Aquarius Horoscope 2022

Starry aquamarine sky for Aquarius 2022 horoscope - love, money, and destiny

Aquarius! Happy new year and welcome to 2022!

As you continue your starring role in the Age Of Aquarius, stroll back through the last year to enrich your point of view. See your 2021 horoscope for a quick check on where you stand, now that you have another calendar year under your belt.

Good job, Aquarius, on all the changes and progress you’ve made.

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Your zodiac sign has a unique experience at the start of every calendar year because early January means the Sun is in Capricorn, in your super private, “I need to be alone and meditate” twelfth house. So while everyone else generally feels prodded to get to work right after New Year’s, you may have a slow start until the Sun shifts into Aquarius and lights up your first house of vibrancy, personal projects most important to you, and how you present yourself to the world.

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Well, this year, everyone will feel slowed down at first, so your years of experience in navigating this outwardly sluggish and inwardly reflective energy can provide the wisdom and perspective we all need. Here’s what’s happening as 2022 begins:

  • Venus danced into Capricorn November 5, slowed down steadily, went retrograde December 19 and remains in backward motion until January 29. While Venus retrograde ends at that time, this planet won’t get back up to full speed until early March.
  • Meanwhile Mercury, the communication planet, will go retrograde January 14 through February 3. This Mercury retrograde begins in your first house, further slowing personal initiative, and wraps up in Capricorn, further emphasizing your need to turn inward and have time to yourself.

Other factors also will contribute to your need to take your time and focus within. Besides the Sun and Venus in Capricorn at the start of 2022, you’ve had Pluto in this same house since 2008. Your twelfth house is where you rest, recuperate, dream, and meditate. It’s also where you may get away or isolate to heal (including mentally or emotionally, with help from a therapist).

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Pluto’s powerful presence insists that you do the work you must to get your inner world cleaned up and aligned; Venus’s retrograde there will help you do so with greater love and grace.

Your twelfth house also represents privacy, where you work on ideas or projects on your own. With so much energy in this area, work behind the scenes on a career or other initiative that interests you or hold confidential talks with backers or mentors as needed.

You’re well equipped to handle a new level of ambition for your creations, Aquarius. Besides Mercury’s retrograde in Aquarius, you’re now hosting Saturn in the same sign. This stern planet puts the brakes on life to make you proceed soberly, steadily, and with caution - without skipping any steps. You may appear more serious to others, and you’ll wear your new maturity well once you finish Saturn’s tasks in early 2023.

All this methodical effort will prepare you for a new direction beginning January 18. On that day:

  • Uranus, your ruling planet and the overseer of our future and the new Age Of Aquarius, will end several months of retrograde motion in Taurus, your fourth house of home, family, genetic inheritance, and life (and soul) foundations.
  • The North Node, a point in space associated with the Moon’s orbit in relation to the Sun that indicates our collective future and triggers karma and destiny, will slide backward out of Gemini and into Taurus, upping the call for you to attend to all things Taurus and fourth house.

You may sense a shift toward your future path on this day, but with all the retrograde and introspective energies at the start of this year, keep meditating and journaling but wait to act until at least February 5 - and possibly early March, depending on the magnitude of what you’re working on.

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Anything in Taurus automatically points toward the planet Venus, which rules this sign. You’ll probably feel all the twelfth house, Capricorn, and Venus retrograde themes more keenly as of January 18.

Given how critical Venus will be to your future, use the planetary positions chart to track Venus’s travels through the zodiac during 2022. Note which sign Venus occupies at any given moment and pay attention when this planet changes zodiac signs; see your birth chart for which house is in play because Venus’s presence will bring that house into your future and destiny. Venus transits through all 12 signs over the course of a year; at full speed, this planet spends about three weeks in a sign.

In an unusual development, Venus will join with Mars twice in quick succession, first in Capricorn February 16 and then in the first degree of Aquarius (your sign!) March 6. Mars will energize Venus’s love, justice, and values vibrations and amplify the call to let go of the past and welcome a new future.

Mars and its zodiac sign, Aries, will energize your chart at a few other key points of this year:

  • Jupiter expands activity in Aries, your third house of communication, May 10 through October 28 and December 20 through May 16, 2023. This “Jupiter in two acts” experience can inspire you to become more philosophical or academic in your writing or speaking, or it may inspire you to write a book, go back to school, teach, or become a more persuasive, noble, and generous communicator.
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  • July 5 through August 20, you’ll see Mars fire up Taurus in that same fourth house hosting the North Node and Uranus. Use its booster rocket powers to speed forward.
  • Mars will spend a whopping seven months (rather than several weeks) in Gemini, from August 20 through January 12, 2023, because of its upcoming retrograde in that zodiac sign. Gemini manages your fifth house of children, creativity, romance, and pleasure; use Mars’s long stay here to explore, revise plans, then upgrade all matters linked to this house.

Even though your planet, Uranus, is known for sudden changes and breakthroughs, as a fixed sign, you often find it difficult to leave your comfort zone or move beyond the tried and true. Mars will help you make the changes you must.

So will this year’s eclipses, which will occur in Taurus (your fourth house of home and roots) and Scorpio (your tenth house of career, recognition, and legacy). Eclipses can speed up your timetable and zip you into the future faster than you imagine. Lunar eclipses occur at full Moons and tend to end things so you can lighten your load and move on, while solar eclipses occur at new Moons and bring in fresh opportunities. Here are the eclipse dates for this year:

  • April 30: new Moon solar eclipse in Taurus.
  • May 15-16: full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio.
  • October 25: new Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio.
  • November 8: full Moon lunar eclipse in Taurus.

This may be a year of great changes in key areas. The first, fourth, seventh, and tenth houses are the “angles” or structure of every birth chart, and they’re the spots where the major action happens. With eclipses in your fourth and tenth houses, changes will tend to affect not only those two areas but the other two action houses as well.

Buckle up and keep breathing deeply during this year’s ride. By year’s end, you’ll have cleared out so much and feel lighter, more refreshed, and much more ready for our fabulous Age Of Aquarius future!

What a year of potential breakthroughs awaits you, Aquarius! Roadblocks you’ve faced for years can become a thing of the past as you close out old business and walk through new doors now opening to you.

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I wish you a bracing and excellent ride. Enjoy the scenery as you travel at warp speed into a new you and an upgraded life.

Happy new year, Aquarius!

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