Venus Retrogrades Dates Through 2050

Venus statue with text - Venus retrograde dates through 2050

Knowing the Venus retrograde dates will help you plan ahead for important actions and decisions. Read on to learn more and get the Venus retrograde dates through 2050.

Venus Retrograde Affects Love, Money

Although Venus doesn't go retrograde as often as Mercury, we feel her retrograde periods keenly.

That's because, unlike Mercury retrograde, a Venus retrograde lasts six weeks - twice as long as Mercury retrograde. Also, Venus oversees some of the most important parts of life, including two of the big ones: love and money.

When Venus goes retrograde, her gifts seem to decrease or disappear, creating slowdowns and snags in finding love, moving relationships (both business and personal) forward, getting funding, or increasing income.

Venus - Influence On Love, All Relationships

Often called the "love planet," Venus gives us the ability to love and to form relationships by making us sociable and hospitable.

Libra, one of the two signs Venus rules, is famous for its role in partnerships and marriage. Venus goes beyond those two major types of bonds, however, influencing all relationships and helping us make them work well.

All of us (regardless of zodiac sign) have Venus somewhere in our charts, giving us some of this planet's love magic and promoting a sincere interest in others and their well being.

With Venus in your corner, you're more apt to appear magnetic - and beautiful - to other people. With these allurements, you can attract others to you (a handy gift when you're at a social or business event).

When Venus goes retrograde, though, your charms may not work as they usually do, or others may not be available to socialize. It's best not to start new relationships during a Venus retrograde, especially as existing ones will need more attention during this time.

Venus - Influence On Money, Especially Personal Income

Venus can have a signficant influence on money.

As the ruler of Taurus, Venus has influence on all things Taurean, such as money, possessions, and earning an income.

Through this Taurus connection, Venus also affects value: both what we find valuable from a financial standpoint and our values in life. Venus can give us a good eye for quality, especially in luxury items such as jewelry and fine art, and a desire to build financial security through a job that pays well.

If this focus on the material side of life goes too far, it's time to look at our values. Venus can help us remember the importance of love, especially relationships with other people. This call extends to the inner self, and Venus's preoccupation with beauty can guide us to make the inner self spiritually beautiful, just as we might adorn our bodies with fashionable clothes and a stylish haircut.

A Venus retrograde is the perfect opportunity to look at the "money + love" equation and rebalance as necessary. With socializing decreased and many relationships on hold, use the retrograde to go through possessions and sell or donate those you no longer need or that don't fit your evolving personality.

Venus Retrograde Dates Through 2050

Here are the Venus retrograde dates through 2050, including the zodiac signs where they occur. Use this chart to mark your calendar so you're prepared for the slowdowns and reviews every Venus retrograde brings.

2020GeminiMay 13 - June 25
2021-2022CapricornDecember 19 - January 29, 2022
2023LeoJuly 22 - September 3
2025Aries and PiscesMarch 1 - April 12
2026Scorpio and LibraOctober 3 - November 13
2028GeminiMay 10 - June 22
2029-2030CapricornDecember 16 - January 26, 2030
2031LeoJuly 20 - September 1
2033Aries and PiscesFebruary 27 - April 10
2034Scorpio and LibraSeptember 30 - November 11
2036GeminiMay 8 - June 20
2037-2038CapricornDecember 14 - January 24, 2038
2039LeoJuly 18 - August 30
2041Aries and PiscesFebruary 25 - April 8
2042Scorpio and LibraSeptember 28 - November 8
2044*Gemini and TaurusMay 6 - June 18
2045-2046CapricornDecember 11 - January 21, 2046
2047LeoJuly 15 - August 27
2049Aries and PiscesFebruary 22 - April 5
2050Scorpio and LibraSeptember 25 - November 6

* NOTE that, in 2044, the Venus retrogrades in Gemini start to slip backwards in the sky, with Venus spending the first part of her retrograde in Gemini and the last part of it in Taurus.

How To Profit During Venus Retrograde

Whenever Venus is retrograde, remember the saying about "women are from Venus." This planet's retrogrades especially affect women and relationships with them.

In business, it's best to avoid launching a service, product, or company targeted toward women during this time. Wait until Venus is moving forward again because you'll want her at her best to support future success.

Also, avoid starting new relationships (especially romantic ones). Instead, focus on renewing and reviewing existing relationships or reconnecting with people from the past.

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With these resources, you'll have the tools to move more smoothly over (or around!) any bumps during every Venus retrograde.

Wishing you the best in all your relationships and in living up to your finest values.

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