Sagittarius Horoscope 2021

A Cosmic Love Letter To Sagittarius

Sagittarius Horoscope 2021 - purple starry sky for Sagittarius and A Cosmic Love Letter

Welcome to the new Age Of Aquarius, Sagittarius!

And happy 2021!

We're at the dawn of so many new cycles in human history, and YOU are a key player in making sure they all get off to a grand and glorious start.

Does that sound huge? Exciting? Maybe a bit "how in the world am I going to do THAT???"

Good! That's exactly right. Big goals for "think big" Sagittarius, the sign that reminds us all that we're so much more than we tend to think or dare in daily life.

Besides, after last year, you're SO ready for this new Age Of Aquarius.

Your values have undergone a seismic shift since 2008, when Pluto snuck into Capricorn, the zodiac sign that governs your second house of all that has value to you personally. That's everything from your job and the money you earn to personal spending and possessions (especially "valuables" such as jewelry and other luxuries) to all the resources you count on and the values you hold dear.

What you thought was important in 2008 likely doesn't mean as much now.

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In 2018, stern, hardworking Saturn joined Pluto in this area, forcing you to take seriously this karmic mandate to evolve your relationship with "things" and the reasons you work (for a living or to make a life?).

At the end of 2019, the game got personal when YOUR planet, Jupiter (which rules Sagittarius) rushed into Capricorn. As you know, Jupiter expands everything it touches, and here he made you an expert in all things financial and material. There was no getting around it anymore. You simply HAD to settle down and do the hard work to cleanse your belongings, grow up regarding personal values, and build a business or career aligned with your true self.

And, hooray! You did it!

I'm so impressed, and I hope you'll pat yourself on the back.

You might not feel like celebrating just yet at the start of 2021, thanks to the Sun and Mercury in Capricorn. These two will keep you focused on any last little items you need to clear from 2020 - especially if you changed jobs or retired.

By January 8, when Mercury leaves Capricorn, your thoughts will shift to the future, and as of January 19, when the Sun moves out of Capricorn, you'll breathe a sigh of relief. Go ahead, sigh right now! Get it out, Sagittarius - you've worked really, really hard.

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Now it's time for this year's exciting news: you're entering new territory as part of the vast project we're all doing together. Last December, YOUR planet, Jupiter, did its every 20 years thing when it held a heavenly meeting with Saturn in what's called a grand conjunction. Together, they ignited the Age Of Aquarius! They met IN Aquarius, and they started a 200 year cycle of holding their meetings all in air signs.

That's fantastic news for you, Sagittarius, because air feeds fire - and YOU are a fire sign of the first order.

Together, as a human family, we're going to rebuild society, culture, and all the organizations that support them to operate along Aquarian lines. That means: more altruism, idealism, humanitarianism. That also means: a starring role for sudden inspirations, genius ideas, and selfless motives.

All the outcasts, rebels, alienated ones, and otherwise marginalized people (and their ideas) will enter the limelight so we can benefit from their experience and their wisdom. (And so we can improve conditions for all who suffer or feel left out.)

Our human family will become just that: a family. Each of us a sibling to every other one.

You may be wondering where you fit into all this, Sagittarius.

Aquarius holds the key and the clues to all your questions. This zodiac sign oversees your third house, so for the rest of your lifetime, even as you manage other areas of life, you'll focus on a cosmic mission related to third house themes and people and things.

The third house is famous for its role in communication - of all kinds, from "olde" fashioned handwriting and printed books (still important, even in this high tech age) to blogging and body language to social media and public speaking. Also: siblings, cousins, neighbors, early education, languages, and your mind and thoughts.

As of now, you're cosmically inclined toward contributions that uplift others by tapping these parts of life.

You might start a blog or write a book. Or you could help a neighbor or relative edit a manuscript that will go on to inspire countless others. As you love anything foreign and travel related, you might start a business helping new immigrants or even learn a language just so you can be of service to newcomers in your community.

Technology will play a role, and you may need to upgrade your skills (and your computer). Take a class online, and as soon as health conditions allow, get out and about with like minded others by signing up for an in person class or volunteering in some way that supports your role - and reflects your new third house mandates.

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Whatever you do, involve others. All three Mercury retrogrades this year will happen in air signs, in your relationship houses (third, seventh, eleventh). Sibs, your spouse, friends, business associates, even your accountant or lawyer - all these people can help your cause and cheer you on! When the retrogrades come, work with them seriously: meditate, contact people from the past, and look for ways to improve whatever you're doing.

As 2021 unfolds, pay attention to these dates to speed progress (mark your calendar NOW!):

  • January 17 - Jupiter, YOUR planet, will have a tough negotiation with Uranus in Taurus, which oversees your health and daily living from the sixth house. Meditate toward a breakthrough in your new mission, and you'll feel better once the tide turns.
  • January 19 - the Sun moves into Aquarius, lighting your path toward your new work.
  • January 30 - the first Mercury retrograde of 2021 arrives, in Aquarius. Use it to get clearer on your path and make needed adjustments. Mend fences with sibs if necessary.
  • May 13 - July 28 - Jupiter, your jolly guardian planet, heads into Pisces to give you a preview of next year's growth opportunities. Take notes: what you learn you can use in 2022.
  • May 26 - full Moon with total lunar eclipse in YOUR sign, Sagittarius. Let go of an outworn part of your personality or personal style.
  • November 21 - the Sun lights up your sign, and it's birthday season. Use the month before to clear old business so you can begin a "new year of you" on your birthday - and plan to celebrate your Aquarian accomplishments so far!
  • December 4 - new Moon in…SAGITTARIUS! With a dramatic (of course!) total solar eclipse. Big stuff: a new door will open. Walk through it confidently into your gorgeous future!

It's all SO exciting!

Personally, I'm super curious to see what you come up with and how you help us reshape human society. The sky's the limit! (You already know that.)

So think big for us, Sagittarius, until we can see your grand vision for ourselves.

Thank you!

Happy 2021!

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2 comments on “Sagittarius Horoscope 2021”

  1. Always uplifting. Thank you for putting your insights out here for the benefit of so many of us.

    Question: I thought this was posted on LinkedIn yesterday, yet it refers to the beginning of 2021 rather than the beginning of 2022.

    Why is it this way?

    1. Thank you, Carol! Yes, this is one of the last "see your 2021 horoscopes" posts for this year, which we taper off in December in preparation for the new year's articles. It's a great opportunity to take a last look at the current year's astrology late in the year to reflect on the past year before setting new goals and intentions for the brand new calendar year coming soon. Stay tuned for more about 2022!

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