Taurus Horoscope 2022

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Hello, dear Taurus! Happy new year!

How did you do last year, our first step into the new Age Of Aquarius (plus the new air signs era)? Take a peek back at your 2021 horoscope to get your bearings and reflect on the past year as you transition into 2022.

Definitely worth taking the time for review, especially in the first part of this year, as we start out 2022 in slow motion:

  • Most important, your ruling planet, Venus, went retrograde this past year on December 19 and remains in backward focus for six weeks, until January 29. So take your time and get plenty of rest, just as Venus is doing during this latest siesta.
  • On January 14, Mercury also goes retrograde until February 3, its first of four reverse motion periods in 2022. This retrograde begins in Aquarius in your career and personal legacy house and slides back into Capricorn to help you question matters related to the ninth house such as long distance travel, publishing, and global business and relationships.

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  • Since August 19 of last year, Uranus has been retrograde in your zodiac sign, which may have slowed forward momentum on questions associated with your vitality, health, and (genius style) personal projects. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius (your career house), has been in Taurus since 2018 and remains there through mid-2026 - one of the reasons you’re such an important player right now in the Age Of Aquarius shift. Uranus ends its retrograde January 18 but will take time to get back to full speed (another reason to take things slowly).
  • Also on January 18, one of this year’s major happenings occurs in Taurus: the North Node, a point in space that slides backward through the zodiac and changes signs every 18 months, will leave Gemini for Taurus. The North Node has to do with how we evolve toward the highest version of ourselves, pointing the way toward the future rather than languishing in past experiences (represented by the exact opposite point, the South Node, which will be in Scorpio once the North Node enters Taurus).
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So watch January 18 and the days surrounding it, as you may feel the winds of change blowing through your mind, body, and soul. Once we reach the second week of February, you can take action to manifest whatever inspirations come to you in order to move forward on evolving into the liberated (Uranus), forward facing (North Node) self you’re meant to become. Your sense of calling and destiny may increase, so pay attention to any sense of urgency or vocation.

In the meantime, meditate about the insights you receive and experiences and people you encounter and record your thoughts and emotions.

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Also, last year I recommended you keep an eye on Venus throughout the year, and that goes double for 2022. That’s because all that energy in Taurus, your first house of personality, your body, and projects that mean the most to you, will keep pointing to your precious planet Venus, who looks out for your best interest. Wherever Venus is tells you where the work toward your true destiny is taking you and what areas of life you need to focus on. You can track Venus with the Current Planetary Positions chart (which updates in real time whenever you refresh the page).

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Here are the critical dates for you to watch in 2022, with special emphasis on your darling Venus and her many doings:

  • With Venus’s retrograde, your special planet is spending a full fourth months in Capricorn (rather than the usual three weeks or so), from November 5, 2021 through March 6, 2022. This sojourn in hard working, sober Capricorn offers a special opportunity for you, as Capricorn harmonizes with sister earth sign Taurus. Venus is testing your ability to balance love and money through lessons and people coming through the ninth house of big media, foreign people and places, higher justice, religion, and philosophy. Ponder at least one of these key areas during these four months and upgrade your approach.
  • Venus’s retrograde in Capricorn involves “take no prisoners” Pluto. Venus collides with Pluto in a three part encounter on December 11 (direct motion) and December 26 (retrograde motion), 2021 and again on March 3 of this year (forward motion). Take note of these dates and meditate on the process you experience of diving deep into your personal underworld and darkness to sort out all things related to your ninth house. It’s a great reckoning, Taurus, and you must do this inner work and embrace deep and lasting change. Your destiny is calling, and you must be ready.
  • Venus enjoys two steamy dates with passion partner Mars this year. These two will pair up in that same ninth house (are you sensing the theme here?) on February 16 and again on March 6 in Aquarius, your career house. By then, you’ll be in a helpful feedback loop between yourself and personal evolution and the potential available to initiate genius breakthroughs in your career or on the public (even global) stage. Venus will help you get the “love and money” part right, while Mars will light a fire to drive you forward to take action on your Taurus personal values 2.0.
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  • Capitalize on your possibilities when the Sun moves through Taurus April 19 through May 20, lighting up your personality and increasing vitality to tackle something new. Mercury in Taurus April 10 through 29 and May 22 through June 13 (spending extra time in your sign due to another retrograde in Gemini and Taurus May 10 - June 3) will up your smarts and polish communication.
  • Venus in Taurus May 28 through June 22 will make you a magnet to other people; use your allure for loving, benevolent purposes (including bringing in a new love if you wish) and groove on the goodness of mutual aid with like-minded, futuristic others.
  • Mars in Taurus July 5 through August 20 could galvanize you toward further progress toward your new and improved self and starting a passion project that excites you. Follow the super high energy coursing through you at this time and have fun with all the excitement swirling around you.

One last item, Taurus. With the North Node in your zodiac sign, you’ll now have firsthand experience with all the eclipses this year, and you may see your life change dramatically in unexpected ways. Although you’re not usually one for fast or unforeseen shifts, with Uranus in your sign you have what it takes to ride the waves and even enjoy them. Pay attention to these eclipse dates for significant clues to closing out anything stale and welcoming in what most gets your considerable juices flowing:

  • April 30: the Sun in your sign gets eclipsed at the new Moon, and something new can open to you. Let it, and start something vibrant and fresh within 10 to 14 days afterward.
  • May 15-16: a total lunar eclipse in Scorpio (your partnership house) will close out a relationship, possibly a karmic one that’s run its course.
  • October 25: you’ll get a chance at a new relationship (business or personal), when a solar eclipse in Scorpio at the new Moon may bring in someone new - again, maybe a karmic connection.
  • Finally, on November 8: another door may close when the full Moon in Taurus comes with a total lunar eclipse. A pet project or facet of your personality may be ripe for honoring and ending.

What an amazing year of beneficial potential and change you have in 2022, Taurus!

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As the new year unfolds, how exciting it will be to see what you and all the Taurus people create and how you bring your infinite patience and capacity for love to everything you touch and everyone you meet. Let love guide imagination and action, and you have every possibility of lifting this world (and your corner of it, especially) to a higher level.

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