Cancer Horoscope 2021

A Cosmic Love Letter To Cancer

Cancer Horoscope 2021 - blue starry sky for Cancer and A Cosmic Love Letter

Happy 2021, oh sensitive Crab!

Cancer, I know it's been such a bumpy road.

I'm here to tell you you're now beyond some of the biggest boulders, and your road will grow straighter and smoother.

I hope you celebrate this new year because I know you've experienced and overcome so much in the past year.

You're the best of all the signs when it comes to memories, so sift through your personal memory bank for 2020 and really look at what happened and how you rose to the occasion.

Outer circumstances and other people forced change into your life - it was a fast track, crash course of soul development. We had 50% more eclipses than usual - six of them! - and two were in your zodiac sign, with a third in your opposite sign, Capricorn. That's plenty for any person, but on top of that you had two eclipses affecting health, work, and daily routines plus a big lunar eclipse in your most private, sensitive house.

You may look back on 2020 in years to come and wonder how you ever made it through. And yet you did. You're still here, maybe a bit bruised and certainly having shed "people, places, and things" you thought you could never live without.

Now it's time for looking ahead to this bright and beautiful year 2021!

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Life is different.

The pressure will ease, and you'll get a chance to focus on some of the things you love best: home and family, time alone (preferably in a bathtub!), and intimacy at the deepest level of your soul.

Let's look at what's coming.

First, it's time to lighten up. Last year, all three Mercury retrogrades were in water signs. While you're super comfy in water and always in touch with feelings and intuition, it IS possible to have too much of a good thing. (I do hope you cried all the tears you had to so you could let go of what needed to leave your life. See your Cancer guided meditation for help any time you need a shoulder.)

The 2020 Mercury retrogrades gave you a chance to learn how to analyze emotions and assign them their proper place in your life rather than letting them take over and run your life. True emotional intelligence, Cancer! Heart and head in tune instead of at odds!

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You'll get more help in 2021 because all the Mercury retrogrades will happen in air signs. What's even nicer: those retrogrades will occur in the three super sensitive houses traditionally associated with water: the fourth (your natural home - it's all about family, roots, ancestors), the eighth (deep sexual and soul mysteries, how you connect and share with others - including the Divine), and the twelfth (where you go to recharge, heal, and meditate).

Take this opportunity seriously because it's part of your next cosmic assignment.

Like a lightning bolt, in late December 2020, Jupiter and Saturn left your Capricorn house (the seventh house of marriage and partnerships), where they had tested you to the limit. Suddenly, you're free, and there's a new agenda in Aquarius.

It's the Age Of Aquarius now, Cancer, and we need your help.

For the rest of this lifetime, you have the privilege of participating in creating a happier, more friendly world by "doing Aquarius" from your powerful eighth house. Yours is going to be one of the deepest, richest Aquarius experiences - how fabulous!

You know all those things you "just know"? That intuition, "sixth sense," or whatever you call it? That power will increase, and you'll get cosmic downloads to guide you through your Aquarius assignment so you can fulfill the highest part of your longings while helping others. Knowing you, you're already feeling this shift. Get a notebook and start recording what comes to you in impressions, dreams, and hunches. That notebook will become a gold mine for your spiritual path and the source of your new direction.

The key will be merging your mind and emotions so you can receive those cosmic lightning bolts of inspiration, get them down on paper, and bypass the usual emotional setbacks that keep you from being effective. If you don't have a spiritual practice or haven't begun meditating, start now. You'll need a personal refuge where you can reflect on your inner life and make sense of your heightened "knowing" in order to apply it in everyday life.

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You're likely going to be attracted to new groups of people, so be open to joining forces with like-minded (and like-hearted!) others. You need new friends who help bring out this genius-intuitive side of you. Be brave and open your heart to new and even "out there" folks.

You'll get a chance to start in earnest when Mercury has his first retrograde - in Aquarius, starting January 30 and lasting until February 21. Use this period to check your 2021 progress, adjust tactics, and reconnect with people from the past who feel right for you now on your new wavelength.

After the retrograde, get going on making new contacts.

Keep an eye on these other dates as the year unfolds:

  • June 20 - solstice day and the year's halfway point, when the Sun enters YOUR sign, Cancer. That means birthday time! Plan a celebration of you and your coming out into greater expression of your real self, your soul. People will love it and love you all the more.
  • January 19 - the Sun enters Aquarius, lighting up your eighth house and inspiring new insights for your Aquarius cosmic mission.
  • May 26 and November 19 - the 2021 lunar eclipses. As a Moon child (the Moon governs your Cancer Sun sign!), you can be highly sensitive to all things lunar. Make a habit of enjoying the night sky to watch your ruler, the Moon, make her cyclical dance through the heavens of crescent to full and back again, every month. Pay special attention at full Moon and these eclipse dates, which can spark revelations and truth telling.
  • July 23 and August 22 - not one but TWO full Moons where all the action is for you: the eighth house of depths, intimacy, and mysteries. See what comes up and adjust course in your Aquarius head-heart work.

Let the air in this year, Cancer! It will aerate your watery-ness and give you fun bubbles of joy. You can feel effervescent down to your very soul - let the fizz refresh and renew.

Happy 2021!

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