Sagittarius Horoscope 2022

Starry purple sky for Sagittarius 2022 horoscope - love, money, and destiny

Happy 2022, Sagittarius! Welcome to a new year filled with new adventures and opportunities.

With the past year so eventful, let’s step back a moment so you can look at 2021 and put it into perspective before leaping into the new year. Check last year's horoscope to refresh your memory.

How have you done on your new Age Of Aquarius cosmic mission? Whatever you did last year to step up and step into the new age, kudos! Well done, Sagittarius!

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OK, now you’re ready to swing into 2022…but you might find it slow going at first:

  • Love and good looks planet Venus is retrograde as the year begins, in a backward slide through Capricorn (your second house of income as well as possessions and values) lasting December 19, 2021, through January 29, 2022. Instead of rushing ahead to sign new clients or change jobs, use this period to chat up dormant accounts, look up people from past jobs, and review your work history. Pay special attention to all the people you’ve met along the way. Also, use this time to clear out closets, drawers - and outdated notions about what (especially what “stuff” or luxury items) you truly need to be happy. Your values are up for an upgrade, and now’s your chance.
  • From January 14 through February 3, Mercury will join Venus in reverse motion. This Mercury retrograde starts in Aquarius (your third house of communication, siblings, and short trips) and concludes in Capricorn, further emphasizing all the work you need to finish in your second house.

Give yourself at least until the end of the first week of February to launch anything or start any important projects or relationships. Until then, focus on the past and all things “re”: review, redo, reinvent. People, places, and things from the past can help you during this process, so stay receptive whenever and however they reappear.

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Watch what happens on and around January 18, turning point time for 2022 when Uranus in Taurus (your sixth house of health and wellness, pets, work, and daily routine) will end months of retrograde and move forward once again. Also that day, the North Node, symbol of forward progress and collective soul evolution, will leave your marriage and partnership house (Gemini) and slip backward into this same Taurus area, where it will stay for a year and a half.

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Uranus carries strong energies of the new Age Of Aquarius because this planet rules Aquarius. Uranus is the great awakener and can bring change in the blink of an eye, like a lightning bolt out of the blue. As for the North Node, it carries similar emphasis on the future because it tells us where we need to go to evolve upward on the soul level. Both are giving you a feeling or urgency or destiny.

Any time we see planets in Taurus, they’re automatically pointing to Venus, which rules Taurus. That means both Uranus and the North Node will highlight all those Venus in Capricorn tasks you’ll be working on early in 2022. Keep in mind that, because of its retrograde, Venus will spend not the usual three to four weeks in Capricorn but a full four months, from November 5, 2021, through March 6, 2022. You have plenty of time to get this right, so keep at it, Sagittarius.

You may find it helpful to track the planets’ movements throughout this year, especially Venus. Whatever house and sign Venus occupies will tell you what energies and part of your life affect your current cosmic mission and where you’ll have help heading into the future. For example, friends can assist you while Venus waltzes through Libra (your eleventh house of friendship, groups, and networking) September 29 through October 23, while coworkers and employees can lend support while when Venus occupies Taurus May 28 through June 22.

Health, including mental and spiritual wellness, probably will become a key area of focus, thanks to the North Node in Taurus and South Node opposite that spot in Scorpio, your twelfth house of privacy and recuperation.

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With the Nodes’ change of signs, the solar and lunar eclipses will occur in Taurus and Scorpio during 2022, bringing both endings and new beginnings:

  • April 30: the new Moon solar eclipse in Taurus can give you a new lease on life, so take advantage of its extra supportive energies to start something new during the two weeks after this date. Change up your fitness routine, improve your diet, look for a better job, or welcome a sweet little pet to your home. Also, spend more time in nature, as Taurus loves all things earthy, lush, and beautiful.
  • May 15-16: the full Moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio will grant closure in matters related to spirituality, health, secret talks, or your need for rest or solitude. You might finish work with a therapist, move on from a stale approach to meditation, or finish a project you’ve been working on behind the scenes. Let go of what’s ready to end.
  • October 25: the new Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio gives you a chance to build with all the spaciousness created from letting go of something around May 15-16. Dig deep within, pay attention to messages in dreams or from intuition, and transform the most private, solitary parts of your life.
  • November 8: the full Moon lunar eclipse in Taurus could ripen whatever you began in April, whether that’s a project, health regimen, or temporary change in routine. Finish up and move on.

Partnerships, including the one you enjoy with your spouse, may see major action from August 20, 2022, through January 12, 2023, when Mars moves through Gemini, your seventh house of one on one ties and agreements. Partners, both professional and personal, may exhibit more energy or passion (delightful!).

Handle this fiery energy with care, especially because Mars will retrograde October 30 through January 12, 2023. This backward looking period is why Mars will spend so long in this house - seven months rather than several weeks. You may need to allow all partners, from your accountant and agent to your spouse and business competitors, to lead the way during this time as they could feel driven to be in charge.

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One of 2022’s biggest stories for you, Sagittarius, concerns your ruling planet, Jupiter, the zodiac’s great benefic and good cheer ambassador. Jupiter takes about a year to travel through each sign, generally in one go, but recently you’ve had Jupiter’s gifts in bits and pieces because of retrograde periods:

  • Jupiter ignited Aquarius, your third house of communication, short trips, and siblings in two rounds: December 19, 2020, through May 18, 2021, and July 28 through December 28, 2021. Look back at those dates to see how your speech and other communication became more lofty, noble, or philosophical.
  • Next up is Pisces, where Jupiter is giving its gifts in three rounds: May 13 through July 28, 2021, December 28, 2021, through May 10, 2022, and October 28 through December 20, 2022. Pisces governs your fourth house of home, family, and spiritual foundation, so look back to see how these areas expanded or prospered last year while Jupiter traveled in Pisces. Also review any shifts here during 2010 and 2011, the last time Jupiter moved through Pisces. Then extrapolate for the 2022 Jupiter in Pisces periods and make the most of this wonderful blessing.
  • The final “Jupiter in pieces” experience for a while will occur when your planet heads into Aries from May 10 through October 28, 2022 and from December 20, 2022 through May 16, 2023. Aries is a fire sign like yours, and it oversees your fifth house of romance, pleasures, children, and creativity. Time to up your passion quotient and take charge of having more fun. Jupiter will expand any of these areas, based on where you focus your thoughts and intention. Big fun in store for you both solo and with your main squeeze and children.

What an exciting year you have coming during 2022!

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As 2022 unfolds, I wish you wonderful new adventures and the gift of love suffusing every aspect of your life as Venus graces each house in your chart. Happy new year, Sagittarius!

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2 comments on “Sagittarius Horoscope 2022”

  1. Thank you for your time and consideration - I have had a very bad 5 years, I'm a Sagittarian, and my health, mental health and life in general have not been good. Reading this report has given me some hope for the future. Thanks again, I hope you have a great year too 🌞

    1. Cheryl, you're welcome. Thank you for visiting and taking time to comment - I'm so glad you felt uplifted, and I wish you hope and beauty and all good things! 🌹

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