Venus Retrograde In Gemini 2020

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Venus retrograde in Gemini is one of the signature events of 2020.

During 2020, Venus is retrograde in the zodiac sign Gemini from May 13 through June 25.

Why You Need To Know About Venus Retrograde

You need to know about Venus retrograde because it's just as critical to our lives as the more well known Mercury retrograde.

Venus oversees some of life's most important elements, including love, beauty, and relationships. It also influences money, especially earning power, financial security, and valuables such as possessions and luxury goods.

When Venus goes retrograde, all these areas tend to experience slowdowns or even challenges.

If you know about Venus retrograde, you'll be prepared for these slowdowns. You'll also have the information you need to turn them into opportunities. (And to help others around you who may struggle with the "where is the love?" feeling we can experience during Venus retrograde.)

Venus Retrograde 2020 - In Gemini

This year, Venus will retrograde through the zodiac sign Gemini.

That makes this year's edition even more like a Mercury retrograde because Mercury rules Gemini. So you may feel like this is a double dip of Mercury retrograde, especially because a Venus retrograde lasts twice as long as Mercury's backward swings through the zodiac.

The effects will last even beyond the end of the Venus retrograde because it will take Venus some time to get back up to speed and move out of Gemini.

In fact, when Venus goes retrograde, she spends four months (instead of three to four weeks) in a given sign. That means she'll be emphasizing her agenda in Gemini for all of us for quite a while during 2020: Venus entered Gemini on April 3, goes retrograde in Gemini May 13 through June 25, and then remains in Gemini through August 7.

Handling Retrogrades Gracefully

As the planet of love and beauty, Venus glides through life and sweetens all that she touches.

When she's retrograde, it's as if she's gone on a retreat, with her gifts temporarily withheld from us. That can make it a challenge to attract love and money into our lives, and it can extend to feeling less attractive or unsociable.

As a gracious, charming planet, Venus expects us to experience her absence gracefully by accepting that she needs a rest - and we need to review how we use her gifts.

This is the perfect time to make sure we're operating with integrity in all relationships and everything having to do with money. It's also a signal to stop using Venus powers (charm, attraction, love) in manipulative or underhanded ways and devote these gifts toward constructive goals and sincere relationships.

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Because this year's edition of Venus retrograde is so significant, and so much like Mercury retrograde, I've written several new posts about this topic. Also, I've collected all related articles in the list below so you can find out more about Venus (including her retrograde periods), Venus in Gemini, and the 2020 Venus retrograde edition.

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With these resources, you can prepare yourself for six weeks of overhauling love and money.

By the end, you'll be glad you made improvements, and you'll be ready for action - and plenty of pleasure - when Venus gets back to full power.

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