Aquarius Horoscope 2021

A Cosmic Love Letter To Aquarius

Aquarius Horoscope 2021 - aquamarine starry sky for Aquarius and A Cosmic Love Letter

Aquarius! Happy 2021!

After years of working behind the scenes, it's your turn to step out on stage - right in the center of that big ol' stage, in fact.

No more keeping to the shadows while others soak up the sunlight!

This time in human history has your name all over it. Literally: we're now in the Age Of Aquarius, and so much depends on YOU.

Before we get to your new mission, let's look back on how you've been preparing for this time - and why you're absolutely ready to do your next "thing," whatever it is, to help humanity.

For more than a decade, you've hosted Pluto, planet of power and dark mysteries, in your super secret, "leave me alone, I'm meditating!" twelfth house. Pluto has taken you deep inside yourself, perhaps through a health challenge or a period of retreat or isolation (2020, anyone??). For you, Capricorn oversees the twelfth house, which meant you HAD to do the work - and finish it - one slooooooowwwwwww step at a time.

Pluto set a new soul agenda for you, making you clean up this house by clearing out all the unsavory secrets and excess baggage you've carried - perhaps for lifetimes. You also had to get to the root cause of anything that ailed you, whether physical, psychological, or spiritual, and resolve it at that fundamental level.

If you cooperated with this process, you earned a gift from Pluto: the precious gold of spiritual wisdom or hidden power to influence (which you can keep if you direct it toward the higher good).

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In the everyday, material realm, Pluto's presence may have had you working on confidential projects, hobnobbing secretly with mentors or benefactors, or working solo on a personal initiative or invention you felt compelled to complete.

When Saturn joined Pluto in your twelfth house, the timetable suddenly felt urgent. The evolutionary clock was ticking, and you had to stay on top of every demand to fulfill your responsibilities. Then Jupiter, the great expander, joined in at the end of 2019, putting this entire enterprise into overdrive. Talk about urgency: you then had just one year to complete a mammoth assignment (or several - Jupiter DOES like to increase anything he touches!).

Luckily, you had your ruling planet, Uranus, in Taurus down in your fourth house of home and family. In the sign of the Bull, Uranus has been harmonious with all that action in your twelfth house because both Taurus and Capricorn are earth signs. As long as you remained practical and took it one step at a time, you could stay on track. (Even if Uranus in your home area shook things up - you may have had to move, relocate far away, work from home, or even give up your home to enjoy a measure of freedom to accomplish your goals.)

Good job, Aquarius! You DID it! (All of it!!)

And just in time, too. You had a deadline chiseled in rock: December 21, 2020. That's the day Jupiter and Saturn held a cosmic meeting in Aquarius, launching not just their usual 20-year grand conjunction cycle but a new 200 year cycle and in fact a 2,000+ year cycle of the Age Of Aquarius.

So now, here we all are. In this very new age.

Some of the Capricorn, earthy heaviness and gloom have lifted, the fresh air is blowing through (courtesy of air sign Aquarius), and we can sense a shift. But what will it be? How will it look and feel?

Better. Much better.

A big change from the "things are falling apart" vibe of the last year (and the last few decades) that typically arrives with the end of any major cycle. (Let alone a slew of cycles ending all at once as of the close of 2020.)

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It's time to create the new. First in our hopes, dreams, and wishes. Then in our mind's eye. And THEN on the material plane.

We're looking to you, Aquarius, to help lead the way.

Yes, YOU.

In an age named for your zodiac sign, we need you to model the absolute best potential of your sign, your planet (Uranus), and the eleventh house (your natural home, as it's the Aquarius house).

That means being utterly yourself, unique - while fitting in with one or more groups. Taking your dreams seriously and dedicating yourself to changing the world through idealism, humanitarian action, philanthropy, and friendship. Blending ancient wisdom with the most "supercali-futuristic" visions for society, culture, and human potential.

Also, using your hard won spiritual progress to recognize when you're receiving inspiration from a higher source, recording it immediately, and figuring out how and when to apply it. That's where your genius ideas are going to come from, more and more, and you need to keep a journal of them so you can keep up with your new cosmic assignments.

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What will you contribute? With Saturn and Jupiter now in Aquarius for a while, you have a chance to set the agenda based on what you, personally, value and want to do. It could be reinventing "home" on a massive scale, inventing something to help the elderly, or getting involved with genealogy or saving the earth.

Just make sure it's altruistic to the core and tap friends to help. No more going it alone! Also, your work must be heartfelt as well as intellectually amazing - center your mind in your heart, and you'll be on your way!

Mark these dates in your calendar so you can make the most of this year's amazing Aquarius opportunities:

  • January 14 - after months in retrograde, your planet, Uranus, will move forward again (as will you). Hooray!
  • January 19 - the Sun joins Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Birthday time! Start a new cycle - and use the entire month of Aquarius to revel in your sign's energies and make plans for your grand contributions in this new age.
  • February 11 - your special new Moon in your zodiac sign for 2021. Normally a great time to start something, but Mercury will be retrograde - IN Aquarius - so instead use the 10 days or so starting with the new Moon to start reviewing past projects for ideas or reconnecting with people from the past who can help you achieve new goals.
  • May 13 - July 28 - Jupiter scoots into Pisces, creating a preview for 2022. Watch work and financials for clues, review possessions and values.
  • June 20 through October 18 (Jupiter goes retrograde in Pisces, followed by a return to Aquarius until December 28) and May 23 through October 10 (Saturn retrograde in Aquarius). Use these extended retro periods to adjust your new Age Of Aquarius projects.
  • July 23 and August 22 - two full Moons in a row in Aquarius. Two chances to wrap up something started back in February - your first big Age Of Aquarius success! (Or some major insights that'll have you yelling "Eureka!")

What a blessing you are here, on Earth, right now.

Thank you, Aquarius!

What a surprise and a joy it will be to see what you come up with and how you show everyone "here's how it's done" when it comes to the new age.

Happy 2021!

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