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Astrology Readings With Astrologer Anne

Besides her writing and appearances on radio, Astrologer Anne offers customized astrology readings.

If you've heard Anne on radio, you know she brings in-depth understanding of astrology along with warmth, humor, and compassion to callers when she reads the stars for their zodiac signs. (And if you haven't heard the podcasts from her radio appearances, check our her podcasts now to get an idea of her approach and style.)

With an individual astrology reading, you get to have your own in-depth astrology reading, one on one, with Anne.

What To Expect From Your Astrology Reading

An astrology reading helps you tap into your personal astrology to understand yourself and get practical guidance to help you in daily life.

Anne uses your birth chart (and, if needed, additional charts based on your birth data) to help you gain insight into your unique personality.

During your reading, you and Anne will address your strengths (perhaps including some you didn't realize you have!) and life challenges related to your questions and concerns. She'll also puts your current situation into perspective by looking at the most important planetary influences and cycles affecting you in both the short and long term.

How To Prepare For Your Astrology Reading

To prepare for your reading, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to discuss.

Take a few moments to think about the questions and concerns you want to address with Anne. Write them down, especially the most urgent or difficult ones. Then be sure to include those in your Astrology Reading Application (scroll down for the application).

During your reading, you and Anne will look at all of these in the light of your unique, personal astrology. Together, you'll explore some effective ways to address the root causes of any issues.

During Your Reading

Be sure to have your questions available during your reading.

Your consultation is recorded digitally, and you receive download instructions after the session.

Also, you may find it helpful to make notes of what especially touches you or strikes a chord within. If you typically take notes electronically, you may find it helpful to consider a manual approach, especially if you’re sensitive to vibrations from computers, phones, and other devices. Have a notebook, your journal, or diary handy along with your favorite pen to jot down notes, impressions, images, or inspirations that come to you.

Right after your session, take a few minutes to reflect on your conversation with Anne. Jot down any additional notes or ideas. Also, write down the next steps you plan to take, based on what you learned during your reading.

If you meditate, you may find it helpful to do so sometime during the day or evening after your reading.


Anne's work has earned kudos from her clients.

See our testimonials page to learn how she's helped clients during their readings.

How To Sign Up For An Astrology Reading

Astrology readings last about 90 minutes and are priced at $450.

To schedule an astrology reading with Anne, you need to:

  1. Complete the form below. Be sure to answer all required questions.
  2. Provide payment as soon as you send in your form. Appointments cannot be booked unless you have provided both your reading form and your payment.

Once we receive your request and your payment, we’ll be in touch about scheduling your astrology reading. And once your reading is on Anne’s calendar, you will receive confirmation by e-mail.

Request An Astrology Reading

NOTE: Payment for your astrology reading is required at the time you request a session, before we book your appointment. The price is $450 for an approximately 90 minute session. You may send your payment via PayPal, using the PayPal button below.

Payment For Your Astrology Reading

Payment for your astrology reading is required at the time you request a session. The price is $450 for an approximately 90 minute session.

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