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The new age movement is here: It's the Age Of Aquarius! See what this means for you, get more about zodiac sign Aquarius and the Aquarian Age. "Far out!"

Great Aquarian Leap Podcast

Make your Great Aquarian Leap! Your destiny and the new Age Of Aquarius are here NOW. See why and get the back story on the new age's astrology, and history in this lively, fun podcast. Includes a special guided meditation to help you make the leap!

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Aquarius Time: Awaken To Inner Wisdom

Aquarius has many wonderful traits. Even if you're not an Aquarius, you have some of these special powers, too. Find out this sign's symbols, see why it's so powerful, and learn how it helps us make the world a better place.

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Our Aquarian Destiny

For decades, we've been building up to the new Age Of Aquarius, and in 2021 life changes forever as we finally arrive. Board the rocket ship to YOUR Age Of Aquarius destiny: the time is now! See why February 2021 is changing our lives forever from seeds planted in February 1962.

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Horoscope 2021 - Year Ahead Forecast

We made it! The dark (DARK!) tunnel we moved through in 2020 is over. Step into the light of the Age Of Aquarius with your 2021 horoscope: complete year ahead forecast. Aquarius helps us remember our dearest, most idealistic hopes and dreams - and gives us whatever genius we need to make them come true. Let's make it so!

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Age of Aquarius Song - Astrology

The Age Of Aquarius song is a preview of the best of the new age. Get complete lyrics, history - plus the inside story of the astrology behind the song and the Fifth Dimension vocalists who made it a mega hit.

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Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction - Winter Solstice 2020

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on Winter Solstice December 21: it's the biggest news in decades, centuries, even millennia. Aquarian Age starts NOW. Get complete details here: dates, astrology, history, what it means for you.

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An Aquarian Manifesto

The Age Of Aquarius is here! As the shift out of the Pisces Age accelerates, we have "new work" ahead to create the promised Golden Age. Get full details on Aquarius - and your next steps - here in the Aquarian Manifesto.

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Aquarius: Loving What's Different

Whatever your zodiac sign, Aquarius energies can help improve your relationships and sense of belonging because the Sun's journey through this sign inspires tolerance and understanding—even love—of what is different.

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Aquarius Guided Meditation

Whether you're an Aquarius or any other zodiac sign, you can tune in to the deep, spiritual knowing available during Aquarius time of year. See how with this uplifting guided meditation, visualize your piece of heaven on earth.

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Aquarius Time - Harness Heavenly Power

Even if you're not an Aquarius, this sign is located somewhere in your birth chart. So when the Sun moves through Aquarius, you feel its electrical energies in some part of life. Here's how to use it to your best advantage.

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