An Aquarian Manifesto

New Age Movement Accelerates: Age Of Aquarius Is Here

Helix Nebula within Aquarius constellation - Age Of Aquarius and new age movement begins
After years of planning and transition from the Piscean Age, the new age movement into the Age Of Aquarius is here. With Jupiter's exact alignment with Saturn in Aquarius, society will start to evolve in earnest toward new ideals, new hopes and dreams. These changes reflect Aquarian energies, symbolized in part by this "seeing eye" image of the helix nebula in the constellation Aquarius.

Dateline: Earth, Dec. 21, 2020
Jupiter And Saturn Conjunct In Aquarius

Let light and hope abide in humanity. Despite outward appearances to the contrary, the promised "new age," the Golden Age, the Age Of Aquarius, is here.

For it has been ordained that, after many trials and long and slow development, humanity would enter a time of rapid change and profound evolution on all planes.

This tumultuous period indeed arrived, and in recent years its effects grew in number and intensity. Throughout this era, spiritual seeds planted centuries ago, and even eons ago, have found fertile soil and germinated. In human hearts across our globe, a great flowering has begun and now is ready to manifest on the material plane.

Now, the time so many have imagined and planned for is at hand.

For humanity stands ready to complete its shift from the Pisces Age to the Aquarius Age. In living the highest and noblest expression of Aquarian energies, we will enjoy the great Awakening that will create a new Golden Age of peace, wisdom, and true harmony.

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Our Current Circumstances: Leaving Pisces Age

For about 2,000 years, humanity has been evolving through the Pisces Age.

Symbolized by two fish bound together yet facing opposite directions, Pisces is a water sign ruled by Neptune (and by Jupiter, in the days before astronomers became aware of Neptune).

This era gave us opportunities to focus on and develop Pisces's themes of compassion, imagination, intuition, and spirituality. It also assisted us in recognizing and overcoming this sign's less constructive expressions via addiction, deceit, illusion, escapism, martyrdom, and misuse of psychic or spiritual gifts.

During the Pisces Age, humanity grew more sensitive, allowing people to develop awareness of others and to assist those who suffer.

This sensitivity also has helped humanity become more receptive to the vast invisible realm of the inner self, including psychic and mystical experiences and personal encounters with Divinity. As a result, many people have become aware of our inherent unity: all humanity is one being, all creation is one great work, and all the universe is a vast and diverse one-ness in the heart of Divinity.

Aquarius Age: Our New Work

Despite these accomplishments, much remains to be done. This Aquarian Manifesto presents major aims humanity needs to address during this new Aquarius Age.

Work Needed On Material Plane

On the material plane, we have reached a state of extreme imbalance.

Nature, in particular, endures tremendous stress and exploitation.

Also, the large systems created to operate our economy, oversee education resources, and provide health services no longer work well and tend toward a materialistic view that ignores or devalues human dignity, spirituality, and the greater good.

Many people lack basics such as adequate food and clean water, which prevents their full participation in creating our future and denies humanity the benefit of their personal gifts and unique genius. Human bodies reflect all these stresses through diminished vitality and a host of stress-related ills.

We can do better.

Work Needed On Emotional Plane

On the emotional plane, we continue to see serious imbalance.

Fear and anger dominate many people's emotions, causing stress, harming health, and damaging relationships.

Manipulating others to induce negative feelings such as guilt and shame as well as fear and anger has given those with ulterior motives a powerful tool for controlling people or pressuring them to consume goods and use services they do not need.

Pervasive negativity has made it difficult for humanity to cultivate happiness and aspire to constructive emotions. As a result, humanity has hardly begun to tap its potential for using emotions to promote health on all planes, inspire and uplift others, and create harmony among all people and with Nature.

We can do better.

Work Needed On Mental Plane

On the mental plane, we have made great progress in some areas, yet we still see inequity and imbalance.

Our information age puts tools, knowledge, and opportunity in the hands of all with access to technology, yet we lack universal literacy, and barriers still prevent many from obtaining an education or benefiting from new technology.

Poor communication skills keep many from expressing their needs effectively or maintaining healthy relationships.

Too often, those adept at communication misuse their gifts for personal gain, to deceive or control others, or to advance agendas contrary to the greater good.

Many people allow their minds to dwell on trivial matters or on negative, destructive thoughts; besides perpetuating a negative mental climate, this situation prevents people from using their mental faculties constructively. As a result, humanity has yet to fulfill its potential for using thought to promote spiritual values and imagine a beautiful and harmonious future.

We can do better.

Work Needed On Spiritual Plane

On the spiritual plane, we remain largely ignorant of our potential.

Given humanity's often materialistic perspective, some people still deny the existence of an invisible realm beyond what we perceive with our senses.

Others, however, have caught glimpses of this vast world through psychic experiences such as clairvoyance, helpful messages obtained while dreaming, or lofty emotions felt during prayer or in times of trial.

Also, information previously unavailable to all but a few initiates or religious leaders, including the mysteries of kabbalah and astrology, have become accessible to all sincere seekers. Nevertheless, spiritual values remain poorly developed, and spiritual ideals too often are spoken but not practiced.

We can do better.

We must do better, for the future depends upon it.

Enter the Golden Age of Aquarius

Watercolor painting of Aquarius zodiac sign symbol - water bearer pouring out blue water for Age of Aquarius
Aquarius watercolor, © Anne Nordhaus-Bike, all rights reserved worldwide.

With each great age, we are called to greater achievement and higher service.

At this moment in human striving, the nature of our work may be found in astrology's symbol for Aquarius, the Water Bearer, which presents a human figure holding a large vessel from which water flows:

  • The figure is androgynous, indicating the original spiritual unity of female and male energy. In this age, humanity must come to value all people, regardless of gender. On an individual level, we need to balance the receptive, nurturing energies (often called "feminine," although they occur in both genders) with the active, assertive energies (often called "masculine," although they, too, occur in both genders).
  • The water represents wisdom, which flows freely and impersonally to benefit all creation. We must learn to express our unique gifts generously and in a universal spirit to benefit all and help uplift humanity.
  • Despite this water imagery, Aquarius is an air sign; its ruling planet, Uranus, is named for Ouranos, the ancient Greek sky god. This imagery gives us Aquarius's association with electricity–just as an electrical storm can bring lightning flashes in a darkened sky, we may experience Aquarius's power as sudden flashes of brilliance. We must harness this power to awaken ourselves fully on all planes and use the insights we receive to improve ourselves and to serve others and the greater good.

Aquarius Themes

Aquarius carries associations with several other themes that can help us choose creative ways to express its idealistic, airy energy:

  • Idealism, especially our fondest hopes, dreams, and wishes
  • Inspiration, creativity, and genius
  • Kindness and friendship
  • The self's uniqueness, independence, and need for freedom
  • Humanitarianism, groups, and the realization that all of us are sisters and brothers, part of humanity's great "sibling hood"
  • The planet Uranus, whose tipped rotational axis causes it to spin on its side, to experience life "sideways," which corresponds to Aquarians' tendency to look at the world in unique ways, to march to the beat of their own drummers, and to embrace difference and even strangeness in others
  • Technology, especially computers and the internet

Cultivate Balance and Harmony to Manifest Our Golden Age

Because of its powerful electrical nature, Aquarius's energy can feel erratic, unexpected, even jarring. Without proper grounding, it can quickly feel overwhelming. To work with it effectively, we need to cultivate balance and live as much as possible in a state of harmony. For tips on living in harmony on all four planes—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—see the article What Does It Mean To Be Living In Harmony?

Also, Aquarius's airy nature gives this sign a mental focus and great detachment, allowing it to conceive brilliant plans and to embrace the future without getting stuck emotionally in outworn methods. Taken to excess, this tendency can bring emotional coldness and an inhumane disregard for others. We can prevent this possibility by balancing Aquarius's intellect with the warm, heartfelt energy of its opposite sign, Leo.

Finally, when out of balance, Aquarius energy may insist on individual freedom at all costs or go to the opposite extreme by enforcing group conformity to its version of utopia.

Again, balance holds the key to avoiding either of these: in our Golden Age, we must embrace both individual genius and personal needs as well as group cooperation and impersonal or societal needs. Ideally, we can blend these energies by valuing all individuals; creating a loving, tolerant society enabling people to express their uniqueness; and embracing a culture that welcomes individual genius to help uplift all humanity.

Welcome to the Aquarian Age

Despite the imbalances in our current circumstances, humanity has many reasons to feel hopeful. Whatever challenges we face, we have Aquarius's potential for genius to enable us to overcome them. The as yet untapped power of our emotions, minds, and souls can help us create a Golden Age for humanity that provides:

  • Abundance on the physical plane so that all have what they need to live comfortably and joyfully so they may contribute their best to our world.
  • Happiness on the emotional plane so all may feel hopeful and able to meet life's tests and trials and assist the greater good by embracing peaceful, constructive emotions.
  • Serenity on the intellectual plane so all may focus their minds on worthy thoughts, use their mental powers to make constructive choices, and maintain the spirit of loving tolerance for others.
  • Wisdom on the spiritual plane so all may know their oneness with creation, their abiding connection with Divinity, and their absolute beauty and truth.

At this powerful time in humanity's development, initiate yourself into the Aquarian Age, right now, by consciously embracing its beauty and promise. Pass through the gateway, and dedicate yourself to Aquarian ideals.

We have 2,000 years in Aquarius to build on our work in Pisces and to prepare for the next age in Capricorn. What shall we do? What would you like to manifest? Tap your dearest hopes, dreams, and wishes, and make your plans to make them real.

Please begin now, for humanity needs you.

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18 comments on “An Aquarian Manifesto”

  1. To complete the transition to the Age of Aquarius the rotation of quadruplicities must be understood. The characteristics of Cardinal, Mutable, and Fixed signs have rotated from the signs they were associated with during Pisces. Now who is this age's cardinal fire sign? I expect me the Sagitarius owns the cardinal energies, but it could go to Leo. The cardinal was Aries during Age of Pisces. Question is as progression thru the cosmos is in reverse that is the age of Aquarius follows Pisces, but in earth time we proceed thru the constellation in the other direction. So, does the Quadruplicity rotation follow that of the Age or the earth? Am I cardinal fire sign now, or is Leo?

    1. Thank you, Bruce. These are concepts well worth your meditation as well as personal observation and analysis of your own experiences. Appreciate your sharing them: excellent food for thought for all of us, especially in a new age of changing potentials and perspective (so Aquarian!). With Sagittarius, you may very well have a cardinal feeling these days, with Jupiter back in Aquarius: leading the charge into the Age Of Aquarius and the current air mutation. Also, speaking of fire, so much focus now on Leo - and by extension, Aquarius, its opposite - as the Sun is in Leo and we have the new Moon in Leo tomorrow, Aug. 8. See what comes up for you at this new Moon, as it's being supercharged with challenging aspects and has plenty of fiery, electrical potential with powerful input from Mercury, Uranus, and Jupiter. You mentioned the idea of rotation: during this new period for earth's evolving and expanding consciousness, it's helpful to consider the paradox of inner/outer/spiritual/evolutionary time travel: in everyday life, we move linearly through time and through the zodiac's signs yet at the same time we're moving in reverse, returning to the origin, through the nodal progressions, precession, and the slipping backward in "time" through the signs/ages. Fascinating, and so full of potential for "working both ends" of this cosmic equation.

  2. Great post! Thank you for sharing and leading the way for us. We need these kinds of posts and spiritual leadership to help us through our process of evolving and becoming.
    Bonnie in Canada

  3. Hello Anne, This is a supberb piece of writing and creativity. I resonated with every word. I love timing. Thank you for taking such responsibility and sharing your wisdom. More of us need to take a leaf out of your book and push ourselves to be more and have the courage to be vulnerable. I will pass this beautifully written page onto like minded people. I have sat on the fence as far as Astrology is concerned but now you have helped me take a peak to one side. You have explained the opportunties and potential and given us the truth of what needs to be done. You have made the voice of my heart that much stronger. Hugs Steve.

    1. Steve, thank you so very much for visiting, for reading this piece, and for your heartfelt comment. To know that my words and images helped you see astrology in a new way brings me joy. And what a gift to learn how your heart has been touched--thank you. And many thanks for sharing this article on Facebook so that others might enjoy it and benefit as you have. Wishing you blessings in abundance, today and always!

  4. Greetings Anne,
    I am home today doing some writing of my own and thinking about the world around me and in me, I have been on this journey for some time and come to a place of do what you need to do to make things better, I came across your site reading my LinkedIn messages and noticed your likes to my site, I appreciate your interest and now I must do the same for you, your insight in the study of astrology and your own formula is fascinating, I love the symbols of the 4 elements and while meditating on them I feel the connection! will be looking forward to getting to know more of your studies and insights, The Best in Life, Marie

    1. Hello, Marie. Thanks for your kindness in visiting, reading this post, and taking time to comment. Am delighted to know the images and article about the elements and the different planes of existence have touched you today. So nice to hear from you--and thank you for your kind words and good wishes. Am sending you best wishes for wonderful things as well! 🙂

  5. Anne,
    Thanks for reminding us of the qualities we need to develop.
    Yes, we do have 2000+ years but it is better to start now and a systematic approach would be better; here it is where "Mystery Schools" will play a significant role as there is no need to reinvent the wheel. The mystics of the past knew and spoke at length of this and there are time tested tecniques that will help us on our journey.

    1. Hello, Macrina. Thanks for your comment and your suggestions--yes, the mystery schools still exist and have so much to offer, especially in this new Aquarian Age. Humanity has so much wisdom available, and may we use it well! Thanks again and great to hear from you! 🙂

  6. Hello, Jean. Thank you for reading and posting your comment--so good to hear from you! And yes, while there is much to be done, we CAN do it! 🙂

  7. Thank you for the brilliant perspectives offered in this Manifesto. I appreciate the challenges as well as the opportunities we face and agree "We Must Do Better." Thank you, Anne!

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