Venus In Gemini - Mental Hugs

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The Gemini sign is curious and talkative, so when Venus is in Gemini, these two get along famously.

Into Gemini From Earthy Taurus

Whenever Venus visits Gemini, first she leaves earthy Taurus. Although she's happy in Taurus (because Venus rules this sign), going into Gemini also feels happy - and lighter.

That's good news for all of us because Venus, the beautiful planet named for the ancient goddess of love, helps us out in all relationships when she's touring Gemini.

Venus In Gemini - Lightness

Venus in Gemini brings a welcome lift and lightness, a sense of the tide turning.

This planetary position gives us an opportunity to operate in ways that are harmonious (Venus) as well as smart (Gemini).

Venus Contrast - Gemini Vs. Taurus

This energy differs dramatically from the weeks when Venus moves through Taurus, so we really feel the difference.

Taurus is earthy, grounded, and practical, while Gemini is mental, airy, and curious. Venus's influence in Taurus brings the urge to enjoy nature, fine food, and plenty of physical contact. Hugs and other physical affection are a hallmark for Taurus, which prefers tangible expressions of love over words.

In Gemini, though, Venus's love takes on a lighter touch. Venus in Gemini brings an urge to speak "sweet nothings," to make small talk, and to speak kindly.

Venus In Gemini - Loving Words, Socializing

For example, if you have experienced any misunderstandings or difficulties in relationships, Venus in Gemini time is a good time repair any damage with loving words.

This period also offers wonderful opportunities to get out and  socialize with new people, use charm in constructive ways to create stronger relationships, and enjoy the pleasures of having a human mind that can explore new ideas.

Venus tends to sweeten and soften everything she touches, so her time in Gemini can take the form of soft, sweet words or sincere and loving compliments to others. It also might be expressed by visiting (Gemini) an art museum (Venus), chatting (Gemini) with friends about music or other arts (Venus), or creating something beautiful (Venus) and handmade (Gemini).

Venus In Gemini - Mental Hugs

Although this time brings ample opportunities for interacting directly with others, one of the most powerful ways to express Venus in Gemini comes on the inner plane, via our thoughts and visualizations. Just as Venus in Taurus gives us inspiration for bestowing physical  hugs, Venus in Gemini can help us give "mental hugs."

At the simplest level, a mental hug can be thinking well of others and imagining them happy and healthy.

It also can take the form seeing the best in others, silently expressing gratitude when observing them being kind to one another, or saying "thank you" for all the good that comes our way. In situations where it may be inappropriate or impossible to speak directly to someone, simply extending a kind thought or a smile can work wonders.

What 'Mental Hugs' Can You Give?

What have you longed to say to others?

What kindness can you bestow with your mind?

Now is the time to act: let Venus soften your heart, and let Gemini help you find the words.

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As you learn more about Venus, you'll welcome more pleasure, fun, and love into your life. Enjoy the journey!

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