Our Aquarian Destiny

New Moon In Aquarius: Your Date With Destiny Arrives

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Our new destiny in the new Age Of Aquarius is here on the cosmic beams of a new Moon in the sign of the Water Bearer.

Time to step into the new age!

Get On Board With Aquarius New Moon

Your chance to get on board (or really zoom ahead, if you're already on the rocket ship to the future) arrives with this month's new Moon in Aquarius on February 11 at 1:06 p.m. U.S. central time.

A new Moon means a fresh start, even if Mercury is retrograde. That's because Mercury is in the same sign: Aquarius. So we may be looking back and tying up some loose ends, but we're definitely on a forward path.

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Planets Piled Up In Aquarius

This new Moon is the latest in a series of cosmic cues inspiring us into a new age not only of hopes and dreams but tangible expressions of the best traits of Aquarius.

During the Moon's tour of Aquarius this month, we have six planets in this futuristic sign (in order of their entrance into Aquarius): Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, the Sun, Venus, and the Moon.

The Moon remains here from February 9 through the wee hours of February 12 (U.S. central time), capping a two month period of planets piled up in Aquarius.

That's power. Lots of power.

Get The Message

It's also a message. A BIG one - because Aquarius is an air sign, and together these heavenly bodies are urging us to pay attention to the sky.

The pattern there, with so much air and Aquarius force, tells us we're due for breakthrough ideas, new beginnings, and a completely new age in Earth and human history.

Think of the sky at this time as a celestial billboard announcing "AQUARIUS!!!" (All capitals letters with exclamation points because it's THAT big a deal.)

Current Aquarius Story Began Decades Ago

This big Age Of Aquarius story actually started decades ago. Early February 1962, to be exact.

That's the time we had all seven visible planets in our solar system clustered together in Aquarius.

It was a remarkable cosmic display that inspired many people to get started on the groundwork (and inner, spiritual work) for the new Age Of Aquarius.

February 1962 brought a new Moon in Aquarius, just as we're having now, but it packed a big punch: the new Moon coincided with a total solar eclipse in Aquarius.

There's more. At the same time, Mercury was retrograde (in Aquarius, as it is now) and the Moon's south node, which points to our collective past, was in Aquarius. Also, the planet that oversees Aquarius, Uranus, was exactly opposite all these Aquarian planets in fiery Leo, putting the Sun and Uranus in a special alignment that ramped up both planets' usual powers.

All these factors made February 1962 a turning point in our history - and our destiny.

Next Age Of Aquarius Turning Point: 1964

Ever since, we've been moving through many more Age Of Aquarius turning points, starting with a big one in 1964.

Aquarius New Moon

Every year, the Sun moves through Aquarius. The Moon always joins the Sun at some point for the annual Aquarius new Moon, and sometimes Mercury or Venus might be there, too, because they stay close to the Sun.

Aquarius Stellium

When three or more planets join together in the same sign, their grouping is called a stellium in astrology. The more planets involved, and the longer they stay together, the more powerful the stellium becomes and the greater its longterm influence.

To get a more powerful stellium, you need one of the other planets in this mix. Mars, for example. In February 1964, Mercury, the Moon and Sun, as well as Mars and Saturn formed a stellium in Aquarius.

Aquarius Stellium + New Moon = Cultural Explosion

As the Moon closed in on the Sun for the annual Aquarius new Moon (which happened February 13 that year), the cultural explosion that was the Beatles occurred in America:

  • February 9: the Fab Four appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show.
  • February 11: the Beatles performed their first concert in the U.S., in Washington, D.C.
  • February 12: John, Paul, George, and Ringo performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

More Age Of Aquarius Turning Points: Outer Planets Raise The Energy (And The Stakes)

After these opening salvos announcing something celestial was up, things on the Age Of Aquarius front continued to develop.

By the 1990s, we started to see more Age Of Aquarius turning points.

By then, the outer planets, which take years to pass through a given zodiac sign, were in position to join the Aquarius party. Whenever one or more of these planets enters any sign, we see significant changes - and the stellia (the plural form of "stellium") happening in that sign whenever the Sun, Moon, and inner planets make their annual passes through the sign are even more powerful.

Here's a recap of how the outer planets raised the energy toward change starting in the 1990s - and raised the stakes on all our choices (and the consequences of failing to get with the Age Of Aquarius program):

  • 1996: Uranus, the ruling planet for Aquarius, came home to its own zodiac sign, where it stayed seven years.
  • 1997: Jupiter, the great expander and visionary, entered Aquarius for a year.
  • 1998: Neptune, the illusionist, mystic, and healing dissolver, entered Aquarius.

These planets ensured we had some powerhouse stellia in February 1997 and January 1998.

More Aquarius Emphasis: 2000s

In the 2000s, we had even more Aquarius emphasis:

  • 2005: the "wounded healer" asteroid, Chiron, entered Aquarius for six years, asking us to face up to Aquarian wounding such as alienation, isolation, intellectual arrogance, and overreliance on technology.
  • 2009: Jupiter was in Aquarius, along with the North Node, the point that indicates the way we must move forward. We also had a solar eclipse in Aquarius that year, to give extra Aquarius emphasis.
  • 2011: Early February saw the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, and Neptune in Aquarius - in addition to Chiron. That made six planets in this zodiac sign, again putting up a cosmic billboard to pay attention and "do Aquarius."

Another Aquarian Push In 2010s

In the 2010s, we had another Aquarian push or two.

By 2017, the Moon's nodes, the pointers toward our past (South Node) and our future (North Node) were once again in the Aquarius-Leo lineup, this time with the North Node in fiery Leo.

In 2018, Mars went retrograde in Aquarius, meaning this planet spent half a year in this sign rather than just the usual two months. At the same time, the South Node was there, giving more weight to our collective need to act now to clean up the past so we'd be ready for a better future.

December 2020: Age Of Aquarius Arrives - For Real

By December 2020, the Age Of Aquarius arrived - for real.

That's when Jupiter and Saturn finally came together in a grand conjunction in Aquarius - on the day of the Solstice, December 21.

That meant all the decades of planning, hoping, and dreaming about a new and better society could begin paying off with tangible results. Without Jupiter and Saturn signaling this shift to "make it real!" "make it so!", it was difficult to create anything lasting that reflected the new Age Of Aquarius.

Instead, we were working on getting ready and getting clear on what we didn't want.

And now we're THERE.

2021 New Moon In Aquarius

At this 2021 new Moon in Aquarius, with all the might of six planets in the same sign, it's time to get on board with the Age Of Aquarius.

Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius

With Mercury retrograde in this sign, it will help to look back a bit, even as we begin moving forward. So look back at how you've prepared in the past months, years, and decades (especially if you were around in the 1960s).

And because Aquarius holds the paradox of loving what's super, super old (as in ancient civilizations, long vanished worlds) as well as what's super, super new and "far out" in the future, see how you can combine these two as you move ahead into your new life and destiny in this new Age Of Aquarius.

Look (Way) Back

If you're spiritually minded (and I hope you are, as it'll make your path smoother and more fulfilling), meditate about past lives. Try zooming back tens of thousands of year to the last Age Of Aquarius, which began about 26,000 years ago.

Look (Far) Forward

Then zoom forward and think about the next one, which will start in about 28,000. When we get to that point, what do you want to look back on about this current time? What can you do, be, and say in the years ahead that will make you happy and proud about your contribution to our current Age Of Aquarius?

What The New Moon In Aquarius Means For You

The New Moon in Aquarius is good news for all of us, a cosmic signal to step fully into our destiny in the Age Of Aquarius.

The Mystery Of 11:11

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac. If you're one of the people who's been seeing "11" everywhere or "11:11" on clocks and computers, now you can put the pieces of this numerology puzzle together. Take it as your cue to start living fully in the best of Aquarius energies.

Start Again

Whatever's come before this point, use the new Moon to press the "reset" button once again. Start again, using the past (Mercury retrograde!) as a springboard.

Let's get it right this time.

Be Aquarian: Love The Paradox

Cultivate Aquarian virtues such as kindness and a charitable heart toward all. Learn to enjoy the spiritual paradox we must now live: honoring the inherent worth of every individual (regardless of species) even as we create a new collective and willingness to work in groups of all sizes to reckon with all the work that remains for us to do to raise ourselves into a vastly new era of human evolution.

Love And Friendship

Along the way, cherish love and friendship. They're the keys to it all.

Why? Because, at this new Moon, love planet Venus is sitting in Aquarius with all those other planets, spreading her loving arms around them all.

Also, all those Aquarius planets point directly to Uranus in Taurus because Uranus rules all the Aquarian action going on. Taurus tells us Uranus (and Mars, also in Taurus) are pointing toward the ruling planet of Taurus, which is...VENUS.

This setup is called "mutual reception." Venus and Uranus are in each other's signs, visiting. That makes them both more powerful and interchangeable: each can act in its own area and the other planet's area.

Venus says "love," and Uranus says "friendship." Aquarius means people (as individuals and the collective), and Taurus means the Earth and all her inhabitants.

Remember we're friends with all that is, all beings, everywhere and everywhen.

Make it so!

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Read the horoscope for your zodiac sign, and if you know your rising sign (ascendant), read the horoscope for that, too, to get the full picture.

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