Star Signs Podcast - 2021 Forecast Sneak Preview

Astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike with "dream big" sign for Vibe Selection podcast giving 2021 astrology sneak preview
Get a sneak preview of 2021 astrology for all star signs in my latest podcast. As an extra bonus, you'll find a richly detailed astrology mini course that teaches you astro basics in less than an hour.

It's nearly 2021, and I have good news.

Every star sign can look forward to lighter energies in 2021.

Find out why and get a sneak preview 2021 forecast in my latest podcast.

Star Signs Podcast - Vibe Selection

I'm excited to announce that host Kyra Mahoney recently invited me to appear on her Vibe Selection podcast.

We had a great conversation about all the star signs and current astrology, and she's just posted the episode so you can get every bit of inside information we discussed.

Kyra created her Vibe Selection Podcast to discuss the latest hot topics of today. Each week, she welcomes a new guest, and I was honored that she chose me as her guest for this week's episode, Ascension Into Astrology.

Sneak Preview: 2021 Forecast

The podcast runs one hour and 12 minutes, and it's chock full of star sign wisdom, astrology history and secrets, and a special sneak preview for 2021 astrology.

You can find the 2021 forecast at 54:22. (And be sure to listen to all the rest of the podcast from the very beginning because it's filled with astro lore you won't find anywhere else.)

So if you're wondering why 2020 has felt so challenging, this is the podcast for you. During the sneak preview portion of the episode, I talk about the astrology that made 2020 so difficult for each star sign. I also share why things are starting to look up and how soon they'll start feeling better (very soon!).

Free Astrology Mini Course

In addition, the first part of the podcast gives you a powerful, detailed mini course in astrology.

In less than one hour, you'll learn the basics of astrology in this free podcast. Also, you'll know enough to start using astrology and star signs right away to improve your career, love life and compatibility, business relationships, and spiritual life.

As part of the mini course, you'll get a behind the scenes look at how I got my start in astrology.

Hear The Podcast Now

Click the play button (the white circle at lower right) in the podcast player above to enjoy this "astrology basics" podcast.

More Podcast Formats Available

Vibe Selection offers other formats for listening and download, including Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google podcasts, and many others.

Visit the podcast episode page on Kyra's Vibe Selection Podcast channel to see options:

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4 comments on “Star Signs Podcast - 2021 Forecast Sneak Preview”

  1. After a year like 2020, we're all looking forward to good news about 2021, and Astrologer Anne's podcast provides this. Thanks to Astrologer Anne, we can welcome 2021 and hope for good things to come!

  2. Me apne husband se apna zamin wapas chahatihu, uske liye kab thik samay hoga!!

    (Translation: "I want my land back from my husband, when will be the right time for that !!")

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