Pisces Horoscope 2022

Starry light blue sky for Pisces 2022 horoscope - love, money, and destiny

Pisces, happy 2022! Welcome to your new year filled with beautiful energies and opportunities.

But first, how did you do last year on your new cosmic assignment? The one about stepping up and into the new Age Of Aquarius? Revisit your 2021 horoscope to jog your memory.

Whatever steps you took into the new age, congratulations! The good news for 2022 is that you’ll have more help this year to take you farther along your path into the airy, liberating future.

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This year starts out slowly because the planet Venus, named for the ancient Roman goddess of love, went retrograde this past December 19 and will stay in reverse motion until January 29. At the same time, Mercury, the planet overseeing technology and communication, will go retrograde January 14 through February 3.

So give yourself the entire month of January to go back to past projects and tie up loose ends, with help from both Venus retrograde and Mercury retrograde. This is an excellent opportunity to work behind the scenes to polish a writing or tech project or to engage in hush hush talks with backers or mentors. Also, use this month to get back in touch with people from the past, especially friends and former coworkers and business associates. And if you need to shore up anything related to health, do it now that the holidays have passed and you can concentrate on wellness, perhaps with a physician or therapist you worked with long ago.

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By January 18, even with these two personal planets retrograde, you’ll probably feel a shift. (By the way, these planets are “personal” because they shape our personalities; also, we really feel them and take it personally when they’re retrograde.) On that day, the North Node, which is associated with the future and our destiny in terms of evolving toward our higher, soul-based self, will slide backward out of Gemini and into Taurus. It will stay there for a year a half, where it will join Uranus.

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That’s a lot of mojo in Taurus, and that’s where all the love, money, and destiny for 2022 come in. For you, Pisces, Taurus energizes your third house of communication, siblings, local community, early education, and short trips. These are the areas of life figuring into your immediate future and showing the biggest changes and opportunities to welcome in the new.

Like the North Node, Uranus points us toward the future, and in Taurus, both of them are pointing perpetually toward Venus, the planet that oversees Taurus. That makes Venus super important for everyone at this time of change and destiny for humanity.

During 2022, you’ll find it helpful and revealing to follow Venus’s moves through the zodiac with the current planets chart (which updates in real time whenever you refresh the page). Keep an eye on which sign Venus occupies and when this planet changes zodiac signs and then look at your birth chart to see which house (and other planets) are lit up for you so you know where your future and destiny are playing out currently. Venus moves through all the signs over the course of a year, and when at top speed, this planet spends about three weeks in a given sign.

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It’s all about love, with Venus. Plus money and values: which do you prize more, love or money? Or do you have a healthy balance between them? Venus also governs relationships and diplomacy, so this year you’ll find out just how important other people are to your future in the Age Of Aquarius.

Pisces, you’re the perfect sign to look at love and values. Your ruler, Neptune, is linked with higher, spiritual love, which gives you the antidote to any overly materialistic, possessive/possessions urges sometimes felt with Venus.

Let’s look at some key dates for you during 2022:

  • Because of this year’s retrograde, Venus is spending four months in Capricorn, from November 5, 2021 until March 6, 2022. That’s putting extra emphasis on your eleventh house of friends and associates, and with the Sun there until January 19 (and Pluto in residence from 2008 until 2024), you’ve got a mandate to review, cull, and refresh everything related to relationships. Time to weed out ties that have grown stale or unbalanced - Venus’s retrograde from December 19 through January 29 will help - and close the door on memories or hurts from past liaisons. This time could even offer opportunities to heal wounds from past lifetimes, freeing you and others to move on.
  • Speaking of liaisons (and love and passion), Venus and Mars will hook up on February 16 in this same part of your chart, so you might feel attracted to someone you’ve been friends with or met through your career. These two amorous planets will connect again at the “Age Of Aquarius” point on March 6, sparking you to take action on your future destiny, perhaps through a new relationship you want to keep secret at first or a creative or communication project you work on behind the scenes. Keep in mind that Venus and Mars rule your two money houses, so you have a great chance on both these dates to improve finances or come up with new ways to create abundance.
  • Jupiter, the benevolent planet bestowing generosity, expansion, and higher faith and justice, will give you two more rounds of blessings this year. Before the time of telescopes and noticing Neptune, Jupiter was your sign’s planet; in modern times, your zodiac sign grooves to Neptune - with some Jupiter available, too, if want to tap into it. Jupiter takes 12 years to circle the zodiac, spending a year in each sign, and for you this time, Pisces, Jupiter is giving you its goodies in three parts by spending three chunks of time in Pisces (instead of staying there straight through): May 13 - July 28, 2021, December 28, 2021 - May 10, 2022, and October 28 - December 20, 2022. Jupiter in your sign is a cosmic blessing, a time to dream big and grow your personality and self-expression. So go to it this year!
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  • Even more cool, Jupiter will hold a cosmic meeting with Neptune this year, on April 12. As if that weren’t enough, Venus will be in Pisces then, too, granting you the biggest starry oomph you could wish for in terms of blessings plus personal breakthroughs on both the material and spiritual planes. Use this moment to feel your way more fully into the highest form of yourself you can imagine.
  • With the North Node’s shift into Taurus, your third and ninth houses will be emphasized for the next year and a half. Travel may be on the horizon, or you may make new connections on the local level. Also up for change: ties with siblings, communications, and education. Past successes or experience in the legal system, international opportunities, publishing, religion, or philosophy could help you, or you may reach closure on a project or situation in one or more of these areas. Watch this year’s eclipses on April 30 and October 25 for fresh starts, and use the eclipses on May 15-16 and November 8 to conclude something or write the final chapter and walk away from an old saga you’ve outgrown.

What great opportunities - and powerful support - you have in 2022, Pisces!

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As this year plays out, I wish you the perfect combination of earthly love (Venus) and cosmic and spiritual love (Neptune). As you ponder the powerful links among love, money, and true abundance, may the stars and planets guide you well toward your fondest dreams, and your dearest hopes for a future filled with all the goodness you can imagine.

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