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Last Updated On : 14-Jan-2022

Predictions For 2022

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Welcome to 2022!

We have so much potential this year and plenty of support to reinvent our lives so they line up better with our soul longings and highest good.

Check out your 2022 horoscope predictions now. (And if you know your rising sign - also called your ascendant - read the horoscope for that zodiac sign, too!)

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Love, Money - And Destiny

What and whom do you love?

How do you make money?

How do you feel about both these parts of life?

These are the big questions coming up for everyone in 2022.

It's time to get our values aligned with our inner selves. That job has become so urgent that it's going to feel like a karmic assignment, leading you toward your true destiny.

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All relationships will come under a microscope, in all areas of life. From lovers and close family to neighbors and people you meet going about your daily routine to all the many people who help you at work and at home, you'll have an opportunity to step back and see whether these ties are fair, loving, and balanced.

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Getting the love equation right will help all of us get better at attracting the abundance we need. Time to get happier in both love AND work.

Like last year, 2022 offers chances to go deep. That means checking in on your relationship with your inner self, your very soul. This time, it's going to feel like a cosmic mandate, and we must get it right.

Lighten Your Load

Destiny is leading us forward.

It's time to drop heavy, unnecessary baggage (outworn relationships, stuff you don't need, emotional weight such as grudges and resentment). Along the way, we can find the love that's always there to light our way.

Getting To "Ahhhh!"

Take this wonderful change, direct your free will toward the life beckoning you on from deep within, and step into what's possible when you're lovingly aligned on every plane of existence: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.


Fabulous! Let's go to it!

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