Leo Horoscope 2021

A Cosmic Love Letter To Leo

Leo Horoscope 2021 - orange starry sky for Leo and A Cosmic Love Letter

Majestic Lion, happy 2021!

I hope you're feeling better after the year we all had in 2020.

You, more than anyone, have worked hard every single day to do the work of the last year and get humanity ready for its big step into the new Age Of Aquarius.

Well done. And thank you.

I know this may have been a heavy burden at times, and you may have felt concerned about health and bearing up under all the weight of it. Fortunately, by late December last year, Jupiter and Saturn left Capricorn for Aquarius. Hooray!

That's such good news for you, Lion, because these two planets were responsible for keeping you hard at work, carrying extra duties.

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Powerhouse Pluto entered Capricorn, which oversees your sixth house of work and health, at the end of 2008. (Remember the mortgage crisis and financial meltdowns of that time?) Then Saturn joined Pluto at the end of 2018, followed by Jupiter in December 2019. Ever since, you've been forced to work overtime (literally) on the job and in your personal life to streamline all operations and get your health in top shape.

"No rest for the weary" became your mantra, and you had to exhibit grace under all this pressure.

Even if you wanted a break, your heart told you you had to keep going because some of the most important work you were doing involved the people you love most. Perhaps parents, maybe other older relatives.

Well, you triumphed, Leo. You did it all, and mostly with a smile on your face (even when your heart may have felt sad). You uplifted other people even when you felt most exhausted - in part because you allowed yourself to be vulnerable and human and (gasp!) cry in front of other people. You were just too tired to keep your royal guard up 24/7.

Along the way, you stepped up into mastery.

Other people can see you now as the big soul and seasoned professional you truly are.

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Some may have tested and even taunted you in the past, but things are different now. You EMBODY a new level of achievement and authority about whatever it is you've been working so hard on. Your very bones and cells sing the story of your leadership.

So pat yourself on your strong back and tune in to the cosmic applause. It's so loud it's almost deafening!

Now you're ready for the next stage: assuming your role in this new Age Of Aquarius!

For at the end of 2020, Jupiter and Saturn finally left your (potentially workaholic) sixth house when they stepped into Aquarius and activated your seventh house of marriage, partnerships, agreements, and competition. Saturn stays here until March 2023, while Jupiter's there until almost the end of 2021 (with a couple months in Pisces from May through July).

Things are about to get interesting. As in GOOD interesting.

Pluto will stay back in Capricorn, helping you complete any last healing as well as amass extra power physically and professionally. (Primarily through smart, strategic, longterm thinking.) Jupiter and Saturn will draw on that power as you start attracting new people into your life.

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If you're unattached, you have an opportunity to welcome in someone truly marriage worthy if you want to make a commitment. If you want to build a business, you'll have help now from an agent, partner, or a wise advisor or mentor who can open doors and carry a significant part of the load so you can share the work instead of having to do it all on your own.

You're shining so much in the world that you may very well flush out competitors. In that case, you'll handle it well and might even join forces if both sides commit to doing the most important work in the Age Of Aquarius: behaving altruistically even while building a sound business.

All this Aquarian power, all the unusual and even "off the wall" people entering your life are going to feed into your career or support your ability to mentor others or serve as an influencer. Your public life is going to change because the planets in Aquarius link directly to this zodiac sign's ruling planet, Uranus, which is throwing lightning bolts up at the top of your chart in your tenth house of career and recognition.

Let others - wonderful, creative, genius others! - help you think big. Super big. And let them help you do whatever your heart has longed for, for such a long, long time. It's your turn to tune in to your cherished hopes, dreams, and wishes and be courageous enough to think they could truly manifest in the world. For now, they can - as long as you dedicate them to the greater good.

Along the way, you'll have more fun with new people as well as old friends, siblings, cousins, even neighbors. As soon as health conditions allow, get reconnected to all these people and hug them to your heart as never before. They're part of your new cheering section, and they're invested in your success - and most important, your happiness.

As you make your way through 2021, keep an eye on these dates to help yourself stay on track and begin the process of remembering how good it feels to have fun with laughter, joy, and overcoming life's challenges together:

  • July 22 - the Sun, YOUR ruling heavenly body, enters YOUR zodiac sign, Leo. In recent years, your birthday may have had to be subdued affairs, but this year you need to step it up and plan something more in keeping with your regal wishes. Make sure there's CAKE.
  • June 10 - a new Moon solar eclipse in Gemini, which governs your house of group work and friendships. Open your heart to new people!
  • May 26 and December 4 - May 26 brings a total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, where you're most creative, playful, and childlike. Something will come to completion so you can move on to new creative territory - let go gracefully and leave the space open for something new. On December 4, you'll have a fresh and lovely new Moon eclipse, also in Sagittarius, helping you set an exciting new agenda in your creative life (maybe a baby, if that your wish; otherwise, some other form of conception).
  • July 23 and August 22 - we're getting an unusual double dose of Aquarius in 2021 with two full Moons in this zodiac sign. They'll put all partnerships in the limelight: you'll see your spouse in a new light, or learn the truth about a competitor, or bring negotiations with a potential advisor or business associate to a conclusion.

Oh, Leo! What a lighter, brighter year it's going to be for you!

Happy 2021! Have a BLAST!

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