Cancer Horoscope 2022

Starry blue sky for Cancer 2022 horoscope - love, money, and destiny

Hello and happy new year, dear Cancer!

As you begin 2022, take a moment (or several) to do one of your favorite things: remember. Look back at 2021, especially the steps you’ve taken toward your new life in the Age Of Aquarius.

Savor memories, shed a tear if you must, and pat yourself on the back for all that you’ve accomplished. Help yourself complete this process by taking another walk through your 2021 horoscope. As you refresh your memory, keep in mind your dearest wishes for health and happiness in this new era, as part of your personal celestial destiny.

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Now let’s explore all that 2022 has in store for you. As a Cancer, you’re ruled by the beautiful yet changeable Moon, and you may prefer night to day at times because you’re so at home in the quiet and the dark (and the magical moonlight). Being so attuned to evening and staying up late can suit your emotions, although it may make you someone who needs extra time to get going in the morning.

The beginning of 2022 will feel like an extended version of that type of morning. Give yourself ample time for rest and reflection in January and early February because the stars point to our collective need to stop, review the past, and reorient ourselves before charging ahead:

  • Venus, the planet of love, money, and values, is moving through Capricorn in your seventh house of marriage, business partnerships, and binding agreements from November 5, 2021, through March 6, 2022. That’s four months instead of Venus’s usual three to four weeks in a given zodiac sign, thanks to this planet’s retrograde from December 19, 2021, through January 29, 2022.
  • Powerful Pluto has been in this same sign since 2008, forcing you to go deep in all things Capricorn (large institutions, work and career, structures) and in every important relationship - particularly one on one ties with your spouse, business advisor or agent, competitors, and all other key associations.
  • From January 14 through February 3, Mercury will join Venus in reverse motion, with a retrograde starting in Aquarius (your eighth house of shared money, sexuality, and deep spirituality) and finishing up in Capricorn, further emphasizing all your partnership themes at this time.

Love, marriage, money, and transformation. Any one of these can tax your emotions, so go gently and take your time until the second week of February. Meditate, pray, and journal about your experiences and seek help from a therapist or money or investment manager if needed.

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You’ve worked hard and been through much, Cancer. By January 17, you may see some fruits of your labor or have priceless insights on your experiences when the full Moon arrives in Cancer. Follow your intuition, and if anything ends around this time, let it go because it will help you step into better days.

As soon as January 18, you’ll sense a shift in the wind and a lift in your life:

  • First, change meister Uranus, retrograde since August 2021, will move forward in Taurus, your eleventh house of friends, networking, humanitarian impulses - and cherished hopes, dreams, and wishes. Watch for sudden shifts, turnabouts, and inspiration through associations with other people. Welcome in new faces and go some new places.
  • Second, the North Node, the point in everyone’s chart that points to the future and the soul’s destiny, will change places that same day when it heads into Taurus (with its opposite point, the South Node, point of past accomplishments and experiences, shifting into Scorpio). For you, Cancer, the nodes are super important because they’re related to the Moon and calculated based on how the Moon’s sky travels intersect with the Sun’s journey through the zodiac. Also, the Nodes tell where life’s great changes likely will occur because their locations coincide with where we experience lunar and solar eclipses.

So you will have two points - Uranus and the North Node - propelling you forward into the future by way of your eleventh house and all Taurus experiences.

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Also, anything about Taurus points to Venus because that planet rules Taurus. Wherever Venus is tells you where all that futuristic Uranus and North Node energy will play out, so it’s a great idea for you to track Venus all year to see what sign (and what house of your chart) this planet occupies.

That’s also why the Venus retrograde in Capricorn is critical for you. You’re getting a concentrated dose of how to move forward through partnerships and how to sort out your best balance of love and money (and your essential values related to both).

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Take this opportunity seriously, Cancer, because the work you do now can lead to greater happiness in your relationship if you’re already coupled up - or help you attract a lovely new alliance if you’re looking for love. Pleasure, romance, and deeper intimacy also can be yours if you open to what you truly want, let go of outworn scripts and relationship dramas, and transform according to your soul’s longings.

Here are some more dates to watch during this year:

  • April 30: a solar eclipse in Taurus can give you a new lease on life in all the themes already mentioned here, especially new friends or help from pals or business buddies to meet someone new.
  • May 15-16: a total lunar eclipse at this full Moon in Scorpio will help you close a chapter on hobbies or pleasures that no longer suit you or finish something related to your children.
  • June 21: the Sun enters Cancer, bringing the annual Solstice and birthday time. Let the Sun lift your spirits and help you start a wonderful new cycle.
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  • June 28: your annual new Moon in Cancer will help you start just about anything you wish. Use the two weeks after this period to set new intentions and goals, especially for health.
  • July 5 through August 20 : Mars in Taurus from will rev you up to tackle all the forward thinking aspirations you’ve been feeling. Make new friends, try a new team sport, or join a club or other group (perhaps one that raises money for your favorite cause).
  • October 25: the solar eclipse in Scorpio will open a new door to fun, romance, or expanding your family by having a child. Embrace pleasure and creativity in all the forms that now appeal to you.
  • November 8: the full Moon’s total lunar eclipse in Taurus may remove a relationship or help you press the reset button on involvement with a charitable organization or business group. Let what’s done pass out of your life, lightening your load so you can walk into the future.

Two other notable happenings will speed your progress, especially in career. Jupiter, the benevolent giant who bestows blessings and expansion, will make its first of two sojourns in Aries, your tenth house of career and reputation, from May 10 through October 28. Jupiter hasn’t come around here since 2011, so this will give you a rare opportunity to gild your standing in your field or community.

Also, Mars, which rules Aries, will zip into Gemini (your twelfth house of solitude and recuperation as well as behind the scenes projects) August 20. With a retrograde on the horizon October 30 through January 12, 2023, Mars will spend a massive seven months here instead of its usual six weeks. Revisit changes you saw from May 2020 through January 2022, improve health, and get serious about your inner life. Work solo on an invention, idea, or communication project because it could make your career, thanks to Jupiter in Aries.

What a year for you, Cancer!

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Happy new year, Cancer! Make it a great one!

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