Taurus Horoscope 2021

A Cosmic Love Letter To Taurus

Taurus Horoscope 2021 - deep pink starry sky for Taurus and A Cosmic Love Letter

Taurus! Happy 2021 to you!

It's a new year - and a new age! The Age Of Aquarius!

And you, Taurus, are among the ones leading the way into the brand new world of the future. Isn't that exciting?

Before we get to that, let's take a moment or two to honor all your hard work during 2020. You had the big players Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter all in Capricorn and testing you all year in your ninth house of expansion. The trouble was, it was pretty hard to expand, let alone branch out or even go anywhere last year. Instead, you were held in place and had to clean up some spiritual debris, pay a karmic debt or two, and work very hard on something such as a legal or immigration question, an international or publishing project, or perhaps an educational or teaching duty related to higher education.

Whatever you had to finish, now you're free from some of the heaviest labor you've done in a long time. Pluto is still there, exerting a powerful influence you'll need to contend with (by operating more from your soul in anything related to things international, travel, or personal expansion). But Jupiter and Saturn have moved on…to the very top of your chart.

You're coming into your own, Taurus. Once Jupiter and Saturn entered Aquarius late in December, 2020, they started activating and energizing your public standing. You're giving off sparks, and others are starting to notice your authority and electrifying presence!

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You'll have Jupiter's help most of this year, and Saturn will stay with you in this area until early 2023. Together, they'll give you the gravitas to serve as a leader and grant you the spotlight so others will see you that way. Your power to influence others for the greater good is going to soar, most likely through your career, mentoring others, or operating as a wise elder whom others admire and emulate because you walk your talk.

What's even more special for you, beautiful Bull, as 2021 begins both Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius, the zodiac sign ruled by the planet Uranus - which just happens to be in YOUR sign. (Jupiter dips into Pisces in May, just for a couple months, then heads back into Aquarius until late December.) You've had Uranus in Taurus since 2018 and will continue hosting this planet of the unpredictable until mid-2025. So you've already had some experience with Uranus's electrifying energy and wonderfully "out of the blue" opportunities.

Now, all that power is going to surge because everything going on in Aquarius (including the brand new Age Of Aquarius) is pointing directly at Uranus - and therefore at YOU. All the awesome power of the new age, its beautiful potential, is flowing through your capable, steady hands and heart. It's going to change you, revitalize your body (and your entire being), and help you align your public role with your personal agenda in remarkable ways. It's as if you'll personally be channeling Aquarian possibilities to help everyone see how to "do" this very new age in which we find ourselves.

In the process, you'll likely start attracting attention. Recognition for who you are and what you do is due. Every bit of acclaim and publicity will help you expand your reach and extend your noblest influence for the greater good.

So show us how it's done, Taurus!

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Whatever you contribute to help uplift the world, from art or music to saving Earth or animals to reinventing business or economics, you'll have an easier time than you did last year. MUCH easier.

That's because your sign's ruling planet, Venus, will be dancing forward nearly all this year instead of holding you back with a wicked retrograde. In 2020, Venus (who goes retrograde less often than all the planets, except Mars) went retrograde for six weeks in the middle of the year. Also, even when she wasn't moving backwards she was in super slow motion a good bit of the year, either slowing down to reverse or taking her time getting back up to speed.

Well, now Venus is wide awake! And she's her usual bright and beautiful self. (Have you ever seen her in the dark sky? Gorgeous! She put on a wonderful show much of 2020, rising in the darkness after midnight and staying visible in the east before dawn.)

Even more spectacular: all this Aquarius power and electricity we've been talking about will funnel right over to Venus all year. Saturn is in Aquarius, with Jupiter also in Aquarius most of 2021. So both are pointing over at Uranus in Taurus, and all things Taurus point right over to…you guessed it, your darling Venus. So your job all year will be to keep an eye on Venus (she moves quickly when she's up to speed, gliding through each zodiac sign in about three weeks). Wherever Venus is, that's your clue to where to direct your attention and resources.

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As the year begins, Venus is in Sagittarius, so pour your love and blessings upon all the Sagittarius people and things in your life. She'll move into Capricorn by January 8, followed by all the other signs throughout the year.

To track her movements, begin a new habit of checking the Current Planetary Positions every day to see how Venus moves through the zodiac signs. Whenever you see that she's entered a new sign, consult your copy of Follow The Sun: A Simple Way To Use Astrology For Living In Harmony to learn about that new sign and start working in those areas it oversees.

Before we part, beloved Bull, I want to share some important 2021 dates with you:

  • April 19: the Sun enters Taurus - YOUR sign! That means birthday time and a brand new year of you. Use the month beforehand to close out old business and prepare to step out and really shine as soon as the Sun lights up your sign.
  • May 11: new Moon in Taurus. That's your cue to initiate whatever your soul truly wants to manifest to make your heart sing and help the Earth and humanity step up into a more idealistic way of being. Prepare your most cherished ideas early in the year and launch them within a week to 10 days of this new Moon.
  • July 23 and August 22: not one but TWO full Moons in Aquarius. A reward (or award!) might arrive; leverage the limelight for the highest good.
  • November 19: a full Moon in Taurus - with a partial lunar eclipse. Something will come to maturity, a window or door might close to help you move beyond the past, and you'll discover new information to strengthen and realign whatever you're doing as the fabulous Age Of Aquarius leader you're becoming.

Oh, Taurus, I'm so excited for you!

Help us save the Earth (or at least your corner of it), and use the stage and microphone life hands you to step fully into your life's work.

Happy 2021!

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