Libra Horoscope 2022

Starry medium blue sky for Libra 2022 horoscope - love, money, and destiny

Happy new year, Libra! Welcome to your shiny year: 2022.

You will have a leading role in this year’s cosmic performance here on planet Earth. Before we get to that, let’s cast a glance back at 2021.

Look at your horoscope from last year to refresh your memory on your special part in humanity’s Age Of Aquarius rollout. Think about all you’ve done so far to step up and perform grand, creative tasks to help usher in the new age.

Well done, Scales!

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Now let’s look at what’s coming forth for you in 2022. The biggest news as the year begins affects your ruling planet, Venus, which is retrograde in Capricorn (your fourth house of home and family) December 19 through January 29. Because of this reverse motion, Venus will spend not the usual three to four weeks in Capricorn but four months, from November 5, 2021, through March 6, 2022.

Venus ranks as one of life’s benefactors, and besides love and relationships this planet blesses finances, pleasure, and values. With such a long sojourn in Capricorn, it’s time to get real about all these areas as they relate to your family of origin (including ancestors, parents, and genetic inheritance) as well as your current residence, extended family, and the very foundations of your life. During the retrograde, revisit your spiritual underpinnings and all the structures that help you feel anchored, grounded, and secure.

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You may realize you need to make changes to jettison old baggage (both belongings and emotional-psychic burdens). With Pluto also in this area since 2008, your home needs to reflect your soul’s desires and your spiritual life’s best interests. Ideally, your spirituality will come to perfect harmony with outer circumstances so your home becomes the haven you dream of.

Take your time, Libra. This process may play out in three acts on the dates your planet, Venus, confronts Pluto: December 11 and 26, 2021, and March 3, 2022. Go gently and give yourself a chance to absorb realizations before creating new physical realities.

Note that the planets favor slowing down not only because of Venus’s reverse motion but because Mercury will go retrograde January 14 through February 3. This messenger planet starts its backward journey in Aquarius, your fifth house of creativity, children, romance, and pleasures, and then dips back into Capricorn, further emphasizing the work you’re already doing there with Venus.

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A new era will arrive for you as of January 18. Notice revelations or chance opportunities but wait to make any major shifts until after Mercury and Venus wrap up their retrogrades.

January 18 will become significant because Uranus in Taurus, your eighth house of shared money, intimacy, and otherworldly experiences (psychic, mystical) will end months of retrograde and could signal a new opportunity. Whatever begins happening for you may relate to technology or futuristic innovations and will form part of your new Age Of Aquarius mission. Uranus rules Aquarius, so wherever Uranus travels tells you where you need to share your gifts to bring about the highest promises of the new age.

All these calls toward the future will grow louder still on January 18 when the North Node, associated with destiny and future directions, slides backward out of Gemini and into Taurus. That means you’ll have two forward thinking energies driving you ahead to your Age Of Aquarius future. For the next few years, eighth house matters such as money (insurance, joint ventures, money earned from commissions or licensing, inheritance) and life’s mysteries (birth, life, death, sexuality - and psychic experiences and mystical visions) may figure strongly for you. Synchronicities and sudden opportunities could surface, and you’ll need to act quickly to capitalize on them.

Keep in mind that the zodiac sign Taurus is your sister sign, ruled by the same planet: Venus. All that action in Taurus points perpetually to Venus, so you’ll benefit from tracking this planet’s movements through the signs (and through your birth chart). Make a habit of checking on Venus periodically; this planet’s location will tell you what area of life will form part of your Age Of Aquarius work. As 2022 begins, all that eighth house energy will affect your fourth house of home and family because Venus will occupy Capricorn; you may be working on something related to inheritance, the family home, or getting a mortgage or home improvement loan.

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Here are some dates of special significance for you this year:

  • Venus will pair up with Mars twice, helping you put cosmic love and beauty into action at home February 16 and in your creative work or romantic life March 6. These two seldom get together in the sky, so cherish these celestial prompts to “make love, not war.”
  • The Sun in Taurus April 19 through May 20 will trigger more of your eighth house and Venus focus by amplifying the North Node and Uranus energies.
  • With the North Node’s shift to Taurus, the solar and lunar eclipses will occur in Taurus and Scorpio - your two money houses. You may see endings related to work or finances at the full Moon lunar eclipses May 15-16 and November 8, while the two new Moon solar eclipses April 30 and October 25 will bring new starts. Make key initiations related to employment or money within two weeks of these new Moons.
  • Venus in Taurus May 28 through June 22 will sprinkle love potion in your intimacy house - and bless financials. Mercury’s time in Taurus will overlap this period, with the messenger in the sign of the Bull April 10 through 29 and May 22 through June 13, so listen for the muse’s whisper, send a love note or two, and let your soul speak in meditation.
  • The Sun shines forth in Libra September 22 through October 23, bringing birthday season and increased vitality. Strut your stuff and change your look to reflect your upwardly evolving soul and personality. Bask in even more compliments while Venus visits your zodiac sign September 29 through October 23 and share your good fortune by radiating love and beauty to all you meet and to all the world during your meditations.
  • Make a special wish September 25 on this year’s new Moon in Libra and take action in the days following to make it come true.

The skies have another gift for you in 2022 when Jupiter departs Pisces, your health and work house, for Aries, your marriage house. Jupiter will move through Aries May 10 through October 28, then retrograde into Pisces to check in on your health and job satisfaction, then head back to Aries December 20 for another five months in Aries.

If you want to enter into any form of partnership, whether marriage or business, Jupiter can bless your ability to couple up and create a magical union. If you’re already in a partnership, Jupiter can expand and enrich your experience, perhaps by bringing achievement or new opportunities to your partner.

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Finally, Mars will rev up a couple of spots in your chart to increase your pleasure quotient. First, Mars will join Uranus’s and the North Node’s “let’s create the future” movement in Taurus from July 5 through August 20. For most of this period, Taurus’s love and money compass will point right to Venus in Cancer at the top of your chart in your tenth career house. What you do at this time can polish your reputation and advance your standing in whatever industry you work in.

Second, just as Venus is spending so many months in Capricorn because of a retrograde period early this year, Mars will spend a whopping seven months (versus about six weeks) in Gemini starting August 20 because of its retrograde period later this year. Gemini oversees your ninth house of expansion, higher education, publishing, and international connections and business. It also covers travel, and you may find yourself longing to get away during this time; if you cannot travel physically, plan on an armchair journey or two through books, movies, podcasts, or journaling about favorite destinations far away. Mars will help you grow your life and personality (and probably your connections) and create new perspectives to evolve your personal philosophy and beliefs. How exciting, Libra!

You have much awaiting you in 2022.

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I wish you blessings and a deep experience of pleasure and love. May the love you are attract beautiful people and lively, lovely adventures to cheer your heart and speed you on your cosmic mission!

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