Winter Solstice Astrology - How To Relieve Holiday Stress

Winter Solstice astrology podcast with Anne Nordhaus-Bike on WGN Radio

Anne returned to the Frank Fontana Show on WGN Radio yesterday—the exact day of the Solstice—to talk about what the Solstice is, how it affects us all, and how to relieve stress at this often challenging time of year.

Throughout the program, she and host Frank Fontana discussed winter solstice astrology. They also took many calls from listeners and shared several simple ideas for overcoming holiday stress and creating peace in your life and your home.

What Is The Solstice?

"The December Solstice is the shortest day of the year for those of us in the northern hemisphere, and it's the first day of winter," Anne said during the show. "And for our friends in the southern hemisphere who are tuning in online today, this is their longest day of the year, and it's the first day of summer."

The winter Solstice also is an astrology event. "In astrology, it means the day that the Sun leaves Sagittarius and goes into Capricorn. Every year when that happens, that is the day of the Solstice—always."

Why This Time Of Year Is Stressful

Fontana noted how stressful this energy can be for everyone at this time of year and then asked, "So what should we be feeling, or what are we feeling that we don't even know that we're impacted by?"

"Winter Solstice astrology certainly can be challenging," Anne said. "We're going from this really happy, fiery, sparkly Sagittarius energy—that's the one that gets us out there shopping, spending too much, maybe eating a little too much—into this practical earth sign, Capricorn. Capricorn says, 'Oh, you have to pay for all your excesses. And you have to get really serious and be a grownup.' And it can be a little sad sometimes because it's an introspective sign that needs some solitude."

Callers Jammed the Lines Once Again

Listeners began calling in even before Anne came on the air, jamming the phone lines once again. Frank and Anne spoke with as many callers as time allowed, helping listeners with everything from job questions to relationship issues to loss of friends and loved ones. Although astrology energies have been tough in recent years, the good news is that they're about to change for the better, and Anne explained when and how they'll improve.

Hear The Podcast Now

Get all the details on Winter Solstice astrology, how to handle holiday stress, and what the planets have in store for us all with the show podcast, now available on the WGN Radio website,

Happy listening! And happy Solstice and happy Capricorn time to all!

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