories, and other fun.

Use This Player To Listen Now!

Tune in to get in sync with all the good vibes. (They're part of our next phase in 2021 - time for us all to lighten up and have more fun!)

The show opens with the hosts' weekly high energy talk on "hot topics." About halfway through, they brought me on to talk astrology.

Use this player below to hear the full podcast - just click the white circle at lower right to start the podcast:

Use the handy player above to hear the podcast now. Click the white circle at lower right to begin play. NOTE: The astro part begins halfway through, when the counter at right reads 27:43.

More Podcast Formats Available

If you want to download the podcast or hear it in other formats, you can do that on the Undebatable website page for this podcast episode.

The Undebatable Podcast is available in more than a dozen formats, from Apple podcasts and Spotify to Google podcasts and Amazon music to Pandora and many more (including RSS feed).

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