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Poster for December astrology podcast on WGN Radio

Host Frank Fontana welcomed Anne back to his top-rated WGN Radio program yesterday. Together, they provided another hugely popular edition of "Designing With The Stars," featuring planetary updates, calls from listeners, and ideas for handling holiday stress.

December Astrology Podcast Has Holiday Help

"It's the time of year when the holiday bliss happens as well as the holiday blues," Fontana said. "And some of those things can be avoided if you understand your sign. People this time of year have a lot of questions about why things are stuck and why isn't my job moving forward? Or why isn't my relationship moving to the next level? So we do our best to help with these kinds of questions."

"We talk about the inner self, the decor of the inner person," Anne explained. "So we talk about what the planets are doing and how that can help you make your life great. And it's not just what I call 'flinch astrology,' where people are worried about 'Oh, my goodness, what's happening? Is something bad?' Maybe something challenging is coming, but flip it around: what can you make of that?"

For the rest of the show, Anne and Frank took calls from listeners asking about everything from financial concerns and careers to health and relationships. Along the way, Anne shared information about December astrology, including the Solstice, Uranus's upcoming station direct after months of being retrograde, and the slowdown coming because of next month's Mercury retrograde.

Hear The Podcast Now

Enjoy the December astrology podcast, now available on the WGN Radio website, http://wgnradio.com/2015/12/14/frank-fontana-12-13-15-marie-paro-dr-bradley-nelson-and-anne-nordhaus-bike/

  • Check out the astrology intro from 1:46 - 3:09
  • Hear the full astrology segment, starting at 40:07

Happy listening!

Holiday Time, Winter Solstice

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