Leo Horoscope 2022

Starry orange-red sky for Leo 2022 horoscope - love, money, and destiny

Sunny Leo, happy new year!

I hope you’re ready for some new opportunities in 2022, as the stars are filled with promise and potential.

Before we get to that, take a moment to applaud yourself for your performance in last year’s dramatic play entitled “Your Leo Life.” Check your 2021 horoscope and reflect on how your year went and how you’ve started stepping into your cosmic assignment in the new Age Of Aquarius.

Excellent, Leo!

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So much of the new era depends on you because Aquarius is your opposite sign, your sister polarity. You’re the balance we all need to keep Aquarius energies warm, loving, and heart centered. As planets enter Aquarius (the same part of this zodiac sign in which the late 2020 grand conjunction occurred), see if they trigger renewed energy or inspiration related to your new cosmic mission:

  • January 2 and 25 and February 14: Mercury crosses over the first degree of Aquarius - three times because of retrograde motion
  • January 19: the Sun, your ruler, enters Aquarius
  • March 6: Venus and Mars come together for an electrifying tryst at this same point in Aquarius

Saturn, also in Aquarius until March 2023 will stabilize these potentially volatile energies and help you ground them. Direct these energies into practical manifestations, especially involving partnerships, competitors, negotiations, and agreements and contracts. Walk the narrow path of integrity and work methodically, one step at a time, for best results (and a shinier halo - make your soul proud).

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As we start 2022, look at your calendar and arrange the first five weeks so your schedule is as loose and light as possible. You’ll want (and need) extra rest:

  • Love and good looks planet Venus is waltzing through Capricorn, your sixth house of health, daily routine, work, and pets from November 5, 2021, through March 6, 2022. That’s four months instead of the usual few weeks because Venus is retrograde from December 19 through January 29. This planet already prefers taking time and stopping to enjoy life’s sweetness at every possible moment, and with six weeks of retrograde, that urge will be super strong. Take heed and rest and relax as much as possible. While you relax, review your relationship with love and money and your essential values involving both, especially when it comes to other people. You need an upgrade here, and now’s the time.
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  • At the start of every year, your ruler the Sun in this house also highlights all these themes; while it can invigorate you, it also can increase ambition and overworking. Adding to these tendencies is Pluto, who’s been barging through Capricorn since 2008, forcing (necessary) changes to improve your health, life balance, and job. All these heavenly bodies in this house can feel draining, so do minimize “to do” lists and nap if you need to. You can use the downtime to reflect on relationships and power dynamics, especially at work. You’re due for changes to make you happier each day.
  • Adding even more fuel to this evolutionary fire as well as your urgent need to slow down and review, Mercury also goes retrograde, from January 14 through February 3. This planet’s reverse motion starts in Aquarius, your seventh house of marriage and business partnership, but concludes in your already packed Capricorn sixth house. Consider how key relationships figure into your work and love lives and resolve to upgrade them as needed.

Although you’ll still be in rest mode on January 18, two major developments that day will give you inklings of how your life is going to change in coming months.

First, Uranus, the star of the new Age Of Aquarius, will end months of retrograde motion in Taurus, the sign governing your ultra visible tenth house of career, public standing, and honors. Accolades can begin coming your way again, and you may feel drawn toward a new course in your career, perhaps involving tech or innovations related to money or banking, caring for the earth, luxury goods, or the arts.

Second, January 18 will signal a major change when the North Node, which has been bringing eclipses and big changes to your eleventh house of friendships, groups, and humanitarian actions, will slip back through the zodiac into your Taurus tenth house, where it will remain for a year and a half. By joining Uranus there, it will raise the stakes on your need to evolve into the future to fulfill your destiny.

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Pay attention to what comes up for you at work and at home around this date. Keep notes on feelings, intuitions, and sudden flashes of brilliance; you can begin acting on these as of the second week of February.

Remember that any planets or actions in Taurus automatically point to Venus, the planet ruling this sign. So whatever you do in your career will be on display for all to see and will involve whatever energies Venus is activating based on which sign and house this planet occupies at any given time. For example, as 2022 starts, Venus is retrograde in Capricorn in your sixth house of routine and daily work; career shifts will have repercussions relating to bosses, employees, coworkers, and other aspects of your job as well as your daily routine and wellness. When Venus occupies Aquarius in March and early April, career matters will emphasize partnerships and possibly your love relationship, if you’re married.

Start a habit of watching the planets throughout the year. During 2022, it will help you to know where Venus is and then check your birth chart to see which house is affected. As a Leo, you’ll find it helpful to be aware of where the Sun is at all times, as it’s your sign’s ruler (and the center of our solar system!).

Besides the Sun, always important to you, this year the Moon will figure prominently. With the North Node’s shift into Taurus, the eclipses (which always involve both the Moon and Sun) will occur in both Taurus and Scorpio, affecting two of your “where the action is” houses: the fourth house of home and family (Scorpio) and the tenth house of career and reputation (Taurus). Eclipses can bring major changes if they happen at sensitive points in your chart, so watch these dates for clues to what you’re meant to release and where you’re meant to go in the future:

  • April 30: solar eclipse at the new Moon in Taurus gives you “fresh start” energy in your career. Start or launch something within two weeks of this date or apply for an award or other recognition.
  • May 15-16: lunar eclipse at the full Moon in Scorpio could bring closure in matters related to your home, parents, family traditions, or spiritual foundation. Release what you must to prepare for a new start five months later.
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  • October 25: solar eclipse at the new Moon in Scorpio. Celebrate the ground you cleared in mid-May and initiate deep changes for lasting happiness within two weeks of this date.
  • November 8: lunar eclipse at the full Moon in Taurus. Let something reach conclusion in your career and let go of whatever has run its course. It could be time to consider a job or career shift.

Remember that releasing anything that’s meant to leave your life grants you more space and tends to work out in your favor in the long run. Change can feel challenging, yet eclipses help us do this work and speed us forward to a better future.

Along with all this fast changing energy, you have some beautiful blessings coming your way, Leo:

  • “I can do anything!” Mars will grace your tenth house with verve and optimism when this planet moves through Taurus July 5 through August 20 - just in time for birthday season. However you want to make your mark in the world, go for it.
  • The Sun will put the spotlight on you when it occupies Leo July 22 through August 22. Celebrate your birthday in style and start a wonderful new passion project. Use the new Moon in Leo, July 28, to start or launch something important to you.
  • Jupiter, the zodiac’s great benefactor, will step into Aries, your ninth house of “think big,” “live large,” and “see the world,” for the first time since 2011. This jolly giant energizes your sister fire sign, Aries, and can inspire you there from May 10 through October 28.
  • New friends and new causes that help you change the world take center stage for seven months, starting August 20, when Mars rushes into Gemini for a long, long stay due to a retrograde arriving late this year.

What a packed and powerful year, Leo! Love, money, and destiny, all rolled in to one big year.

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I wish you love, a place in the Sun (always!), and plenty of rest in between big successes to keep you refreshed. Take your place on stage this year and inspire us all as you shine your generous heart’s light out into the world.

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