Pisces Horoscope 2021

A Cosmic Love Letter To Pisces

Pisces Horoscope 2021 - turquoise starry sky for Pisces and A Cosmic Love Letter

Pisces, dear Fish, happy 2021!

How does it feel to be wrapping up a momentous cycle in human history?

For that's exactly what we're doing - with you leading the way.

More that 2,000 years ago, earthlings started a new age - the Age Of Pisces. And ever since, we've been getting our Fish focus on, figuring out how to be more compassionate, glamorous, sensitive, and spiritual.

It's been a bumpy ride at times, and we haven't always exhibited the best of Pisces, but we've made many strides forward. Along the way, we built societies that reflected Pisces values, cultures that created otherworldly beauty (particularly in the arts and houses of worship), and methods for helping and healing our sisters and brothers (including psychologically).

Thanks to Pisces, we explored meditation and mysticism. We learned how to feel, connect to the spiritual realm, and translate mystical longings and leanings into compassionate service to others. Through love - higher love. Also through music, poetry, film, and photography. Ethereal and lyrical expressions of the best of the human spirit.

Thank you for embodying those vibrations, Pisces. All humanity owes you a debt of gratitude.

Now it's time for a new celestial assignment.

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Of all the zodiac signs, you have the most unusual and pivotal role to play as we make the leap into the Age Of Aquarius.

You see, two major happenings are converging in a single critical area of your chart, giving you an exceptional cosmic role in the years ahead:

  • The Age Of Pisces has ended, so humanity's overarching, evolutionary vibration resident in your first house of YOU (your Pisces house) is slipping backward into your twelfth house (your Aquarius house). The twelfth house is your natural comfort zone because this house is associated with all things PISCES (no matter what sign oversees it in your individual chart). It's a private, secret, behind the scenes place where you rest, recuperate, and meditate. It's a place of escape - and the place we sleep and dream.
  • Meanwhile, all that energy stacked up in Capricorn in recent years has just dispersed, with Jupiter and Saturn leaving this sign and heading into Aquarius (your twelfth house). Capricorn oversees your eleventh house of friendship, acquaintances, group work, clubs, networking, and humanitarian work; you've just finished a mountain of work in these areas.

All this means that the end of the old Age Of Pisces and the beginning of the new Age Of Aquarius have converged in that ultra Pisces-feeling twelfth house, making YOUR role in the new age a blend of old and new.

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From now on, you're the keeper of Pisces Age wisdom and experience at the SAME TIME that you're the key player behind the scenes who fuels the Age Of Aquarius with spiritual service.

Nobody else has this responsibility, Pisces. We're counting on you and your many gifts to do the work that only YOU are equipped to contribute.

How will you serve?

Communication will be key. All the Aquarian energy in your twelfth house will flow directly toward the planet Uranus in Taurus, which governs your third house of communication. Everything from writing and editing to journaling and public speaking to languages (computer code, even!) and hand gestures.

You may start a blog or write a book. Or invent some new way to communicate - perhaps with other life forms such as animals or plants by using tech to "read" or "sense" these beings' vibrations or auras. You might use what you learn to teach others about compassion for non human life or the need to care for Earth and all her beings.

Your third house also relates to brothers and sisters, close cousins, neighbors, your local community, and short trips. Also early life education. All these people and parts of your life are ripe for touches of Aquarian genius such as joining with sibs raising money for a cause, organizing neighborhood arts activists, or opening an eco business selling "made with recycled materials" items.

With Neptune, your ruling planet, continuing a long journey through Pisces, your first house (all about personality, vitality, personal style, and projects that mean the most to you) will remain important. You'll have a magical ability to express yourself nonverbally through dance, music, film, or poetry. All these beautiful media will help you communicate more vividly all the loveliness that lies within you. Whatever you do in this new era, you'll do it with angelic flair and loving feelings.

It's wondrous, Pisces! Cosmic!

You'll be working at the meeting point of the rational and the lyrical, the spoken and the sensed, the head and the heart. With the potential to unite the earthly with the heavenly in all you think, speak, and do.

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This year's air emphasis will get you started.

All three Mercury retrogrades will occur in the three air signs, starting with your new pal, Aquarius. From January 30 through February 21, you'll have your first chance in this new age to turn inward in your already super interior twelfth house to consult your soul about your new mission. Make time to meditate during this period, especially because the Sun will be in Aquarius at this time, shining a light on your spiritual practice.

Pay attention to dreams, synchronicities, and sudden insights. They're all on the way - if they aren't happening already - and they'll be the puffs of air that let your work take flight.

Here are some other dates you need to watch in 2021:

  • February 18 - the Sun dances into Pisces, bringing birthday time plus your new personal year. Use the six weeks before that shift to finish out the old year, contemplate the end of the Age Of Pisces, and clear the decks for your new work.
  • March 13 - new Moon in YOUR sign! Start something fabulous within the 10 to 12 days after this date to begin your new cosmic mission.
  • May 13 - July 28 - Jupiter moves into Pisces, offering a sneak preview of next year, when you'll have Jupiter's good cheer and expansionist vibes in Pisces for nearly half of 2022.
  • May 26 - full Moon with total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. Something related to your career may reach a conclusion or reward you for lifetime achievement. Or you may find some aspect of your work eclipsed by new developments in your field, giving you the signal to change careers, retire, or reinvent yourself.
  • July 23 and August 22 - not one but TWO full Moons in a row in Aquarius. Super cool! New insights can hit like lightning bolts, especially in the days leading up to these two dates, so keep a notebook and pen with you at all times to record all that comes through. (Including your dreams, which could be interesting.)
  • December 4 - new Moon with total solar eclipse in your career area (Sagittarius). A new professional start is coming or maybe a new way to mentor or otherwise give back. You might become known as a teacher or philosopher - share all that Age Of Pisces knowledge you carry within!

What a journey lies ahead for you, Pisces!

When you share from your depths, with all the genius of the Age Of Aquarius - tempered by the LOVE of the Age of Pisces, we'll all benefit in unimaginable ways. Thank you.

Happy 2021!

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