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Anne's Saturday, Dec. 7, appearance on "The Design Dude," Frank Fontana's WGN Radio show, attracted numerous callers looking for holiday decorating ideas as well as astrology help for coping with seasonal challenges and stress.

WGN Radio recorded the show, which has just been posted. You can hear it on the WGN Radio website now.

Helping callers: design ideas + coping with holiday stress

The show, "More Designing With the Stars: Astrology and Holiday Decorating," attracted even more callers than in the week prior. As Fontana acknowledged during the show, the December holiday season can be challenging for many, so he made the decision to expand the December 7 program beyond holiday decorating to include a much bigger definition of home and offer astrology help to callers in need of some good cheer.

"This show is not just about home improvement," Fontana explained. "It's about everything 'home.' It's about the lives and families that exist inside the homes and what's happening for them."

"Last week, we had a tremendous show," he added. "When we opened up the phone lines to talk with our astrologer about designing with the stars, an interesting thing occurred. People wanted to hear a little bit about designing for the holidays using the right colors and style for their astrological sign, but then people just started asking general questions about their lives. And it made me think, maybe there's more going on here. So today, by popular demand, we are bringing Anne Nordhaus-Bike back. She's going to help soothe some souls out there."

Some callers shared stories of loss, while others told of major changes that may be bringing stress but have potential for new happiness. The show also brought out some humor and plenty of good news, including new opportunities for one caller ready to begin looking for new love.

Hear the show on WGN's website

WGN Radio recorded the program and has posted it on the station's website. Hear the entire program at To hear the astrological segment go to

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