Astrology Podcast - Mercury Retrograde Says Slow Down

Astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike talking about Mercury retrograde on WGN Radio podcast

Callers started phoning in to WGN Radio AM 720 on May 31 more than 30 minutes before Anne came on the air on Frank Fontana's "Design Dude" program.

"Anne is our resident astrologer," Fontana said. "Our lines fill up really quick [whenever she is on] because we get so many calls coming in. Anne is kind of like Roto-Rooter, in a spiritual sense. If you want to get the stars read to see what's been clogging you, and you need some unplugging, she can get you on a path to clarity."

Slow Down For Summer

During the show, Frank and Anne focused on current astrology, especially the upcoming Mercury retrograde, which starts June 7 and lasts until July 1.

"Mercury is the little planet closest to the Sun, and three times a year it goes retrograde, when it looks like it's moving backwards," Anne explained. "When that happens, things slow down, we might not feel like we're thinking too clearly. So with this next Mercury retrograde, it's a great time to slow down and get ready to enjoy summer."

Anne and Frank also took calls from many listeners representing numerous zodiac signs. Besides discussing the Mercury retrograde period, they fielded questions touching on everything from health and home to work and relationships. Along the way, Anne highlighted the planet Jupiter, which will change signs in July and bring many changes for everyone.

Hear The Podcast Now On WGN

WGN recorded the show and has posted it as a podcast on both the WGN Radio website.

Listen on the WGN Radio website:

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