Astrologer Anne On Daytime Chicago TV: Podcast

Hear Anne's forecast for 2022 from her visit with Tonya and Ji on WGN TV's Daytime Chicago show. Click the video above now to see the podcast.

It was so much fun being on WGN TV's Daytime Chicago show recently.

I'm excited to announce that the podcast from the program is now up!

Why Love, Relationships, And Money Are Big In 2022

Daytime Chicago co-host Tonya Francisco and guest co-host Ji Suk Yi (filling in for Amy Rutledge) gave me a warm welcome.

After two tough years worldwide, what they most wanted to know: what's in store for all of us in this coming year?

We talked about why love, relationships, and money are such big themes in 2022. (It has a lot to do with the planet Venus - plus the "point of destiny" changing zodiac signs. See your 2022 horoscope for more details.)

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As I mentioned during the program, the first several weeks of this year are a chance to loop back to the past and reconnect with the people who love and support us. That's what will help us make the most of all the great opportunities coming our way throughout 2022.

Full Moon Craziness: It's Not Your Imagination

We also talked about why full Moons can be crazy - and why it's not your imagination that they're so intense.

Just like the planet Earth, where tides and other watery items feel the effect of a full Moon, human bodies, which are mostly made of water, feel the Moon's pull. Especially when the Moon is getting close to being full.

Aries And Taurus In For Changes - Along With All Signs

At the end, I did readings for both Tonya and Ji.

Heads up for Aries people: money will be a major theme in 2022. (And people are key to your success and happiness.)

Taurus people: you'll be at the forefront of destiny, starting about halfway through January. An exciting time of change and big opportunity is headed your way. (Check out the podcast for key dates in this next year.)

Enjoy The Podcast

Enjoy the podcast! Use the player at the top of this post to watch, and have fun making YOUR 2022 your best year ever.

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